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    Default [PEACH] The Forge System (d&d/PF Crafting Alternative)

    One of my players loves the idea of crafting his own tools that are just right for the job. However, no one else is willing to sit around twiddling their thumbs during that time or the campaign requires the heroes to constantly be on the move with limited access to the tools and facilities required to craft anything more complex than a potion or two.
    I have looked at a few ideas to fix this injustice towards those more inclined to making the right tool on the fly and the two most promising (downtime required by the game system & modified crafting times) still leave something to be desired as both he and I wish for some semblance of plausibility. Thus, I decided to just use magic/technology to fix the issue while incorporating most of the existing crafting rules.
    This was designed to be used for d&d 3.5 and PF 1e, but it should still be generic enough to incorporate into other d20 systems.

    The Forge System requires a High Fantasy/Technology Setting and can be flavored as either one.
    Alternatively, it could be a special ability available only to the PC's. The choice is up to the GM.
    I would definitely appreciate any feedback you could all give on how I can improve/clarify this crafting system!

    Spoiler: Forge Backstory
    The Forge is a pocket of space capable of almost instantaneously creating any item one could imagine and is accessible by any being, magical or mundane. It does not, or cannot, discriminate against who does or does not have access to its power.
    However, much of the Forge's abilities are reliant on the crafter's ability, skill, and knowledge. As such, skilled crafters are still relevant and are not uncommon adventurers as an unskilled user of the Forge would end up with nothing more than a lump of useless material. Thus, while the Forge can be used to create anything anywhere, proper facilities and tools are still a great boon for those seeking to craft items of high quality.
    Unfortunately, the Forge cannot be used indefinitely in this fashion as it quickly develops instabilities due to a natural destructive 'resonance' with its plane of existence and that of every other plane of existence. This resonance can potentially ruin whatever project the crafter has in mind even if an infinite source of funds/materials are available. Only those with extreme skill in working the Forge can utilize it to its full extent.
    Alternatively, one can simply 'buy' the item one wishes to procure from the Forge. This is provided one can supply an amount of raw materials or precious metals for the Forge to work with.
    The aforementioned method is cost-prohibitive as the Forge is somewhat inaccurate and the market price of the item is usually the cost required for a functionable item, otherwise the item will be half-complete, overly fragile, or otherwise useless. However, it involves minimal 'resonance' and so can theoretically be utilized endlessly.
    However, the Forge requires a clear idea of the item to be in the user's mind and as such is unusable in most combat situations. Those skilled in crafting can force the Forge to operate under stressful situations but its effectiveness is decreased as the user is not in an optimal environment for crafting.
    Whatever method one uses to procure items from the Forge, the items true nature is always noticeable as the Forge leaves an unmistakable mark or style unique to the Forge on the items and is extremely difficult to conceal. However, with the Forge being open to all beings, Forge-marked items are not an odd sight unless one goes to great lengths to avoid using the Forge.

    Spoiler: Mechanics (tl:dr, give me the system)

    • Craft checks to craft items can be done anywhere and you are always treated as having the basic facilities to craft items.
    • Using the appropriate (or inappropriate) tools and facilities still give you the appropriate bonuses/penalties.
    • Each crafting check takes only 1 full-round which provokes an attack of opportunity and causes you to be flat-footed. Treat each check made this way as if the character took the standard amount of time crafting the item.
    • Time required to craft is treated as a currency. You have a number of 'days of work' to spend equal to number of ranks in your highest craft skill squared. These 'days of work' refresh at the beginning of each week.
    • Normal rules for crafting in dangerous places, missing prerequisites, and increasing dc to lower 'days of work' still work normally.
    • Spend gold as normal for crafting rules.
    • Each use of the Forge must be consecutive for each item and becoming distracted or damaged during the crafting process causes any 'days' and materials to be lost. Additionally, if you fail to have enough 'days of work' or gold before the attempt finishes, the attempt also results in failure and loss of resources.
    • You may spend gold to 'buy' an item at market value instead of crafting the item. This takes 1 full-round which provokes an attack of opportunity and causes you to be flat-footed.
    • In order to 'buy' from the Forge, you need to have at least 10 minutes of rest (much like a prepared spellcaster).
    • It is always obvious the Forge was involved in the creation of an item (whether crafted or bought).
    • Items created with the Forge appear in the crafter's hands if they have a free hand(s) available or at their feet if no free hands are available.

    Pathfinder Suggested Feats:
    Master Craftsman (Cut out the middleman, just boost the dc instead)
    Cooperative Crafting (For when you just need some help)
    Any Item Creation Feat (obviously)
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