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Thread: Myconids

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    Default Myconids

    Brainstorming for a portion of my world. It's for an underground portion created during a war between the bright and dark elves. Vast swathes of land were covered in ash and lava and rocked by earthquakes. In the hundreds of years since massive rainfalls in the mountains to the west have carved tunnels through the softer ash. In the ancient cities and newer caverns new ecosystems have been established. Creatures have adapted. Creatures were released. Creatures were affected by the residues of fell magic. So it's underdark-ISH.


    The Great Mind (The Slow Ones):
    Composed of fungal flesh like a solid mushroom, but large and six-limbed around a central torso. They 'see' by smell and touch. Composed of family groups (3d10+5) of genetically identical individuals that maintain territories used to grow food (decomposing vegetable and animal matter) which are looked after by elvish slaves. They routinely gather into clumps that intertwine for hours or even days at a time. Utterly alien. They lack the ability to communicate with outsiders and seem to be entirely unconcerned with trying. Their motivations are unknown and their methods seem bizarre. They move slowly, act slowly, and barely seem aware of their surroundings. But they are capable of acting with inhuman ruthlessness. Strong ritual magic users.
    They exude a mild narcotic in spore form that creates mild feelings of lethargy and well-being in humanoid creatures. This is strongly addictive and works by inhalation or touch.

    The Quick Movers (The Lost):
    The Quick Movers have abandoned their traditional bodies and moved to a parasitic existence. They infect the bodies of select elvish slaves and grow within until they take over. Despite being equipped with the tools to communicate with humanoids, they don't. They are aggressive and hostile to other creatures, including The Great Mind. They actively raid elvish settlements and hunt within the tunnels. They prefer to attack with clawed hands that infect their targets with a rapidly growing fungus that causes necrotic damage, dissolving and rotting flesh.

    Dark Elves:

    Slaves of The Great Mind:
    These elves have lost all culture. The Great Mind destroyed this by the simple expedient of killing adults faster than they could pass on their culture to their offspring and selecting for those that remain quiet, are smaller, and are are better able to intuit the wishes of The Great Mind. They tend the gardens and flocks/herds of The Great Mind and serve as food themselves when their time comes. They have some vestiges of spoken language and a rudimentary language that uses signals conveyed by touch.

    Slaves of The Quick Movers:
    A mix of Great Mind slaves and captives taken from the independent tribes. The domesticated slaves are servants who tend the gardens of The Quick Movers. The captives are future hosts and are tested for suitability for infestation. The Quick Movers are organized into a single polity under a single leader but are organized into small groups (2d6+5) marked mostly by their choice of hosts.

    The Joined:
    The Joined are independent elves that have adopted a method of symbiosis with slime molds, a predator of myconids. They spend years training and cultivating the mental and physical skills needed to prevent the slime mold from killing them. Despite this the process of joining still kills many. The whole process is deeply tied to their religious beliefs. They kill Great Mind slaves for their weakness and wage active war against The Quick Movers. They live a stone-age existence and are organized into matriarchal groups.
    DC25 to successfully join with a slime. May add modifiers from Con, Wis, and Int or Cha. Failure means death and the elf becomes slime food. Success by 5 or more is normal. Success by less than 5 means the elf survives but with some consequences (non-verbal, blind, etc...) When successful the slime grants certain benefits. +3 to strength for 2 minutes followed by 1 level of exhaustion, once per short rest. Acid breath (10 ft range) 2d6 points of damage, potentially blinding, myconids/fungi take double damage from the enzymes. Hit dice rolls are doubled. Slime must be fed: vegetarian diet, raw food, doubled consumption requirements.

    Sva'antr (The Free):
    The remains of elvish groups that survived the war. The bright elf survivors left, only the dark elves remain. They inhabit the buildings of long-buried settlements, reclaimed from the ash, supplemented by new structures and tunnel systems. Organized into small kingdoms that engage in trade and, occasionally, warfare. Some groups burn with a fervent desire to exact revenge upon the bright elves and would be dangerous if they didn't spend most of their time in internecine strife. Some groups seek to cultivate the state of perfect peace that will allow them to merge with the energy of the universe and live forever. Most are simply concerned with staying alive and feeding their children.


    Goblins live here much as they do everywhere else. They are parasites living on the fringes of society, even myconid society, and taking what they can. They form small groups that are remarkably unstable, splintering and reforming with a rapidity that makes Italian governments look stable. They prefer to steal or bully and take rather than kill but, if pressed, a goblin's gotta eat.
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    Default Re: Myconids


    These animated fungi appear to be toadstools of various sizes, usually with red and/or yellow spots. They typically stand in rotting material digesting it through rhizone tendrils which grow from their pedal extremeties.

    They can retract the rhizomes in one to three rounds, at which time they become motile with a movement speed of 30.

    They may have from 3-12 limbs which protrude from the center of the cap, appearing as a single stalk while the stoolie stands sessile. When animated they may attack once per round per three peds. Each attack may inflict up to 1d6 damage with the potential to inflict 1 point of Strength damage if the victim fails a Fort save.

    The stoolie has one HD per ped. If slain one or more of the limbs may regrow as a 1HD stoolie if it falls near decaying matter. If attacked by a vorpal weapon, a sword of sharpness or other weapon which severs limbs the stoolie may be divided into multiple smaller stoolies which continue to fight. Dividing one HD stoolies slays them.

    When a stoolie makes a kill it will disperse spoors on the corpse which grow into !d8 stoolies of 1HD.

    The size of a stoolie is determined by its HD.
    1-2HD= Tiny
    3-7HD= Small
    8-10HD= Medium
    11-12= Large

    1 and 2 HD stoolies are non-combatant unless attacked, and 1HD stoolies are not motile unless forced to move.

    Stoolies are of animal intelligence. Myconids occasionally keep them as livestock or guard animals.

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    Default Re: Myconids

    I think I might scale the damage from the attacks by size.
    Tiny does 1d4
    Small does 1d6
    Medium does 1d8
    Large does 1d10

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