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    Question Dreamscarred Press Superior Psicrystal: Crystallized Creature, do they scale?


    Do the base forms gain animal companion advancement?
    Many people seem to assume they do. I'm sitting on the fence as to whether it is RAI.

    At first I thought, hmm... probably not...

    If someone else has an animal companion, you could bond to it, (say after defeating a corrupted druid)
    This would be in the base form requirements. And I can't see why the bounded animal companion would lose abilities.

    Additionally, there are no large animal companions, apart from horses, and camels...
    until the size increase, which also happens at level 7.

    It seems the Crystallized Creature would otherwise be completely useless at high level, with no feats, low AC, low BAB, low Damage, etc...
    if it gets no scalling, and in terms of providing the utility of a body, metamorphosis shared could easily suffice,
    with no feat investment.

    As to the text, the flavor text says, it is similar to an animal companion... but then later stresses that they are not animal companions,
    (but then it is unclear if it is just enforcing that no handle animal checks are needed)

    For reference, in Paizo,
    one can get a familiar for one feat
    and an - under leveled - and restricted animal companion for 2 feats, 3 to make it fully leveled.

    What are peoples opinions? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Dreamscarred Press Superior Psicrystal: Crystallized Creature, do they scale?

    I believe you're just supposed to apply the psicrystal advancement table to the animal (or whatever you choose), but I personally don't see too much of a problem with getting an animal companion, if your DM is cool with it.
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    Default Re: Dreamscarred Press Superior Psicrystal: Crystallized Creature, do they scale?

    I love Dreamscarred but this and other parts from its two psicrystal books seem incomplete.
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