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    Default Re: OOC Alhallor's mana secret

    Oh crap, I forgot about the system where we get benefits the more we sell (and buy?) in a town. Wendel only goes up to 10k in item value! xD

    Stat items are currently the main priority for Thaum, so there is nothing to buy in Wendel. Unless someone wants something, I'll just add those 3130 to Thaum's sheet.

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    Default Re: OOC Alhallor's mana secret

    Oh, right. Larimar's weapon is effectively at +3 right now... so the difference between +3 and +4 is... 14,000 gp.

    I definitely couldn't afford that, although I swear Larimar made a donation to a Luna temple at some point. I just thought this was on my sheet somewhere, but I can't find it.

    At the very least, I'd like to get that thing we were talking about, where we can change the activation/deactivation of the merciful effect as a swift action. That's probably like two upgrades though. Cause we'd go from standard > move > swift.
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    Default Re: OOC Alhallor's mana secret

    I'm very much in favor of Coney wearing a Burning Veil. For some reason I really like that item.


    I'm gonna continue the IC post sometime today, should I not give you enough time, please throw me a message.
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    No no no, not speaking while fighting. Speaking with the fighting!

    That rabite monk dive-blobbing you in the face, followed by hooking teeth into your belt and suplexing you is a woefully poorly understood way of remarking on how nice the weather is.

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    Default Re: OOC Alhallor's mana secret

    Body slots for rabites:

    Head: Anything tied over the topside
    Face: Anything tied over the nose
    Throat: Anything tied more leaning to the front of the rabite
    Body: Onesie
    Torso: Body sock
    Shoulders: capes tied to base of ears
    Arms: anything wrapped around the lower part of the ears
    Hands: mittens for the ear tips
    Waist: anything tied from top to bottom of the rabite
    Feet: Tail ornaments

    Also here is your mental image of a masked rabite bandit swinging onto the road with the rope in their mouth, landing with a rolling flop, and sticking a flintlock pistol towards their would-be victim. "A'right, stick 'em up! All your candy or your life!"

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