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    Default Looking for DM and players.

    Hey me and my GF would like to be in a campaign but need a DM who is willing to work with a new person and a highly experienced person.
    I have DM'd before but didnt want do DM with her in case i inadvertently play favorites.
    The focus of this is to have fun in a structured way so that the game can progress smoothly.
    I have a discord server set up for it and rules set up with the way i would like the server to be used. i just need someone who can run a campaign and DM
    No New DMs please, i would like DMs who have at least 1 year of experience and can dedicate themselves to being online almost constantly. Ideally i would like 2 DMs that can communicate with Each other about how they want the campaign to go or two DMs that build a campaign together so that they can switch whos online. but if you can do it on your own im happy to have you.

    here are the rules i have on the discord:
    1. Initiative determines posting order for the entire campaign
    2. DM will change based on Campaign
    3. Starting Level is 1
    4. rolls for stats are 18 16 16 14 14 12
    5. characters will be posted in the "Characters" text channel
    6. All character sheet styles are accepted except text
    7. Wait your turn.
    8. No fighting out of character
    9. Pathfinder, 3.5, 3.0 and Mutations from Future d20 allowed
    10. Pathfinder crafting system.
    11. Starting Level 1
    12. No level Adjustment
    13. Built races of 20 points or less allowed.
    14. death is a possibility, if your character dies, dont cry about it, build a new one and move on.
    15. Keep your out of game relationships OUT OF GAME!
    16. Check your problems at the door. if your having a bad day dont drag us down. (you can PM each other if you wanna assist or help but keep that negetivity out of this server.
    17. OGDojo is the moderator and owner.
    18. All rules are subject to change.
    19. If you made it here and wanna join PM @ObscureGamingDojo to change you to give you permission
    20. if you dont post on your turn within 24 hours, your turn is skipped. if you are leaving for a few days we can send your character away or he will get sick effectively taking him out of the game for the most part.

    if you are interested please PM me or you can reach me on discord
    ObscureGamingDojo #1535

    if you have any questions please ask me we can bend of a few things but posting order for me is important.

    for players please send me a PM so we can chat about your ideas for characters and if you agree to all the rules.
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