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    Default 5e most powerful artifacts?

    What are the most broken, most powerful, artifacts in 5e published materials? nothing home-brewed. I am looking for something in a manual or source book published by WoTC.

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    Default Re: 5e most powerful artifacts?

    A moonblade after 28 users(every possible effect). Think on a LE Elf lord that was able to kill every holder of the blade in an heroic way in order to attract more users for the "cursed" moonblade and gave a prophecy that the curse will be lifted after 28 wilders.

    An Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
    The sword of zariel(the transpormation is enough with this one, just use the axe after you are transpormed).

    Book of Exalted Deeds
    Orb of Dragonkind

    You take the sword of zariel, transporm, studie the book and then start using the orb and the axe.
    Try to be a paladin or a cleric for best effect.
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    Default Re: 5e most powerful artifacts?

    Not an artifact, but Blackrazor is pretty nasty.
    It's Eberron, not ebberon.
    It's not high magic, it's wide magic.
    And it's definitely not steampunk. The only time steam gets involved is when the fire and water elementals get loose.

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