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    Default The Rogues of The Laughing Midnight

    The Rogues of The Laughing Midnight

    Based out of Everlund, this group of enigmatic elven rogues and thieves all follow or worship Erevan Ilesere, the elven god of mischief and trickery, rogues and change. Led by Curudin Ahmaquissar, a Chosen of Erevan Ilesere himself, and frivolous commander of the organization.

    Currently (1485 DR), there are three different cells of the Laughing Midnight in Faerun. Their main base is in Everlund and Silverymoon jointly. Their second cell is located in Daggerford, along the Trade Way, and often conflict with "The Knaves of The Missing Page" in that region. The third and newest cell is located in Zazzespur, which unfortunately incited a guild war with the current thieves guild in that southern city. All members of the guild must be at least 3'rd level in the Rogue class to qualify or have the sufficient skills of a 3'rd level rogue.

    The guild specializes in odd jobs and specialties, ranging from Temple raiders to assassins, Mage-Killers, Second-story cat-burglars, melee duelists, professional Dungeon-Delvers, Dilettante-Warriors, Bardic-Deceivers, Feywild masters, Gem and stone artificers, Jewel appraisers, Antique mongers, Magical and non-magical crafters of weapons, armor and items desired. The guild has members that are specialized to meet the needs of anyone with enough coin, from Rangers and Scouts, to Favored Souls, Sacred Fists and Monks of Erevan Ilesere. From Divine Seekers and Divine Champions to Vigilantes and elven Avengers. Although the Laughing Midnight is strictly an elven guild, it is not uncommon for you to encounter rogue clerics of the other trickster deities around the guild members during any given encounter.

    Current ranking members

    *Everlund/ Silverymoon guild

    Curudin Ahmaquissar: CN Trickster-Touched Moon elf male of Evermeet. CR 32; Rogue 5/ Cleric 5/ Mischiefmaker 10/ Shadowtrick Priest 10 of Erevan Ilesere. Co-founder and leader of the elven rogues guild. High-Lord of Mischief, King Libertine, Master of Trickery, Duke of Debauchery, High-Priest of Hedonism, Marquis Gestalt of The Midnight Gambol. Baron of Disorder and Chaos, Favored Foe of Order and Law, Grandmaster of the clergy of Erevan Ilesere in Faerun.

    Laeirlefain Starleaf: CG Shadow-Walker Copper elf male of Evermeet. CR 26; Rogue 5/ Swashbuckler 10/ Shadowblade 10. Master of Melee and shadow in the Everlund guild. Lord of Shadowstrike tower in the southern Silver Wood, just east of Everlund proper.

    Terrindill Shaelarra: CN Shadow-Walker Gold elf male of Evermeet. CR 26; Rogue 10/ Shadowdancer 10/ Shadow Lord 5 of Erevan Ilesere. Master of stealth and silence in the Everlund guild. Shadow-grifted with his Shadow companions Vrax, Vraith, and Vroll. Terrindill is Spell-Scarred with a cure that allows his shadow companions to always be present. A curse he wants to end.

    Nym Nightsong: CG Shade Star elf male of SildŽyuir. CR 29; Rogue 5/ Illusionist 10/ Shadowmage 10. Master of Arcane Arts in the Everlund guild. Grandmaster Illusionist and Shadow seeker of the Silverymoon guild.

    Pheyloo Audark: CN Shadow-Walker Wild elf male of The Winterwood. CR 26; Rogue 5/ Assassin 10/ Quietknife 10. Spymaster in the Everlund guild. Grandmaster Assassin of The Silvermarches.

    Whispertongue: CN Drow elf male of Bregan D'aerthe. CR 30; Bard 20/ Sublime Chord 10. Master of Song and Lore in the Everlund guild. Spymaster and lieutenant commander of Escape artists in the Silverymoon guild.

    Felorna Silverspear: CG Moon elf female of Evereska. CR 30; Rogue 5/ Streetfighter 5/ Wizard 5/ Bladesinger 10/ Divine Champion of Erevan Ilesere 5. Master of Sword and Spell in the Everlund guild.

    Rassiitash Selorn: CG Copper elf male of The Laughing Hallow. CR 30; Ranger 20/ Dervish 10 of Erevan Ilesere. legendary ranger of The High Forest. Crossroads Champion of the gate to Evermeet from Elvenport. Boon companion to Trezeraxell the Tall.

    Trezeraxell The Tall: CG Treant of The High Forest. CR 30; Druid 20/ Rogue 5/ Divine Disciple 5 of Erevan Ilesere. Lord of The Hanging Trees of Darionalith. Master of the western High Forest. King Willow of Sharlarion.

