It's like 4 AM here. I wrote these up on a whim and based of half-remembered song lyrics, myths, and random ideas. Rip them apart and critique them. And the LA is a spitball.


The crowned being before you sits upon a pedestal-like throne with wings stretching from the back rest, greeting you in a ceremonial gesture.

The panic(as in Pan-like) races are a small set of races created by a single god to represent a single facet each. Though they have a similar chassis and are all created by the same being, the different types are fairly distinct from one another and in many cases tend to seclude themselves from each other save for special occasions.

The panic races vary widely in appearance between the types, but there are some things that they all share in common. They all share a humanoid body plan, horns, goat or deer-like features, shaggy haired legs that end in goat-like hooves, and a preference for forested areas over most others. How they look and their place in panic society is expanded upon in their section.

Panic society is largely isolated from the world at large, with most contact being through rare trades, lost hunters, or stray adventurers. Traditionally, they live in small settlements within deep forests, similar in many ways to elves and other such races, though to outsiders these settlements look more like a tribe of satyrs or fauns mimicking humanoids or trying to forsake they fey natures to become like the races of men. Each of the types has a role that they fill within the settlement, with exceptions made for those whose aptitudes fall outside of their traditional role. The settlements are lead by the bapf, who are assisted by the flame children, and they lead the rest of the inhabitants, settle disputes, organize the populace, conduct diplomatic and trade missions, and all other things as though they were extremely sophisticated tribal leaders. The cerrin protect the settlement, the flame children chronicle all matters and keep track of everything, the fau'nym do the majority of the handiwork but are the ones with the largest sway and can even depose corrupt bapf, and the bapf lead and keep order.

Panic characters possess the following racial traits:
  • Medium Humanoid(Panic)
  • Speed: 30
  • Special Qualities: Kind, low-light vision
  • Automatic Languages: Panic, Sylvan, and Common Bonus Languages: Any

Kind: All panic are part of a subrace, chosen from the list below.

Natural Attacks: Panic have a natural gore attack that deals 1d6 damage



The Cerrin(Care-in) are the guards and knights of Panic society. Traditionally a warrior class, they are well suited to their job at protecting their lands from invasion and hostile creatures alike. They represent the facet of Cernuxon, the Warrior.

Cerrin are generally about 9 feet tall and have a very dense build with large, branching, elk-like antlers and wilder features than most other panics. They tend to have shaggy manes around their necks, lots of dense fur along their arms and legs, and around their wrists and ankles. Cerrin tend towards neutral alignments.

Typical eye colours are green, yellow, brown, and grey. Typical horn colours of ivory, green, brown, and black, and hair colours of black and brown, but other colours of each have been seen before.


Cerrin characters possess the following racial traits in addition to those above.
  • +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex, -2 Cha (+2 App)
  • Large
  • Special Qualities: Weapon Familiarity, Cleaving Strike, Horns of the Goat
  • Favored Class: Barbarian
  • Level Advancement: +1

Weapon Familiarity: Cerrin are proficient in all simple and martial axes and hammers.

Cleaving Strike: Cerrin gain Cleave as a bonus feat even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

Horns of the Goat: The gore attack of a cerrin does 1d8 instead of 1d6. Additionally, at level 10, their horns gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls and a +1 enhancement for free. At level 20, this increases to +2 to attack and damage, and the cerrin may gain another +1 enhancement or swap the previous out for a single +2 enhancement.

Natural Armour: Cerrin have a natural armour bonus of +1. This bonus increases by +1 at level 4 and every 4 levels after.

Flame Children

The Flame Children are the librarians, writ-keepers, scroll masters, teachers, scholars, mages, and scribes of Panic society. Traditionally a secondary class of shamans and storytellers, they have adapted to the advancements of writing like nothing else and have become great cataloguers and mages. They represent the facet of Xiindri, Keeper of the Sacred Flame of Knowledge.

Flame Children are generally around 3 feet tall with wiry builds, long, straight horns that seem to curve back only slightly near the tip, and very soft, almost elven, features. They have the least amount of hair of all of the panics, and as such prefer to wear robes and capes and other such clothing to keep warm and to conceal anything else they might have on their person, though they do have small bunches of fur around their ankles, wrists, and neck. Flame Children tend towards good and chaotic alignments.

Typical eye colours are amber, orange, blue, and green. Typical horn colours are red, orange, black, or amber, with hair colours ranging anywhere from red to blonde to brown to white.


