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    Default Can I just join a freeform game?

    I saw this thread in the free form roleplaying section of message board games. Can I just join it with a character? Do I have to ask someone (like the thread's creator) permission to join? I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

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    Default Re: Can I just join a freeform game?

    This thread here, stickied at the top of the forum, seems to have the answers you want.

    If it doesn't have a DM (even if there is some plot or conflict resolution by consensus), can be joined by anyone at anytime, and is roleplaying, it belongs in FFRP.

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    Default Re: Can I just join a freeform game?

    That's true. Since it's in the Freeform Roleplaying section then, yes, you can join at any time. Feel free to just make up any character you want and join there. There's no need to ask for permission to post in that thread.

    So, yeah.
    You can just post there and join. In that particular setting, anything goes so your character can be whatever you want, and it would still make sense. (Since the thread is basically a Halloween party, you'll have to come up with a reason why your character is at a party but that's pretty easy to come up with: it could be anything from "Poof, my character is suddenly there and has no idea what's going on" to "Was invited to the party by a friend but they ditched me" or "Heard there was a party going on and wanted to get free food" or "A man with two right hands killed my sister and I'm wondering if he went here" or even "nah, there's no reason, I just want my character to be here" or whatever)
    (Obviously, any post would have to abide by forum rules, and preferably be respectful of other players.)

    Now, if you want to discuss things first, you can do that in the OoC thread (here) but that's unnecessary. ((Some people like discussing things Out-of-Character first, while other people prefer just jumping in. Both ways are fine.))
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    Default Re: Can I just join a freeform game?

    yes sure but Which game ?

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    Default Re: Can I just join a freeform game?

    Quote Originally Posted by tommyrory View Post
    yes sure but Which game ?
    Games in this forum:Free-form Roleplaying.

    Although if you want to join a game there, I'd suggest you read the stickied post (the dark brown one at the top of the forum) first.
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    Default Re: Can I just join a freeform game?

    The biggest setting in the Free Form Role Playing section is the Nexus, which is a mish-mash of genres though it kind of defaults to a more modern DnD. There's an OOC thread in the subforum, if you want to join in the Nexus, start there after the stickied thread. But you don't have to post there first if you don't want to. If you want to jump right in, post a character entering one of the taverns. Trog's is your basic sort of tavern, The Black Dragon's Den is a seedy hive of villainy, and the Dancing Fox Inn is a nicer, safer place, where there can't be any fighting.

    There's also a few other settings. I think there's a Dragonball in the playground and a Naruto in the playground setting. There was a Bleach one too at one point, not sure if that's still running. Post in the respective OOCs if you want to join those.

    And if you're feeling really ambitious, you can suggest your own setting, and build it along with the players in FFRP. This usually results in a fun thought exercise, at the very least, and may stick around and turn into something fun to play too.

    Just my 2cp.

    Oh and the Nexus has a Discord server. If you want to chat with a lot of the players in real time, you can find the permanent link in the first post of the Nexus OOC thread.
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