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    Default (Starfinder) Starship System: Advanced Tactical Interface

    I'm currently running a game of Starfinder where the players are going with a squadron of smaller ships and the issue of giving bonuses to squadrons came up.
    The data net system was good, but only applied to the Chief Science Officer.
    As I wanted this to apply to the Captain's actions, I decided to homebrew a ship system with the goal of giving a carrier ship more options.

    This will be a work in progress so I am welcoming any ideas or criticisms.

    Other System PCU BP
    Advanced Tactical Interface 5 * ship size 3 * ship size
    *ship size: tiny = 1, small = 2, medium = 3, etc.

    A ship with the Advanced Tactical Interface uses collective information garnered from a data net or telepathy to coordinate allied starships to devastating effect. A ship with the data net and Advanced Tactical Interface systems allow the Captain to perform new actions (detailed below) which benefit allied starships that also have these two systems. Alternatively, telepathy can be used instead of a data net. The ATI can enhance the range of any telepathic communication and can function effectively as a data net.
    These captain actions can only benefit a ship at least 3 sizes smaller than the ship giving the 'orders'.
    The ATI system allows for the captain to inspire not only those aboard his or her craft, but also those within the data net's range. If any vessel in the data net successfully performs an encourage or demand action, all vessels at least 3 sizes smaller than that in the net share that bonus. Multiple encourage or demand bonuses do not stack. These shared bonuses are lost if the ship that performed the initial action is destroyed or disabled.
    The ATI uses the Drift beacon transponder found in every starship to boost the signal of enormous amounts of tactical information being relayed on encrypted channels and the ATI system uses the transponders found in larger ships as a central hub and the system becomes overloaded if it tries to account for another central hub and its own slew of tactical data.
    Ex.: A Large starship could only give a benefit to Tiny starships while a Gargantuan starship could give benefits to Medium or smaller starships.

    Spoiler: New ATI Captain Actions

    Spoiler: Focus Fire! (Any Phase, Push)
    The captain orders all ships to focus fire on a single ship in an attempt to overwhelm its defenses. At 6th level, the captain can spend 1 resolve point and designates a single ship's arc. All damage against the target ship's arc are added up before calculating damage threshold and critical threshold. An enemy ship cannot be targeted more than once per round with this action.

    Spoiler: Raise Shields (Any Phase, Push)
    The captain immediately calls for all starships to raise shields, possibly averting a fatal blow. At 6th level, the captain can spend 1 resolve point and makes an Intimidate or Diplomacy check at DC 10 + 2 * the ship's tier. Success allows the captain to target an enemy ship. Any damage that ship deals to allies benefiting from this action deals damage to the arc with the highest shield points, regardless of the allied ship's facing.

    Spoiler: Rally (Any Phase, Push)
    The captain calls allied starships to rally to his or her starship in preparation for a renewed offensive or tactical retreat. At 6th level, the captain can spend 1 resolve point and makes a Diplomacy check at DC 10 + 2 * the ship's tier. Success allows all allied ships to take the Glide minor crew action or Turn in Place stunt towards the captain's ship during the helm phase (this does not count as a pilot action and does not require a skill check). Additionally, any ship that docks with the captain's ship gains a +5 bonus to Piloting checks made to dock with the ship.
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