Flame Children characters possess the following racial traits in addition to those above.
  • -4 Str, -2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha (+2 App)
  • Small
  • Special Qualities: Apparently Ageless, Natural Arcana, Fire of the Goat
  • Favored Class: Sorceror
  • Level Advancement: +2

Apparently Ageless: Flame Children take no penalties to disguise as ages other than they really are.

Natural Arcana: When a flame child would learn a new spell from leveling up, they may choose to learn a ranger or druid spell from a lower spell level than the spell that would be learned.

Fire of the Goat: Flame Children gain a +2 racial bonus to all knowledge skills. This bonus increases by +1 at level 6 and every 6 levels after. Additionally, they have Produce Flame as a spell-like ability that they can use a number of times equal to their charisma modifier.


The Bapf are the leaders, diplomats, and priests of panic society. Traditionally the class of shamans, soothsayers, and chieftains, they have come to understand that the best method of leading is by example. Gone are the days of settlements splitting up upon a new bapf reaching maturity, for now they instead welcome the new face with open arms into the council to help keep order. They represent no facet and instead represent the true form of their creator, Pa'nes Omni, the Whole.

Bapf are typically around 5 feet tall, with seemingly emaciated forms, long, wavy horns that stretch back almost directly from their foreheads and curve down slightly, and the heads of goats sized proportional to their body. They have the most amount of hair of all of the panics, being covered in a short layer all over their face and body with their legs and thighs covered in the same shaggy fur as the others and head hair thicker than those of other panics. Most bapf have their mane trimmed off, to give the appearance of only having fur and no head hair, but dreadlocks, mohawks, and other hairstyles are not uncommon. Additionally, bapf are also hermaphroditic and able to conceive of any of the other panics they choose, while the others are only able to reliably produce their and their mate's kind(s) with an extremely low chance of giving birth to a bapf themselves. Bapf tend towards lawful alignments though those who are of evil alignments tend to be swiftly removed from settlements.

Typical eye colours are brown, amber, black, blue, and green. Typical horn colours are white, black, grey, ivory, yellow, and green, with hair colours of black, brown, and white, and fur colours of the same.


Bapf characters possess the following racial traits in addition to those above.
  • -2 Str, -4 Dex, -4 Con, +4 Wis, +4 Cha (-4 App)
  • Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., Mediation, Eyes Of The Goat, Wholeness
  • Favored Class: Cleric
  • Level Adjustment: +3

Mediation: When dealing with matters that require impartiality, such as in legal proceedings or dealing with inter party conflict, you may always find the quickest, albeit not necessarily the best, route to dealing with the problem. With a little bit of thought, you can also find the best route to dealing with the problem. Additionally, you are always under a Calm Emotions effect that allows you to attack and does not suppress morale bonuses.

Eyes of the Goat: Your eyes see beyond what your kin can. You gain darkvision out to 60 ft. At level 10 you gain blindsense out to 30 ft. At level 15 you gain blindsight out to 15 feet. At level 20 you gain a constant True Sight effect.

Wholeness: You are sound of mind and body. You gain a +2 to all saves.


Fau'nym are the archetypal commoners and workers of the panic races. Traditionally, they were the hunter class, but over time have grown to encompass all but the absolute most specialized of roles, even fighting alongside the cerrin. The largest of the 4 in population, they hold a large amount of sway in their societies. However, they're typically content to do as they've done for ages: farm, work, hunt, etc. They represent facet of Hurnim, the Hunter.

Fau'nym resemble the typical depictions of satyrs and fauns, though with less exaggerated features. Fau'nym are around 5 feet tall, with human-like builds, curly hair, either short, curved, ram-like horns or short, pointed goat-horns, and slightly goatish human features. They have the second least amount of fur, with their upper body having only a slight bit more hair than the average human would and the characteristic shaggy thighs and legs of the panics. They tend towards good alignments.

Typical eye colours are brown, green, amber, and blue. Typical horn colours are black, ivory, and brown, with hair and fur colours are red, brown, blond, and black.


Fau'nym characters possess the following racial traits in addition to those above.
  • +2 Dex, -2 Wis (+0 App)
  • Speed: Climb 30
  • Special Qualities: Hooves of the Goat, Woodland Steps
  • Favored Class: Ranger

Hooves of the Goat: Fau'nym have a climb speed of 30 and can climb almost any non-slick surface.

Woodland Steps: Fau'nym have a constant Pass Without Trace effect.

Skills: Fau'nym gain a +2 racial bonus to survival, spot, and listen and a +8 bonus to climb.