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    Thumbs up 2019 OOTS Holiday Ornament and T-Shirts Now On Sale

    I know I usually do a fancy post where I post pictures of the new holiday ornament and the new t-shirts, but I want to make sure I get this in place before anyone does any shopping today and I am running very far behind. So here's the bare-bones version: OK, actual images now added for anyone who didn't feel like clicking:

    The new OOTS holiday ornament is now available here. It has O-Chul and Redcloak on it.

    We also have some new t-shirts:

    Elan says Adequacy Acheived!

    Minrah carries her Fists in Her Heart.

    Belkar is engaging in some Hardcore Introspection.

    Maybe you took in a Gelatinous Cube race recently and would like a souvenir t-shirt?

    And here are 9 new shirts with monsters from A Monster from Every Season.

    I will circle back around and add the nice pictures later. Thanks! Pictures added!
    Rich Burlew

    Now Available: 2023 OOTS Holiday Ornament plus a big pile of new t-shirt designs (that you can also get on mugs and stuff)!

    ~~You can also support The Order of the Stick and the GITP forum at Patreon.~~

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    Default Re: 2019 OOTS Holiday Ornament and T-Shirts Now On Sale

    I'm not sure if this is on my end or just due to a high volume of traffic, but none of the links are working for me (they all say "Service Unavailable").

    EDIT: Opening a new window and going directly to the OOTS Section of the Cafepress store worked, but the links in the OP are still experiencing the same issue.

    EDIT 2: Everything appears to be working as intended now, so my guess is the problem was on my end. Apologies for cluttering up your post, Giant, just wanted to inform you and everyone else of a potential issue ASAP. I'll leave this up in case the problem occurs for others, but feel free to delete if necessary!
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