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Thread: Internet Issues

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    Default Internet Issues

    So, periodically (sometimes as much as once a minute) my internet just kinda stops functioning. It says I"m hooked up the wifi, but I can't load a dang thing.

    I can fix it by turning my laptop's wifi off and back on, and it only takes 10-20 seconds to restore and work, but it's really annoying. Any idea what might be causing the issue, and how to resolve it?
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    Default Re: Internet Issues

    Does this seem to happen anywhere you connect to wireless, or just to a particular network? If a particular network, do you know if any other devices (e.g., cellphone) are sporadically losing internet as well?

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    Default Re: Internet Issues

    Have you tried restarting the router or whatever is actually providing the Wi-Fi signal, rather than your laptop? Those things are computers as well and can get flaky over time.

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    Default Re: Internet Issues

    2 additional things I would look at.

    - Get a wifi analyzer app for your phone and see if there is a better channel to have your router use. You router itself might be able to map the channels as well so you can see neighbors and what channels they are using.
    - Check your security software, specifically "internet" security programs you are running. I've seen similar behavior with some security software I used in the past because it was trying to validate urls before loading them.

    Oh, a third idea for free *G*, do you see the same behavior when you are wired into your router with an Ethernet cable and turn on wifi?

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