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    Default The Dread Coven of The Midnight King

    The Dread Coven of The Midnight King

    This Vampire conclave of The Midnight King began in 1374 DR. An infamous elven adventurer known as Dresdorian Olortynnal became a Vampire in 1372 DR fighting and spell-battling a coven of vampires. Dresdorian died in combat and was re-born as a vampire to Fraxel Frostfang, and rose above the ranks of the coven and destroyed his master vampire. Since that very day the elf has taken the name of Midnight KIng. He has ruled the coven of Midnight for well over a hundred years.

    In his century of rule of the Kryptgarden Forest, he has summoned and called-forth like-minded undead to his side. Rejecting all non-elves and being very racist in his disposition. Commanding Banshee Queens, Ghast Lords and a small army of elven undead from Illefarn, he rules his forest kingdom at night. The Masters of Midnight are his undead companions. Each one being a intricate lord of the Coven.

    Although the Midnight King worships Erevan Ilerese and still calls spells from his divinity, he also cares only for the lost Kingdom of Illefarn and himself. From Kryptgarden Forest to the south and The Westwood. All of this was once Illefarn. Dresdorian was adamant that he protects his elven homeland even as a Vampire... even as a Vampire Lord.

    One by one he collected his leaders. Intelligent, elven undead commanders. And a host of Crusaders and knights to command. A swarm of undead elves from ancient Illefarn. This Vampire conclave was bred to protect the heritage of ancient Aryvandaar. No human or beast is allowed passage through the Bogs or hills or forest of The Midnight King after sunset. Dresdorian would rather destroy an undead follower than submit to non-elven rule.

    It is said that when Dresdorian throws a Midnight Gambol that all creatures gather to witness true feral frivolity. Just simply evil in making. Nothing can stop his Gambol besides a Mischiefmaker interrupting. Only 10% of the Gambol gatherers die to the guilds needs. The weak die quick and the strong die slow. Even Elminster takes pause when coming into the Kryptgarden Forest.

    Dresdorian "Witherfang" Olortynnal: CN Vampire Lord Gold elf male of Evereska. CR 30; Fighter 12/ Cleric 15 of Erevan Ilesere. Lord of the Kryptgarden Forest. Grandmaster of the Coven of Midnight. Guardian of the Twilight Grove of Illefarn. The Midnight King.

    Shalestra Oakleaf: CN Banshee Queen Wild elf female of The High Forest. CR 28; Ranger 10/ Sorcerer 5/ Arcane Archer 10. Mistress of Melancholy. Queen of The Hunt in Kryptgarden Forest. Commander of the Coven of The Midnight King.

    Mickanowh "The Whisper" Shadowstar: CN Vampire Lord Moon elf male of Evermeet. CR 26; Rogue 10/ Assassin 10/ Uncanny Trickster 3. Master assassin of the Coven of The Midnight King. Spymaster of The Sword Coast North.

    Thelandria Darkmist: CE Death Knight Copper elf female of The Moonwood. CR 26; Duskblade 10/ Ranger 13. Champion of The Coven of The Midnight King. The Lady of The Mists.

    Frathadell Woodwinter: CN Wight Lord Copper elf male of The High Forest. CR 25; Scout 13/ Wizard 10. Master of Bogs and marsh. Keeper of the Dread Stone.

    Vysasheth Celendra: CE Ghoul Lord Gold elf female of Evermeet. CR 25; Wizard 18/ Archmage 5. Queen of Pain. Duchess of masochism. Commander of the Dead Leigeon.

    More coming soon...

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