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    d6 The Selu'Kiira N'Rilan'Vae

    The Selu'Kiira N'Rilan'Vae; The High Lore Shadow Gem of House Ahmaquissar: Major Artifact

    Many thousands of millenia ago, back during the First Flowering of the elves, lived a Moon elf Cleric by the name of Vezzenvazzel Ahmaquissar. A rogue like no other. A paragon of chaos, trickery, and random luck. He worshipped Erevan Ilerese, the Seldarine god of trickery, thieves and rogues.

    As the elven god made a name for himself in the pantheon of the Seldarine, he also made a name for himself in the Realms. But like all gods, he needed mortal followers and mortal spirits to heed his call.

    After pretending to be many gods, goddesses and Fey lords alike, Erevan finally showed up at the final battle of the Anti-Seldarine as himself.

    There, at that battle he was infamous for his deception, guile and ingenuity as the only deity of the Seldarine that used the power of shadow against the hoards of evil. How many lesser gods and goddesses had he slain during that final battle is unknown. Titianna herself kissed him on his lips it is said after the war raged into the Feywild, as he followed and helped defend the Plane of Faerie.

    Erevan Ilesere cared only for himself, as well as his brothers and sisters among the Seldarine. He watched countless Fey Lords and Ladies die for the war Arushnee/ Loth brought on them all. He dueled with lessar orc gods, Goblin deities and Loth herself before the war ended.

    Unbeknownst to all the elven deities, Erevan made a clandestine deal with Vhaeraun in secret that the surface drow of The Masked Lord may worship Erevan instead of Vhaeraun if they so choose, and thus the drow son of Corellon Larethian gained the portfolio of Shadow. But the Trickster only shared enough of his secret shadow lore to allow Vhaeraun to gain the portfolio of Shadow, and kept the majority of his shadow prowess to himself, to pass on to a select few of his mortal worshippers.

    It doesn't matter if you're a Mischiefmaker of Erevan, or a Cleric of the rogue god. It doesn't matter if you're a Shadowdancer, or a Shadowblade, a Shadowtrick Priest or a Temple Raider. The calling is strong to any and all elves who listen.

    This dark blue gem was created by Vezzenvazzel Ahmaquissar, the founder of House Ahmaquissar before the Crown Wars, shortly after the founding of the ancient elven city of Sharlarion, about -24,000 DR. The gem contains a plethora of powerful, archaic elven High Magic spells, both divine and arcane that have not been seen or cast in over 5,000 years. But its most powerful attribute is the ancient knowledge it contains. It can impart to the wearer the knowledge of the ancient elven art of shadow lore, taught to Vezzenvazzel by Erevan Ilesere himself.

    It holds the knowledge on how to become a Shadowdancer, a Shadowlord, a Shadowblade, a Shadowtrick Priest and a Shadowmage, as well as the rituals involved on how to transform elves into Shadow-Walkers and Shades in the name of Erevan Ilesere thousands of years before humans discovered those rituals. It grants the wearer the full history of House Ahmaquissar, and its devotion to the Trickster god himself. And finally, it also confers the knowledge on how to become a elven High-Mage, and elven High-Hierophant at the cost of 10,000 XP per class. The gem itself is a remarkably smooth jewel made of a dark blue crystal found in meteorites that rarely fall to Toril, and cut and shaped in the likeness of an asymmetrical star burst, the symbol of Erevan Ilesere.

    Anyone trying to use this Selu'Kiira that is not blood related to house Ahmaquissar must make a saving throw against the high lore gem. Fort (DC35) Ref (DC35) Will (DC35) or instantly be disintegrated with no chance of Resurrection. Failure of any of the saves results in death.

    Blood relatives of house Ahmaquissar that wield the shadow gem will receive the following attributes and powers regardless of class or level.

    *Those who wield the high lore gem gain a continuous effect of several Ioun stones while it is worn upon the brow.

    * Deep red stone
    * Incandescent blue
    * Pink
    * Pink and green

    * Elven High Magic: This high lore gem contains three elven high magic spells (DM's choice). One ritual of solitude spell, one ritual of compliment spell, and one Myriad spell.

    * Epic level spells: This high lore gem contains three epic level spells that are unique to this particular Selu'Kiira. (described below).

    Fury of the Fey; Epic level spell.

    Conjuration (Summoning)
    Spellcraft DC: 80
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 minute
    Range: 120 ft.
    Effect: Summoned creatures
    Duration: 20 rounds (D)
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: No

    This epic spell mimics the mirror image spell, causing half the casters HD in images to appear and randomly confuse the enemies. (I.E. 30 HD = 15 images). Each image is a exact duplicate of the caster and flanks the nearest opponent dealing 1d12 damage each round until stricken or dealt damage itself, in which case that image bursts into a furious Pixie or Quickling (players choice), with full abilities. The Pixies or Quicklings last until they are slain and cannot be compelled or forced to act out another command. This epic spell is the result of a pact between Erevan Ilesere and the Seelie and Unseelie court made during the wars of the Anti-Seldarine after Loth's fall to the Abyss.

    The Fey Jesters Starbolts; Epic level spell

    Conjuration [Teleportation]
    Spellcraft DC: 56
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 minute
    Range: 1,000 feet plus 100 feet per HD
    Target: Creature or object touched by bolt.
    Duration: Instantaneous.
    Saving Throw: Will save.
    Spell Resistance: yes.

    This epic spell mimics the magic missile spell, with the following exceptions; The caster unleashes a multitude of chaotic bolts of varying colors, shaped like asymmetrical star-bursts. These 10 starbolts equal to half the casters HD in damage, and upon impact are sent to another plane of existence, depending on the color of the starbolt. (Roll a 10 die to determine result.)

    blue Arvandor
    red nine hells
    green Beast lands
    yellow limbo
    orange seven heavens
    purple plane of shadow
    silver positive plane
    black negative plane
    pink fey-wild
    brown pandemonium

    The Tricksters Wildzone; Epic level spell

    Spellcraft DC: 55
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 minute
    Range: 900 ft.
    Target: Centered on caster
    Duration: 10 rounds
    Saving Throw: no
    Spell Resistance: No

    Once cast,it creates a disruption in magical forces similar to those found in a Wild Magic area that is centered on her. When used, she creates a Wild Magic zone in a 900 foot radius spread centered on her, that moves with her, and has an additional 5 foot radius spread for every character level she has. Within the Wildzone, any spell cast, or magic item used in the radius spread is automatically treated as if using a rod of wonder. (Use the rod of wonder table on PG. 199 of the PH.) The Wildzone is treated just as a Wild Magic area in accordance to magic weapons and armor, or spells cast from outside the area of effect. In addition, the caster may choose to re-roll a single save, attack, or damage roll made in the same round in which the spell was cast.

    knowledge imparted

    Upon wielding this high lore gem, you can obtain the following information and skill set, without meeting the prerequisite.


    *Combat trickster
    *Magical Trickster
    *Uncanny Trickster
    *Monk of the grinning star.



    Epic level classes

    *Elven High Mage
    *Elven High Hierophant

    Any and all replies and comments are welcomed.


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    Default Re: The Selu'Kiira N'Rilan'Vae

    Nobody? no comments? Artifacts break the rules in D&D, help me with this.


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    Default Re: The Selu'Kiira N'Rilan'Vae

    This is a nice Selu'Kiira, but beside that hard to comment on the balance of a Minor Artifact.

    This is for AD&D but a website I like with some Kiira (and other stuff), this could give you more idea
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