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    Default New Zombie System

    ok, so i've been working on my own custom zombie campaign for a while, and i think im finally ready to post the mechanics and get some feedback. A lot still needs to be done, tweaked, and adjusted. I have a full book worth of information planned, between the actual system it self, the types of zombies, and the story that ive written thus far. For right now im going to try to only put in the game system, and zombie types.

    Please feel free to test out what is here, and give feedback. the more feedback i get to fine tune this, the better. ive been putting this all together in OneNote.

    Custom Character Sheet:

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    Default Re: New Zombie System


    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Its finally happened, and no book, TV show, or movie could prepare you. The dead have risen. This is a new tabletop RPG based around, you guessed it, ZOMBIES. Combining familiar elements of previous RPGs, and the flare of a new, simplified combat system, "Z-20" allows players to create their own unique characters to survive the zombie apocalypse. Survivors and Zombie masters alike will be chomping at the brain to get into the action. From creating a deep and detailed backstory, trying to just live out the day, to rolling up meat for the slaughter house, and see how many hordes you can take out before you too are zombie food. Grab some dice, grab some friends, and see how long you last.

    The Basics
    Using the character sheet, roll up a survivor, fine tune it with your ZM to make it someone you
    Think could make a living at the end of the world. Remember, these are not heroes in some comic book or action movie, they are average, every day people put in a very extraordinary situation. They went to work (or didnít) just like everyone else, with families, friends, and goals.

    Start with Ö
    *picking your stats, you have 9 points to start with (no more than 3 in any one stat at lvl 1)
    *Figure out starting hit points (2d4 + your fitness score to start, 1D4 + fitness score every level up)
    *2 Ability points at first level for Active moves/passive abilities, and 1 more every level up
    *5 personal skills and 2 camp skills, multiple points can be put in the same skill to up its rank, but 1 is needed to become proficient.
    *1 melee and 1 ranged weapon proficiency, (or go straight to specialty with one of them)

    During combat each survivor, NPC, or zombie acts in order of their initiative. (d20+agility score)
    Once its your turn you have 1 action for every 10 movement speed (base is 30). Actions can be used to move 10 feet, fire a ranged weapon, swing a melee weapon, interact with your environment, or use most active moves (some take more actions than others). If you have an action left at the end of your turn you can use it for a Defensive action, like "Active Defense", where you counter roll against your attacker for a better chance of evading damage, or wait for an enemy to move before you line up your shot.

    Ability Points are gained every level and used to learn new passives or active moves. Passives are
    abilities that you get that just work. They give things like bonus movement speed, or bonuses on skill checks. Active moves are abilities that you use in combat with your Encounter Points, for special attacks like double tap or judo throw, or quick bursts of an effect, like dead aim or heroic surge. Donít worry about spending those Encounter Points too much, they come back after a good night sleep.

    Proficiencies are yet another way to make your survivor unique. Someone who was a doctor
    before Z-Day would have medical skills and knowledge at their disposal that maybe a construction worker may not. Or you may run into a survivor that used to be a pastor at a local church that has left his faith behind to be a mean, lean, zombie killing soldier. Who you were before Z-Day only dictates what skills and abilities you had before, not what you are able to learn in the future.

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    Default Re: New Zombie System

    Active Moves (AP is used to gain the abilities, EP or Encounter Points to use them)

    Active moves can be changed out every level up

    Melee Smash 1 AP (1 action, 1 EP) - Deal extra 1D8 dmg on hit

    Burst of speed 1 AP (bonus action, 1 EP) - double movement speed for 1 round

    Leg Sweep 1 AP (1 Action, 1 EP) - Sweep the legs of target and knock them prone

    Dodge 1 AP (Defensive action, 1 EP) - Avoid damage, Half on critical

    Focused 1 AP (Bonus action, 1 EP) - +5 to hit on next 2 attacks this turn

    Judo throw 1 AP (1 action, 1 EP) - on successful touch attack, throw target 15 feet desired direction

    Double tap 2 AP (1 action, 1 EP) - attack one target twice with -2 to both rolls

    Point Blank Shot 2 AP (1 action, 1 EP) - attack 1 target within 10 feet with firearm or bow, automatic critical

    Knockout Punch 2 AP (1 action, 1 EP) - on successful unarmed attack, roll 2D4 nonlethal damage

    Dead Aim 2 AP (1 action, 1 EP) - +10 to hit with ranged weapon and increased critical on next attack

    Cleave 2 AP (1 action, 2 EP) - Swing through multiple targets next to you, attack up to 3 targets within 5 feet of you

    Second wind 3 AP (Bonus action, 2 EP) - Recover 2D4 + Wellness bonus HP

    Elusive Target 3 AP (Defensive action, 1 EP) - until your next turn, +2 AC

    Whirlwind 3 AP (1 Action, 2 EP) - attack each target within 5 feet of you, -2 to hit, +4 damage to each target

