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    Default Looking for a Game Swap! (Any system)

    I'm looking for a GM to run a solo game for me, ideally on Discord (as PbP) in either Mage:The Ascension 20th Anniversary edition, Exalted 3E or Stars Without Number

    Ideally I'd be looking for a game that is sandbox-y so I can go and investigate and deal with problems myself and even cause more stories to grow out of it. It would focus on going from a very basic starting character (perhaps accelerated early growth) to a competent character fairly quickly. I'm asking for one of those games as I've never really had the opportunity to play in any of those systems.

    I would be willing to run a game in any system in return, for either a solo player, or a group (up to say, 6) on Discord. If I don't know the system you want, I can learn it pretty quickly, so I do mean ANY system.

    Always wanted to play in a particular game but never had the chance, now you do!

    I currently have interesting stories planned for Exalted 3e, any Classic World of Darkness, Stars Without Number, Star Wars Saga Edition, the Witcher Pen and Paper roleplaying game (The new one, I love it), D&D 5e, Pathfinder (though it's been a while).

    My stories tend towards the sandbox as well, I expect my players to have the impetus behind the game, and the world reacts to them, but also carries on without them.

    If you'd be interested, either PM on here or respond.

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    Default Re: Looking for a Game Swap! (Any system)

    Hi. Just wanted to respond to you, to not make you think these forums are empty or ignoring you..

    While I would definitely be interested in a solo game run for me, unfortunately I'm not familiar with any of those systems you want ran for you.

    I could probably run something in 3.5, pf, maybe 5e, or some sort of freeform thing.

    Just curious, what's the overall theme of game you are hoping to have run for you?
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