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    Default Re: If your PCs met each other

    Quote Originally Posted by Tangleweed View Post
    My only two DnD characters would get along great. One is a runaway tefling with in serious need of parental figures and the other is a overly self sacrificing and caring cleric of Eldath. They would form a really strong, dysfunctional and co-dependant relationship in like 4 minutes.
    ... I have two characters with the exact same basic backstory. By any chance, is the cleric a Half-Orc?
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    Default Re: If your PCs met each other

    Leon is a 15th level warlock/wizard/edritch theurge from a 3.5 game, hes very smart, a little mean at times and puts A LOT of pressure on himself to do what he can to help people.

    Sieg is a lvl2 fighter with the criminal background, hes the protective and cautious type and puts on the big dumb muscle guy act to make people underestimate him.

    Fin is a rogue1/fighter2 who styles himself as a duelist, hes overly confident and has some daddy issues that make him need to prove himself.

    Leon would see past Siegs act and think hes got real potential to be dangerous some day and would want to try and steer him to being the useful kind of dangerous. He wouldnt think much of Fin at all though, but hed see a little of his younger self in him and feel pity.

    Sieg would see leon as a mark to try to con, what with his fancy cloths jewelry and obvious magic items. He'd see Fin as a potential allie or scapegoat.

    Fin would be on the same page as Sieg, thinking hed make a good partner to team up with, as for Leon, he'd ask about his tailor and try to be buddy buddy with him but quickly get frustrated with leons cold shoulder.
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    Default Re: If your PCs met each other

    my two most recent pcs are in the same party...
    (why does no-one else in my area know how to play dnd)
    but my two favourite from DIFFERENT campaigns would be...
    If Kordan Stoneforge (Duergar forge cleric and most recent pc)
    met Drakirr (Dragonborn fiendlock and first pc) well, things would be interesting...
    Drakirr is complete CN whilst Kordan is complete LN. It would probably end with Drakirr laughing maniacly whilst stepping over Kordan's charred corpse. Drakirr is lvl 20 now also very retired, while kordan is only lvl 6.
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