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    Default Re: [3.5] Barons of the Stonelands - IC

    "If Cutter's taken that …" with a gesture at the fortress "from Bren Tallsword's garrison then we've got a bigger problem than we'll be able to handle. Good to go take a look from above, but let's just approach. Dauneth, Westar and Filan that the honorable Tallsword might not support our mission. It would be good to get him on our side."

    Johann studied the geometry of the castle as they approached, looking for ideas.

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    Default Re: [3.5] Barons of the Stonelands - IC

    Nodding his acknowledgement of Johann's wisdom, Rooster transforms into a giant eagle and spirals up to about half a mile above the castle's height before drifting over. Mostly, he's just looking for signs of disorder, or whether the castle seems to be maintaining military discipline, uniforms, and so on. No expert on insignia or flags or other human fripperies, he's mostly happy if no one fires a ballista at him.

    Barring surprises, Rooster circles down and down to the path below to confirm an all clear to his colleagues.
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    Default Re: [3.5] Barons of the Stonelands - IC

    Noticing her ally's gaze, Umil asks, "Any thoughts, Johann? What do you see in the stone?"
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    Default Re: [3.5] Barons of the Stonelands - IC

    Johann shrugs - "Your guess is as good as mine. Lets go down to the castle and find out."

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    Default Re: [3.5] Barons of the Stonelands - IC

    As group moved toward the castle, something appeared on the surface of the big boulder near the trail, about hundred meters after the junction with Moonsea Ride. Some kind of magical mouth sprung into existence and proclaimed „Thorn's keep falls!“

    Spoiler: Rolls
    Those who can roll knowledge[local] or knowledge[nobility & royalty]

    As Rooster glided in the air above, he saw castle spawl below him in rather centric manner. Huge cubic-like courtyard with main building in center of it and heavy fortifications surrounded the compound. Walls were armed with ballistas and stuffed with boulders ready to be dropped on those unfortunate below.

    Barracks and other troop-sustaining buildings were lined five meters from the walls. There were patrol units walking along the walls and, generally, not much activity due to scorching sun at the moment (it was about 2 p.m.). Perhaps most of the troops were dining or resting inside after the morning drills…

    Two pair of guards at the guardpost which had view on the junction (where the rest of the group was) has set their eyes on coming travelers, with one of the guards pointing finger towards the group and the other toward the Rooster, now in animal form. There was a bit of stir as one guard left the post and came back rather quickly with an another one. This slender figure slowly and gently pulled an arrow from the quiver, placed it on an bow, notched the back to the string and waited.

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