This world grew out of some ideas a few days ago, and isn't finished, but what we've got is fairly far along from a story point of view:

A planet (Planet 1) invades a continent on (Planet 2) to get to (Planet 3) using a network of instantaneous transit hubs (orbital stations with small wormhole transit tunnels). After the attack, however, political infighting about the invasion of (Planet 2) resulted in a civil war among the invaders and back on their home planet.

The party are a group of civilians and military forces who survived the invasion and are fighting to take their city back. If they do, the (Interplanetary Badass Army People) will land and secure the city for them - the players win.

The problem for the (Planet 1) factions is that they have no secure communications channels - The problem with the ansible that is used for everything from interplanetary to short-range radio communications is that encryption costs millions of dollars to make and takes up to a year - the ansible otherwise will decrypt the code as if it were plain text or voice (in world, nobody's sure how the ansible is smart enough to do that).

I must go, please give me opinions etc.

PS: Yes, the ansible means interplanetary media crews are on site.