In a corporate board room you are assembled. Not everyone is here, but that's okay. We should just start. There's bagels and flavored water for you to drink. You have been called here today by the stylish Magic_Hat. He speaks to you:

"I have gather you all here today because I highly trust your opinion. I am tasked with creating and releasing a best selling video game. You are here to help come up with ideas. We need to appeal to the youth of today but also attract older, retro gamers.

"No my research has shown the gamers today like graphics. Graphics are a must. They also like sound effects and music. And levels. We got to include levels. Research also shows they like game where you beat the bad guys up. Love interests are also important.

"We gotta have a cool main character. Male? Female? Gender? Weapons? No matter what though, they have to wear a cool hat or headgear. So let's just hear so ideas. Just call them out. There are no bad ideas."