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    Default Magic weapon pricing

    I'm creating a lv 7 Human Paladin for a game here in the forums. I want to get an Undead Bane Longsword. What is the mininum stats, including price, for the sword?

    I think I got everything else for him, but here's a link if anyone wants to suggest something. It'll be a 95% hack'n'slash campaign.

    Oh, the leadership feat needs changing too.
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    Default Re: Magic weapon pricing

    Bane's a +1 ability, so a +1 Bane weapon costs as much as a +2 weapon, or 8000 gp. Plus 300 gp for the masterwork and 15 gp for the weapon, if you really want to be precise.

    So 8315 gold in total.

    - Saph
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