Hey everybody. I've homebrew my own deity. Here's Hexa, Demigoddess of Magic:

Alignment: True Neutral
Home Plane: The Outlands
Domain: Magic, Mind, Knowledge
Portfolio: Hex, Curses, Magic, Learning, Predictions
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
History: Hexa was a longtime follower of Boccob. Hexa was known to put a powerful curse on those who wrong her. She put a curse by a whole army of Yuguloths and as well as Guardians. Boccob was very impressed by Hexa magic. So he gave hex a divine rank which she ascended to go shoot. Even though Hexa isn't evil. She remains Neutral and stays out of conflict with other deities. Although she's made a few allies such as Correllon Latherian, Wee Jas. She has a few enemies such as Vecna, Nerull. She has a crush and a romantic relationship with Olidammara. She has a few hundred worshippers as well.

So what do you think of Hexa? I love to hear your thoughts on her?