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    Default An adventure based on "Guards Guards" by Terry Pratchet?

    I realize Discworld isn't nessesarily a great fit for dnd, at least not without a lot of dedication to get the tone right. I just really like the story of Guards Guards as a structure for a low level adventure. I think it could sort of fit the background of a city the campaign starts in and be happening in the background while players explore and get to know the city, and it's tone and some details could be changed to fit most fantasy settings. I've been playing for years, but I'm just now wanting to try DMing and I have very little idea where to start taking this super broad idea and turning it in to something I could show my first set of players. Has anyone home brewed something like this up already?

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    Default Re: An adventure based on "Guards Guards" by Terry Pratchet?

    It'd probably work better in a system that allows you to roll up chumps ... uh, I mean honest and hard working civilians.

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