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    Default Collection of my Write-Ups

    Hixord is a world-renowned warrior, known for his quests in the Jungle of Frost.

    Some say he is the child of the Bear, patron of explorers and god of the northern barbarians.
    Others say he is descended from the first man to reach the mountain in the center of the Icy Forest.
    Regardless of the truth, Hixord is one of the greatest defenders of civilization, despite never having left the Jungle of Frost.

    Those that have met Hixord describe him as a mountain of a man covered in snow-white fur. Beautifully savage, he travels alone, even though a tribe of nomadic warriors follow him religiously.

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    Default Re: Collection of my Write-Ups

    In many cities, there are none who know more than the Paper Boys. While technically a gang, their influence stretches farther than any mere street gang. Archmages, Bishops, Generals, and even Kings might have a Paper Boy in their inner circle of advisors, all to keep up on the gossip.

    They all wear the same outfit: A vaguely militaristic uniform, a cap, and a blue armband. Each of their armbands has a unique symbol.

    There are no old Paper Boys. They don't seem to age, even though they are only ever Human. A noble family might go through multiple generations, and keep the same Paper Boy the entire time.

    The Paper Boys that operate on the streets are never seen without the local newspaper, and are often selling them on behalf of the publisher. Each city block has a Paper Boy that has been camping on that area as long as anyone can remember. Street Paper Boys are hired as messengers, spies, and thugs.
    They never seem to do anything with their payment.

    Paper Boys that work directly under important people act as spymasters and organize assassinations and heists. They don’t take payment other than food and housing, but only accept food and lodgings befitting a servant.

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    Default Re: Collection of my Write-Ups

    Throughout history, several Dwarven Pharaohs have been named Riverhammer.

    The first Pharaoh was Riverhammer. Called the Treasure King, legends say he lead an army of animated weapons into battle.

    The eighth Pharaoh was Riverhammer. Remembered as the Golem Friend, tales abound of him consorting with water elementals and clay golems.

    The twentieth Pharaoh was Riverhammer. Now known as the Faceless Pharaoh, the Dwarves don’t seem to remember much about his reign. Non-Dwarven records indicate that every time the Pharaoh met with diplomats, he looked different.

    Each of those Pharaohs wielded a powerful warhammer that they seemed to regard as an extension of themselves.
    They never seen without that warhammer, which they wouldn’t let anyone else touch.
    It was rumored they slept with it in their hands.
    Those rumors were true.
    Those Pharaohs were the same person.

    The Riverhammer’s head is crafted from baked clay, covered in arcane hieroglyphs. The handle is crafted from fossilized river reeds woven around a steel core.

    Forged by its own will to exist, the Riverhammer dominates any Dwarf that grasps its handle.
    Dwarves within a close proximity to the Riverhammer find it difficult to disregard its orders.
    While without a wielder, the Riverhammer’s presence drives Dwarves mad with greed.
    Other mortals are immune to the Riverhammer’s influence, but the Riverhammer is merely a hammer in their hands.

    The Riverhammer holds sovereign authority over the elements of water and earth, as well as items crafted by the Dwarves.
    Weapons dance in the Riverhammer’s presence, fighting on the Treasure King’s behalf.
    With a single strike and a small amount of focus, the Riverhammer can summon clay golems and water elementals.
    As a last resort, the Riverhammer can imprint its will onto Dwarves that aren’t wielding it. While the afflicted Dwarf doesn’t lose its personality, its desires are replaced with those of the Riverhammer.

    The Riverhammer portrays itself as a wise king. It often uses mining and forging metaphors.
    It respects Dwarves as loyal subjects, calling them “lovely children” and refusing to acknowledge any negative they say about it. On the other hand, it treats Non-Dwarves coldly, occasionally referring to them as “Sky-Minds”, a derogatory term used by Dwarves to describe fools.

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