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    annoyed Fighter for Favored Deity Prestige Class

    I can't believe I can't find this. I've got a straight-up fighter, now 6th level. I'm looking for a prestige class that's a simple dedicated fighter for my deity PrC without all the fancy paladin trappings or any caster entanglements. No homebrew but almost anything else goes. Strictly 3.5. All suggestions thankfully welcomed!

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    Default Re: Fighter for Favored Deity Prestige Class

    Divine crusader? You’ll need 1 more BAB, a couple cross-class ranks in K: Religion, and Weapon Focus in your deity’s favored weapon.
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    Default Re: Fighter for Favored Deity Prestige Class

    So you're looking to take a prestige class that marks you as a champion of your deity, but you don't want it to have spellcasting or other divine abilities? What exactly are you expecting to get out of this type of prestige class, if not those things?

    Complete Divine has the Pious Templar and Divine Crusader, both of which gain divine spellcasting to some degree. Frostburn has the Disciple of Thrym, if you happen to worship the god of frost giants. There may be other deity-specific prestige classes out there that would be what you're looking for. PGtF has Divine Champion, but it's garbage plus it grants exactly the abilities you said you don't want. Pious Templar is probably the only one you'll find that isn't specific to a particular deity and will accomplish what you want in flavor without overdoing it on divine abilities.

    Consider multiclassing or even retraining (PH2 Chapter 8) into Crusader (ToB), or find some other base class that has the flavor and types of abilities you want (Soulborn in MoI, Divine Mind in CP, etc.).

    What deity does your character worship?

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    Default Re: Fighter for Favored Deity Prestige Class

    1: Book of Exalted Deeds have many prestige classes that can fit your flavour; however they all come with the trappings of a code due to their exalted requirements. If you don't particularly mind the exalted requirement then: Anointed Knight, Fist of Raziel, and Sword of Righteousness may be up your alley.
    2: Complete Champion has the class: Sanctified One which seems like an exact match to what you are looking for.
    3: Complete Scoundrel brings us the class Grey Guard, which is a paladin class, except that it lowers the restrictions of the code of conduct (not eliminates).
    4: Player's Guide to Eberron has the Revenent Blade class, a fully martial class with a deity requirement, however it is very specific
    5: Fiendish Codex 2 has the Hellreaver, a Divine warrior akin to a paladin, but without a code of conduct nor spellcasting. No deity link though..
    6: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting has the Divine Champion, which seems to be exactly what you want.
    7: Forgotten Realms Champions of Valor has the Knight of the Flying Hunt and Moonsea Sky Sentinel, both of which are tied to groups which venerate deities that use flying mounts..
    8: Player's Guide to Faerun updates the Divine Champion, without giving us anything new up your alley.
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