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    Default Fine points of the No Advertising rule

    I'm confused about why this thread: was closed as a violation of the advertising rules but threads like this one: are allowed. Can the mods please clarify the distinction for me so I'm sure not to start a rules violating thread myself when I'm curious about a service or find one that I'd like to talk about? (I am not employed by any TV service - I work in a completely unrelated field and would not make any money off of such threads.)

    (Examples: would it be ok to start a thread talking about a specific network's fall lineup, or would that be considered advertising like the Pluto TV thread was? What if I wanted to start a thread about what stuff was on one of the other streaming services right now because I was considering subscribing due to wanting to see show x, but wanted to know what else was worth checking out if I subscribed for a month or so to marathon that particular show?)

    I guess I'm just really doubting myself now because I'd been using "would I make money from this" as the main test between advertising and talking about a product I like and happen to use, and now I'm realizing that this board interprets that differently and I'm looking for a better test to use.

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    Default Re: Fine points of the No Advertising rule

    Sheriff: I might elaborate later, but sometimes something is just an ad. It's not a discussion of a product - it's just a straight up "buy this." When that thing is not a work of art (which gets special treatment under our Forum Rules), it's problematic. Not "instant ban" of an established poster, but still worth closing a thread over.
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