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Thread: Kobold Variety

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    Default Kobold Variety

    In another thread I speculated on the origins of kobolds based on the OPs statement that many kobolds hatch from an unfertilized kobold egg. But it caught my imagination, so here goes:

    Any unfertilized true dragon egg can produce from 2-20 kobolds if the proper rituals are observed. By alignment and skin tone they will resemble their draconic mother, but in most other ways they will be kobolds.
    They are infertile with others hatched from the same egg, but will breed true with kobolds hatched from other dragon eggs or hatched from kobold eggs. Over the generations, hybridizing results in the offspring becoming average kobolds as listed in the MM, except that groups isolated from kobold culture may retain alignments other than LE.
    Kobold clerics which are hatched from a true dragon's egg tends to follow the deity the draconic mother venerates.

    Electrum Kobolds:
    LG kobolds who tend to be more inclined to clerical magic with 1 in 10 being clerics. They can also be paladins.

    Verdigris Kobolds:
    NG kobolds who tend to have an aquatic affinity, with 1 in 10 being water breathers. They can be druids and many warriors have at least one level of ranger.

    Cadmium Kobolds:
    CG kobolds who tend to be far more gregarious than even typical kobolds, with 1 in 10 being bards.

    Turquoise Kobolds:
    LN kobolds which tend to be more militant than the average kobold. 1 in 10 take levels in fighter.

    Charolite Kobolds:
    TN kobolds which tend to be more charismatic than other kobolds. They tend to desire leadership positions and in many cases will be Machivellian in their approach to gaining power. 1 in 10 of these kobolds have wings and can fly.

    Nephrite Kobolds:
    CN kobolds which tend to be small and quick compared to the average kobold. 1 in 10 are rogues.

    Teal Kobolds:
    LE kobolds which tend to be more intelligent than the other kobold types. 1 in 10 will be wizards.

    Ash Kobolds:
    CE kobolds which tend to be more territorial and aggressive than most kobolds. 1 in 10 are sorcerors.

    Among the main dragon types there are no NE true dragons, so I didn't do a writeup for them.

    In virtually every way not listed here these kobolds conform to the MM description for the species, even to the frequency of wings and sorcerers in the population in addition to what is listed here.
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