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    biggrin How Broken is this?

    Dragon Bond

    There are two ways to gain a Dragon Bond. You can form a connection to a hatching Dragon Herald, or you can sacrifice a Dragon Herald and consume its essence.

    * Your HP per HD are maximized
    * When you deal damage with a weapon, you deal an extra weapon damage die.
    * When you cast a spell whose effect varies by slot level, you are considered to have used a slot 1 level higher for the purpose of the increased effect.
    * You can cast spells of level up to 1/3 of your highest level spell slot (including warlock arcana "slots") without expneding a spell slot.
    * All of your attributes are increased by 2, and your max in each attributes is also increased by 2.
    * You are immune to Dragonfear, and have advantage on saves against fear


    What are the most broken things you could do with this? I'm mainly worried about the "unlimited casting".

    Full casters/Warlocks: Level 5 gets L 1 spells at-will, L 11 L 2 spells at-will, L 17 L 3 spells at-will.
    1/2 casters: L 9 gets L 1 spells at-will (with a splash into full caster, can get L 2 spells as well)
    1/3 casters: L 13 gets L 1 spells at-will

    At-will fireball at L 17.
    At-will smite spells (not smites) at L 9, or L 7 with multiclass.

    Wizards already get to pick unlimited L 1/2 spells at high levels. The discussion of it doesn't lead to much worry by me, even if you are getting it at level 5.

    I think unlimited 3rd level spells won't cause any huge issues at level 17. Are there world-building issues with spamming any 3rd level spells?


    The design goal is to approximately +50% character power without similar swing in character level; more specifically, the campaign is aiming for the PCs to be riding dragons and not be completely overshadowed by their mounts.

    (First arc results in the PCs being aware of what a Dragon Bond does, either by 1 PC experiencing it ("success result") or an NPC/rival doing it ("fail result"). Second arc consists of a scramble for Dragon Bonds (as both PCs and rivals are aware of them). Then third arc is payoff.)

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    Default Re: How Broken is this?

    Ok, I'm an idiot.

    At-will 1st and 2nd level wizard spells aren't broken, but there are a pile of obvious bard/cleric ones that are.

    Namely every healing spell, which if cast at-will completely obsolete the HD mechanic from the game.

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    Default Re: How Broken is this?

    Consider scaling the dragonís math back to match and support the PCs ala the artificerís iron defender.

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    Default Re: How Broken is this?

    That is part of the plan.

    The Dragon's abilities will be capped by a value that will scale with various in-game plot points and the bonded character's level. It will grow over in-game time to reach that cap. (This means if you are a level 10 PC who bonds with a new hatchling, it will grow relatively rapidly, but not instantly).

    But I still want it to feel like a D&D dragon, and not a Wyvern or something else "small", nor do I want the PC to be overshadowed.

    The other option -- to make the Dragon weaker so the bonded PC isn't overshadowed -- I think bounds a Dragon ally of a L 3-5 PC as being little more than a bear in scale.


    As an aside, I have patched the infinite healing problem: a general houserule that all magical healing (except regeneration effects) both permit and require expending a HD as well.

    That makes infinite spamming L 1 cure wounds very strong, but doesn't make HD obsolete, nor does it generate infinite HP.

    It also makes much healing magic in combat stronger, as a L 1 healing word can heal 1d4+X+1d12 on a Barbarian, and a simple potion of healing does 2d4+2+1d12.
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