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    Default What do you think of the Dota 2 economy?

    During the last few years, I have been noticing that the price of all new Dota 2 skins {Scrubbed} is lower and lower even at the time they just being released. On the other hand, rare skins that aren't available in game grow tremendously in price (i.e. Dragonclaw Hook, a few years ago, you could buy it only for $150, but now its pricing starts from $800). So I came to a conclusion that although right now this is pointless to buy new treasure chests because I can buy all these sets for the price of a chest, it might be a good time to collect the rare items because this way I will be able to sell them with a sufficient profit in the future. What do you think guys? Is it a good time to buy the rare skins (i.e. Dragonclaw Hook) or their price is on the peak right now and it will fall soon?
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