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Thread: A prophecy

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    Default A prophecy

    "Buy one fortune-reading, get one free!"

    That's what the letter said, anyway. It looked like your typical junk promotional coupon, and that's exactly what it would have been... but it came from the world-famous oracle Theodore Ruth, and nothing Ted said was ever wrong. Egosse booked a flight to Cathedral Mountain right away; he was going to learn his future! Or... futures? Either way, a letter from Ted always meant adventure, regardless of whether the advertised prophecy was ever actually told or not.

    "Thou hast two distinct destinies, and they are intertwined with one another. Regarding them both, I have the same three things to say: one of those things is good, another is bad, and the last is worse." Theodore smiled as he said this, showing teeth that would be perfectly normal in both sharpness and number, were they present in a mouth 60 years younger.

    Egosse opened his jaw to speak before the elderly oracle continued: "The good news is, both of thine destinies is to become the greatest warrior ever, by somewhat different metrics for the definition of 'greatest warrior ever.' The bad news is that thou don't do it alone; thou need a great amount of help from others... for varying definitions of 'help.' ...and of 'great amount.' ...and of 'need.' ...In fact, 'others' has a slightly different meaning as well, and not only because different people are involved."

    Ted cleared his throat, then Egosse followed suit; Ted then repeated the action before finishing his prophecy:

    "The worse news is, thy fates end at the hands of each other. Thou will fight thyself, and both of thou will die."
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