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    Default Re: Funny Magical Items

    A specially-weighted sphere with a polished ceramic surface, created by one of the five legendary mages from the School of Brand Identity. Whenever the bowling ball collides with a surface, a special enchantment reflects the bowling ball's kinetic energy back into itself. The idea was to prevent it from damaging the physics laboratory and its equipment; no matter how fragile the obstacle, it will simply bounce off without dealing any damage. Unfortunately, the enchantment also makes it exceedingly difficult to halt the bowling ball's momentum, or indeed to properly bowl with it.

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    Question Re: Funny Magical Items

    When worn, this garment gradually attracts all mundane birds in a one kilometer radius.

    Cheap Uggs (+1)

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    Default Re: Funny Magical Items

    Quote Originally Posted by BaconTomato View Post
    Cheap Uggs (+1)
    While wearing these, an illusory third foot wearing a Cheap Ugg appears alongside your other two, giving you +1 Cheap Ugg.

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    Default Re: Funny Magical Items

    Quote Originally Posted by paddyfool View Post
    Nasty Ninja Nunchucks
    These nunchucks are quite grody and slimy and inflict the effect of a contagion spell on a critical hit, but slip out of the user's hand on a natural 1. If the user is fighting alone the drawback does not apply.

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