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    Default Re: Hearthstone 24: Don't tell the others, but I'm rooting for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Glyphstone View Post
    It wasn't even Boomsday cards that got changed though. It was stuff like Power Word Shield no longer drawing a card, or Holy Smith dealing 3 damage instead of 2. The puzzles were so specific that these micro changes invalidated the solution.
    Well, yeah, they almost always did more nerfing to Classic cards than to expansion ones. That wasn't new either .

    Edit: Okay, so it does look like at least some of the Boomsday puzzles are still broken (final puzzle of the first boss on the second row). Just came across one where Holy Smite doing 3 damage instead of 2 seems to be preventing me from getting the solution, because it's clear what the solution would be if it dealt 2, but I can't seem to fine one with it doing 3.

    Also, I had one just kind of refuse to load on me - the third boss of the first row just doesn't spawn the cards or minions for its fourth puzzle. I have to close the game entirely to even leave the screen, it gets completely stuck. Damn it, Blizzard...
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