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    Default turning and hide from undead spell

    If a cleric successfully turns undead so they flee, then on a subsequent turn casts hide from undead spell, does the turning fizzle?

    Does the fleeing undead just flee from the cleric or all enemies?

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    Default Re: turning and hide from undead spell

    Is it possible the undead just flee from some nameless terror which they cannot identify?

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    Default Re: turning and hide from undead spell

    Quote Originally Posted by SRD, Turn Undead
    Effect and Duration of Turning
    Turned undead flee from you by the best and fastest means available to them. They flee for 10 rounds (1 minute). If they cannot flee, they cower (giving any attack rolls against them a +2 bonus). If you approach within 10 feet of them, however, they overcome being turned and act normally. (You can stand within 10 feet without breaking the turning effect—you just can’t approach them.) You can attack them with ranged attacks (from at least 10 feet away), and others can attack them in any fashion, without breaking the turning effect.
    Doesn’t say that they stop fleeing from you if they can no longer see/perceive you. Just that they flee to the best of their ability.

    If the target has no idea at all where you are or even that you exist, I’d rule that the appropriate response is either that it goes for whatever it thinks of as a “safe exit” or that it runs in a random direction, depending on the environment and on how smart the undead beastie is. If it has a vague idea of where you might be, I’d rule that it runs away from where it thinks you are/were, even if that’s not accurate.
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    Default Re: turning and hide from undead spell

    I would rule "continue running from your last known position." The onus is on you to optimize your advantage from that, e.g. maximizing the distance between you and them by not continuing to move towards them. They will not be able to supernaturally keep track of you through the spell.

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