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    Default Convert 4e monsters/encounters to 5e

    Convert 4e monsters/encounters to 5e monsters/encounters

    1. I'm assuming a level 3 5e PC is about the same as a Level 1 4e PC.

    2. After that, it assumes 1 5e level and 1 4e level are about the same.

    So an adventure for level 15 characters in 4e would be roughly a level 17 adventure in 5e.

    A "hard" encounter (L+4) in 4e roughly maps to a "deadly" 5e encounter of "corresponding" (ie, 2 levels higher, 4 instead of 5) characters.

    Epic balancing (Level 21+ and CR 21+) is loosy-goosey however.

    L1-19: CR = Level+2
    L20+: CR = Level/2 + 12

    L1-3: CR = Level
    L4-19: CR = Level/2+1.5
    L20-30: CR = Level-8
    L31+: CR = Level/2+7

    L1: CR = 1/4
    L2: CR = 1/2
    L3-15: CR = Level/3, round down
    L16-25: CR = (Level-15)/2 + 5
    L25-30: CR = Level-15

    L 1: CR 0
    L 2-3: CR 1/8
    L 3-9: CR 1/4
    L 10-14: CR 1/2
    L 15-19: CR 1
    L 20-24: CR 2
    L 25-30: CR 3

    This assumes you rebuild the monsters using 5e math. It attempts to make a hard 4e L X encounter for 5 characters be a "deadly" encounter for a party of 4 L X+2 5e characters.

    An attack round should deal (CR+1)*6 damage if >= 1. Work out a 3 round attack combo, that should be average damage per round. Consider AOEs to hit 2 targets.

    Stats should work unchanged. For each attack, pick an appropriate stat. Add proficiency for ATK vs AC, and add 8 for DC.

    For AC, subtract the 4e level, then add 1/3 of the 5e CR.

    For HP, use (2+CR)*15 as a baseline if CR >=1.

    For monsters with CR <=1, use CR*12 damage and CR*45 HP roughly.

    Give Elites and Solos proficiency in saves. Solos, add on legendary actions.

    (Monster "rebuild" bumbers based on, the DMG, and -- as yet untested.)
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