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    Default 5e Homebrewed Monsters of Questionable CR

    This Thread is for people trying to pin down monster CR for stuff they’ve made. So please share your own creeps or recommend a number for whatever came before. Here’s my first effort-

    The Starving Rager
    The Ritual of the Starving Rager is unique to only the most desperate Gnoll Packs preparing for war. Their greatest warrior is allowed to feast for a full day before having their muzzle bound shut, leaving only enough room for their tongue to slip through. Until the day of battle they are allowed only to lap up blood, lick bones, and drink water. Most gnaw themselves bald patches and tear out their own toenails to sate the growing, madness inducing hunger.

    The nature of the ritual causes them to rapidly grow thin, pale, and appear weak. Their eyes cloud and roll wildly in their heads and they have to be dragged to and fro by a lead held by a Chief, Flind, or Priest. They protect themselves and whomever holds the lead but the true power of the ritual is only realized when they are unleashed.

    When finally loosed on a target (an object interaction), their madness sends them into a blind fury that empowers them, escalating the danger they pose in moments. If they incapacitate their target, or any other that gets in their way, they will drag the victim from battle and feast on them.

    Those that succeed in consuming the target and complete a long rest awaken empowered. They return to their pack or find another, slay the current chief and two others that might challenge their dominance then use the skulls to craft the deadly three headed flail of a Flind.

    Gnoll Starving Rager
    Medium Monstrosity
    HP: 80
    AC: 14
    Movement: 60 ft
    All Attributes are 20.
    Saves: +5 to all
    Skills: Athletics +8, Survival +8
    Resistances: Slashing, Piercing, and Bludgeoning
    Languages: understands Gnoll but cannot Speak it.

    Heightened Senses: Smell. The Starving Ranger has Advantage any Wisdom roll concerning its sense of smell.

    Maddening Hunger. When the Starving Rager is released its hunger begins to escalate causing it to deal devastating wounds as it carves off pieces of its target to feast upon.
    Round 1: its attacks deal an additional d6 Necrotic damage.
    Round 2: the Necrotic damage dealt by its attacks reduces the target’s maximum hit points. This reduction ends after a long rest or the subject is the target of the Greater Restoration or Heal Spell.
    Round 3: whenever the Starving Rager rolls a 20 on an attack roll the target loses a body part. Roll a D20 to determine which part is lost. This part can only be restored via the Regeneration spell or a Wish.
    1- Head
    2-5 Right leg
    6-9 Left leg
    10-14 Right Arm
    15-19 Left Arm
    20- Target’s choice of finger, toe, nose, or other lesser part that will not significantly impact the character’s ability to function.

    If the Starving Rager reduces a target to 0 hitpoints it will immediately use its Abscond Bonus Action to carry the victim out of combat and begin feasting upon it. If the target is too big to abscond with the Starving Rager will use its bite on subsequent rounds to bite the target reserving its claws to attack other creatures that target it or attempt to take its victim.

    Verge of Death. If the Starving Rager does not claim a victim within 5 rounds of being loosed it suffers a level of exhaustion at the end of each turn until it claims a victim or dies.

    Witherling’s Curse. If the Starving Rager dies of exhaustion due to its Verge of Death trait, it rises as a Gnoll Witherling at the next dusk.

    Multiattack. the Starving Rager makes 3 attacks, 2 with its Claws and 1 with its Bite.

    Claw Attack. +8, 5 ft reach, 8(d6+5) Slashing.

    Bite Attack. +8, 5 ft reach, 9(d8+5) Piercing.

    Bonus Actions:
    Abscond. The Starving Rager grabs an adjacent large or smaller creature it has reduced to 0 hit points and moves its full speed away from other creatures.
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