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    Default He who can not be remembered

    You know the type: the Silents, SCP-055, the... er... What were we talking about?

    Anyhow, our party just got thrown into a post-apocalyptic future. It happened when a recurring NPC did yet another experiment in wild magic completely out of the blue. Later on, we inquired on what happened to the NPC, found nothing, and the genre-savvy bard made a note of his name the bard found a note in his belongings, which he could not make sense of.

    I am looking for advice on how to roleplay this. Do I just forget about it, pun intended, until such time as the DM gives us a mean to go around it? Do I insist that my character, being an elf, might eventually bypass the effect through trance?

    I feel this situation makes it especially difficult not to metagame.

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    Default Re: He who can not be remembered

    Try to metagame within acceptable perimeters. It would be no fun if during your next meeting with this person you would figure out that you were going to forget everything and just wrote the whole story down, but you definitely need a way to pass yourself plothooks and such. Even after your characters figure out what's happening, try to conveniently forget to write down certain details that "didn't seem important" every now and then. Anti-metagaming, so to speak. Your GM will help by having a horde of orcs attack halfway into the writing process every now and then.
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    Default Re: He who can not be remembered

    Did you mean The Silence?

    Asking you to roleplay as though you don't remember something you clearly remember is indeed tough. What I would do as your GM is have you remember it as it happened (though vaguely and through dreams or fragments) but then change some of the specific details retroactively so that you can't fully trust what you remembered. That way, even metagaming based on the events you were there for wouldn't help much.

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