Hi all, I've been working in small stints over the course of a year or two, constantly making and modifying a 3.5-based character planner for personal use. I get occasional requests for my old v8 copy, but I'm up to v12 now so I thought it was time to hopefully draw random google searches this way.


If you want to use it, save yourself a copy to your google drive, or download it as an .XML (I don't own excel, so I won't guarantee you that the formulas cross over neatly)

Highlights of the sheet:

  • Friendly-ish colour coding system to help you avoid editing the wrong thing and breaking the sheet <3
  • Overview page to contain the bulk of your day-to-day stats
  • Fully compatible with or without Gestalt rules (from Unearthed Arcana, also on D20SRD)
  • Automatically factors in a lot of easily-forgotten rules, like move speed affecting your jump score
  • Pretty easy inventory/carrying management that even converts values to tonnage if your character has crazy strength
  • Runs up to 45 levels of planning
  • Lets you punch in your class stats and skills, and dynamically updates as you build
  • Only suffers from slightly horrible lag... sometimes-ish (TM)
  • Works on phones/tablets, but not really designed for it
  • Has Imperial-Metric conversion for speeds! Plus, lets you keep track of crazy fast character's potential
  • Has plenty of room for those 9 templates you were planning on taking... if your DM lets you
  • Lets you separate out temporary bonuses (like your favourite buffs or stuff like rage) with a simple toggle on/off
  • Is free. Potentially buggy, horribly 'coded', functional-ish, but free!
  • Has a somewhat nice little character description page with example terms to help people describe things
  • Remembers that coins have weight, because it's so convenient to forget your 11-billion platinum isn't stored on your credit card
  • Skill synergies applied automatically where possible, listed otherwise when circumstantial
  • works for villains and monsters too

Feel free to modify or distribute, it's just here to help people who can't be bothered keeping track of Gestalt craziness on their own <3