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    Default Any Arkham Horror LCG players here?

    I've become a huge fan. It strikes a nice balance between card, board, and role-playing game for me. I was a longtime Call of Cthulhu player and (like you do) lost many characters to the unnameable horrors of the Mythos, and this game scratches that itch wonderfully. Are there other fans here?

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    Default Re: Any Arkham Horror LCG players here?

    It's a fun game which I played less than I'd like
    I love playing in a party with a couple of power-gamers, it frees me up to be Elan!

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    Default Re: Any Arkham Horror LCG players here?

    I got everything that's out for it, yeah. Sadly, I just moved long distance, which means I lost my playgroup. I may try solo play, but it's just not the same.

    I think I'd more or less call it the best game I've ever laid hands on.
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