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    Default pathfinder: what is an oracle.

    In recent playtest material for the upcoming advanced player's guide, paizo released four classes. These were, for those who are not aware, the investigator, oracle, swashbuckler and witch. Unfortunately the flavour text for the oracle was entirely unclear, and it seems like it wasn't just me who didn't understand it. The thread that I started on the question has gone on for more than a week, and had excessive replies, given that it was the flavour for an entire class. I don't suppose that anyone could clarify what the oracle actually is.
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    Default Re: pathfinder: what is an oracle.

    Not sure exactly what answer you're looking for, but here are some descriptions:

    • Oracle is their spontaneous divine-themed caster class.
    • Oracle is to Sorcerer as Cleric is to Wizard.
    • Clerics ask their deity for magic powers. Oracles are given them without asking.

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    Default Re: pathfinder: what is an oracle.

    To follow up on the previous reply, an oracle is chosen to receive power by divine forces, without necessarily venerating or serving any specific deity or principle. Clerics usually take years to learn to serve one specific deity, to whom they pray once per day to receive a rotating assortment of spells. Oracles just discover the power flowing through with them, and roll with it as best as they can.

    Oracles don't need to pray to receive their spells; they know them automatically and can use them exactly the way a sorcerer casts spells. In addition, oracles specialize in a specific mystery, like Bones or Fire, which allows access to thematic abilities and bonus spells.

    If you don't have access to the APG, here's the oracle class description from the Archives of Nethys.

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    Default Re: pathfinder: what is an oracle.

    It should be more or less the same fluff they had in 1e, and it isnt that different than a Favored Soul for that matter

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