    Dolledrax Darkdagger: CN Quickling male of Evermeet, (Formally of The Autumn Court). CR 20; Rogue 5/ Sorcerer 5/ Daggerspell-Mage 10. Liaison of The Seelie Court. Lord of Quicklaugh tower in the Fey glade of Shartilyeron (due north of Starshadow tower) in The High Forest.

    Lord Bolo Blackanvil: CN Shield Dwarf male of Citadel Felbarr. CR 25; Rogue 10/ Cleric 10/ Divine Seeker 5 of Vergadain. Master of Mirth and Dwarven council, and Lord of the Coin in Everlund. Grandmaster of stealth to the dwarves of The Silvermarches.

    Britzlebrattle Quickcloak: CN Rock Gnome male of Cliff Barrows. CR 25; Rogue 5/ Cleric 10/ Hoodwinker 10 of Baravar Cloakshadow. Lord of Illusion at The Tower of Twilight. Master of deception in the House of Harpell.

    Daxipuff Quiet'toe: CN Lightfoot Halfling of Waterdeep. CR 25; Rogue 10/ Cleric 5/ Misadventurer 10 of Brandobaris. Highthief Priest of the Irrepressible Scamp in Waterdeep. Lord of Quiet'toe manor, and Master of stealth among halflings in The North.

    *The Daggerford Guild*

    Trysiifith Durothil: CN Gold elf male of Evermeet. CR 20; Rogue 5/ Cleric 5/ Sacred Fist 10 of Erevan Ilesere. Leader and Master of the Daggerford Rogues of the Laughing Midnight guild. Hand of The Mischiefmaker. Champion of unarmed combat in the Rogues guild across Faerun.

    Seareghade Shimmerstar: CG Moon elf male of Evereska. CR 15; Beguiler 15. Master of Arcane Arts in the Daggerford guild. Lord of Moonleaf tower in The Misty Forest. Lord deception in the Daggerford guild.

    Shivlistra Mourningstar: CN Star elf female of SildŽyuir. CR 15; Bard 10/ Sublime Chord 5 of Erevan Ilesere. Mistress of Maddened Virtuosso, and Lady of The Saddened songs of SildŽyuir.

    Ressynroux Selorn: CN Copper elf Fey male of The Laughing Hollow. CR 20; Scout 10/ Wildrunner (Fey-scout) 10. Master of stealth in the Daggerford guild. Duke of The Misty forest.

    Florithalill WinterWillow: CG Wild elf Fey female of The Misty Forest. CR 15; Rogue 5/ Sorcerer 5/ Feymage 5. Fey-mound and Crossroad champion of the Daggerford guild.

    Xazlarran Starsnow: CG Frost elf male of Everwinter. CR 21; Rogue 5/ Vigilante 10/ Combat Trickster 3/ Uncanny Trickster 3. Adventurer of Faerun. Lesion to The Kingdom of Everwinter.

    Celindra Burningshard: CN Moon elf female of Ardeep Forest. CR 20; Rogue 5/ Sorcerer 5/ Mage-Killer 10. Mistress of Assassins in the Daggerford Guild. Lady of spell-battle.

    *Zazzespur guild

    Tharnalith Oakstaff: CN Wild elf male of The Wealdath Forest. CR 25; Rogue 5/ Favored Soul 10/ Luck-thief 10 of Erevan Ilesere. Leader and master of the Zazzespur guild. Lord-Thief of Zazzespur.

    Thessathiil Starym: CN Gold elf female of Evermeet. CR 25; Rogue 5/ Ranger 10/ Justice of Weald and Woe 10. Master of Spies in the Zazzespur guild. Lady of the Bow.

    "Ghost": CG Moon elf male of The Shilmista Forest. CR 25; Rogue 20/ Divine Seeker 5 of Erevan Ilesere. Master of stealth in the Zazzespur guild. Lord deception in the Shilmista Forest. Keeper of the quiet way.

    Chexevarr Gloamingstar: CN Star elf male of SildŽyuir. CR 25; Rogue 5/ Fighter 10/ Tempest 5/ Divine Champion of Erevan Ilesere 5. Master of Melee in the Zazzespur guild.

    Withiwindle Souldusk: CG Copper elf female of The Misty Forest. CR 20; Rogue 5/ Druid 10/ Fortune's-Friend 5 of Erevan Ilesere. Master of the Fey Mounds and Crossroads in the South Sword Coast.

    Shathelendrill of The Fallen.: CN Drow elf female of Ched Nasad. CR 21; Rogue 5/ Cleric 5/ Darkmask 5/ Combat Trickster 3/ Magical Trickster 3 of Erevan Ilesere. Newest member and trainee of the dark gem. Mistress of spies in Zazzespur.

    (More info and lore coming soon) Under construction.
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    Default Re: The Rogues of The Laughing Midnight

    Updated the rogues and their status.

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