    Heroic Surge 4 AP (Bonus Action, 4 EP) - +20 speed, +1 AC, +1 to hit for 2 turns, then must rest 1 full turn from exhaustion

    Burst Shot 2 AP (1 action, 2 EP) - fire 3 bullets at the target as long as you have enough ammo, -2 to hit, on a successful hit, roll the damage dice 3 times

    Spray and pray 6 AP (2 actions, 3 EP) - Fire 10 shots from your automatic rifle in a cone, 75% chance bullets hit random targets in cone

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    Default Re: New Zombie System

    Passive Abilities

    Passive abilities are permanent. Once you learn them you can not trade them out

    Two Weapon Fighting 2 AP - ability to fight with 2 one handed weapons, -1 to hit/main, -2 to hit/offhand
    Ambidextrous 4 AP - no penalty to hit when fighting with 2 one handed weapons

    Silver tongue 2 AP - +5 to any Speech checks

    Practiced Fighter 1 AP - +2 to hit with any Melee weapon
    Experienced fighter 2 AP - +2 to hit with any melee weapon
    Expert Fighter 3 AP - +4 to hit with any melee weapon

    Distance Runner 3 AP - +20 to speed

    Crack Shot 2 AP - +5 to hit with Firearms

    Cardio 1 AP - +1 Wellness, +10 speed

    Limber up 5 AP - +1 Fitness, Agility, and Wellness

    Half Rations 4 AP - able to use 1/2 food and water rations each day

    The Librarian 3 AP - Choose 1 new Proficiency or language

    Eagle scout 2 AP - +2 First aid, +4 tracking/hunting

    Programmer 2 AP - +5 Hacking/Programing

    *Skilled 1 AP - Gain 2 skill points.

    *Team Player 3 AP - +1 to any camp skill

    *Bob and weave 2 AP - +1 AC

    * can be taken multiple times

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    Default Re: New Zombie System


    Melee - All melee weapons normally take 2 actions to attack if not proficient, Add Fitness mod to damage
    Slashing Weapon
    Proficiency - Attack with Slashing weapons only takes one action, instead of two
    Specialty - +2 damage, 10% chance to remove limb
    Mastery - + 3 damage, 25% chance to remove limb, Increased Critical
    Bludgeoning weapon
    Proficiency - Attack with Bludgeoning weapons only takes one action instead of two
    Specialty - +2 damage, 10% chance to knock down target.
    Mastery - +3 damage, 25% chance to knock down target, Increased Critical
    Proficiency - punch twice instead of once per action
    Specialty - +1 damage per punch, if both punches hit the same target push them 5 feet any direction
    Mastery - +2 damage per punch, gain active move "Leg Sweep", Increased Critical

    Ranged- Add Agility mod to aim, shooting into full cover or through obstacles = Disadvantage (roll 2 D20, take lower)
    Firearm - All firearms take 1 action to fire, but if not proficient -2 to aim and will have a 25% chance to misfire, or jam, if firearms are not cleaned daily, add 5% chance for weapon to misfire every day it goes without cleaning.
    Silent - Bow/crossbow weapons take 2 actions to draw and fire if not proficient, thrown weapons have -5 to aim unless proficient
    Pistol Weapons
    Proficiency - Lowers Misfire chance to 5%, able to use Pistol Mods
    Specialty - Remove Misfire chance (except on crit fail), Gain active move "Dead Aim", Clear misfire in 1 action instead of 2
    Mastery - Fire 2 shots per action instead of 1, increased critical,
    Shotgun Weapons
    Proficiency - Lower Misfire chance to 5%, Able to use Shotgun Mods
    Specialty - Remove Misfire chance (except on crit fail), increased Critical, +10 range with shotgun weapons, Clear misfire in 1 action instead of 2
    Mastery - Increased Critical, +10 range with Shotgun Weapons
    Rifle Weapons
    Proficiency - Lower Misfire chance to 5%, able to use Rifle Mods
    Specialty - Remove Misfire chance (except on crit fail), +2 to aim with Rifle weapons, Clear misfire in 1 action instead of 2
    Mastery - +5 to aim with rifle weapons, Increased Critical, Gain active move "Burst Shot"
    Thrown Weapon
    Proficiency - +1 damage, thrown weapons can also be used in melee
    Specialty - +2 damage, Throw up to 2 weapons per action
    Mastery - +3 damage, Throw up to 3 weapons per action, Increased Critical
    Bow/Crossbow Weapon
    Proficiency - Bow and Crossbow weapons take 1 action to reload and fire
    Specialty - +1 damage, 50% chance arrows/bolts donít break and are recoverable at the end of combat
    Mastery - +2 damage, recover all arrows/bolts at the end of combat, Increased Critical

    **Thrown weapons, and Arrows/Bolts can only be recovered if combat ends without the players running from the fight**

    **Firearms always misfire on a Critical Fail, or if you roll under the misfire chance on percentage dice. Misfires always consume the Bullet, and take 2 actions to clear, unless you have specialty with that weapon type**
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    Default Re: New Zombie System

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