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    Default Looking for DMs for a collaborative DND server

    Hey, so I am in a discord server which runs a Westmarches style DnD campaign and as of late we are in a dm famine. We are in desperate need of experienced (or inexperienced) dungeon masters if we are to stay afloat.

    The setting is that of the Ashland’s, once the seat of the continent spanning empire of Vrathiir, the once prosperous land was struck with a cataclysm of biblical proportions caused by the mysterious activation of technology created by the enigmatic Ancients. The skies were choked and the seas were boiled but now as the ash clears and verdancy rears its head many explorers, companies and more sinister foes seek to carve out their own piece of the Umbar pie.

    DMs will hold one shot sessions which serve as self contained stories in the ever changing world of the Ashland’s. Some stories might be small such as escorting a caravan of rare spices along the Medalese Coast or large such as raiding the fabled facility at the very heart of the belching giant of Os Infernos. During downtime between sessions players and DMs can partake in the thriving and friendly community of world builders, Rpers and kind people who help build the server.

    If you are interested please reply here or just join the discord here where I am sure there are people willing to answer your questions
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    Default Re: Looking for DMs for a collaborative DND server

    Sounds interesting, I like discord, would love to see the site. But don't know where to go, can you put up links.

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