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    d20 Magical Item (Chalice of Chaotic Consumption)

    Chalice Of Chaotic Consumption
    Wondrous item, legendary Uncommon
    You must fill this chalice from a running water source, up to six ounces, magically unable to spill the drink inside.
    Until you take a swig the liquid appears to be water.
    Each time you declare you will take a drink roll on the table below.
    +A player may declare 2 drinks per long rest and the chalice has 3 drinks per 24-hour cycle+
    d12 Liquid Type
    1 Sovereign Glue(Lips are sealed until remove curse or Universal Solvent is used)+And no more drinks may be declared or drank for 24 hours+
    2 Liquid Lying(For the next 1d4 hours you may only lie or not communicate at all)
    3 Poisoned Water(-1d6 HP)
    4 Succulent Slowing(-5 to Movement Speed for 1d4 hours)
    5 Rotten Ale(-1 Hp)
    6 Water(No Effect)
    7 Fresh Water(+2 Hp)
    8 Water(No Effect)
    9 Sip Of Fortification(+1 AC for 1d4 hours)
    10 Viscious Vision(+10 feet to all sight for 1d4 hours)
    11 Philter Of Fast(+5 to Movement Speed for 1d4 hours)
    12 Potion Of Healing(+1d8 HP)

    A fun item. First homebrew item, I'll be testing it out on my players later today!
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    Default Re: Magical Item (Chalice of Chaotic Consumption)

    I do like the idea of the item. "Drink of many things" so to speak.

    I have only a few recommendations, and they're all minor and/or paperwork.

    1) I would specify what kind of action filling the chalice and drinking is. If it were me personally, I would call it so cumbersome it can only be done out of combat, but a Standard Action sounds fair.

    2) I would spell it out that Succulent Slowing and Philter of Fast cancel each other.

    3) The only real problem, to me at least, seems to be the infinite charges vs. that roll of 1. I'm sure you took that into consideration -- it's not infinite money if you can't drink because you rolled a 1, right? And even a higher-level party only has so many remove curse spells they can cast in a day.

    But there are two concerns:
    A) This is a legendary item. The PCs who get it will, therefore, be high level. Since the chalice won't kill them, they're basically getting 50gp per spell slot 3rd level or higher. Castles are expensive, but this seems like a pretty direct way to reduce those mortgage costs.
    B) The PCs attack an orc lair -- something well below their paygrade -- and now they have 100 orc living prisoners. Guess what happens next? The party walks away with 5,000 gold and 100 mute prisoners are left to die of hunger or thirst. Evil? Yes. Legal? Yes.

    There are a few ways you can choose to fix this, if you deem it a problem that requires a solution. (Get it?)

    i) A roll of 1 shuts the chalice down until a long rest.
    ii) Each person has a finite number of drinks per day.
    iii) The chalice has a finite number of total drinks per day.
    iv) ALT: The chalice shuts down for the day when a duplicate roll turns up.
    v) Change the money to another temporary effect, something comparable to the other effects, such as 1d6 temp hp.

    Item looks fun!

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    Default Re: Magical Item (Chalice of Chaotic Consumption)

    I'd make it less rare than Legendary, and change the 1 result to something less permanent. Nothing else really screams "Legendary" to me.

    Looks fun, though, for a certain type of player. See, I'm the kind who never, ever, EVER draws from the Deck of Many Things. So I'd hate it. But considering that literally everyone else at my table drew from the Deck... Safe to say I'm a minority, I think.
    I have a LOT of Homebrew!

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    Default Re: Magical Item (Chalice of Chaotic Consumption)

    I edited the original post with y'alls suggestions

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