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    Default Re: Miniature painting, where to begin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Drache64 View Post
    My starter set was a pack of cheap brushes from Walmart, 1 can of .98 cent spray paint, and any paints I wanted.
    Mine was a bunch of stuff from when my father was a kid, a T-34-76 Mod.1943 ChTZ kit, and a pot of green paint.

    The D&D figures are pre-assembled, though I still probably wouldn't recommend them because the cast quality looked pretty low based on what I see at the store. Brushes are cheap at michaels, and actually the apple barrel craft paint michaels sells does work on miniatures [thin your paint!], though it's not the best and I'd still recommend most of the Citadel line.
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    Default Re: Miniature painting, where to begin?

    My FLGS has a weekly mini painting social. The couple of times I've been there while it's going, there have been at least 5 they just got Warhammer, which means more painting.

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