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    Default What to name my amphibious reptilian

    So, I'm building this world where most of the lifeforms, for one reason or another, are reptiles, or at least reptilian. Now, I know there have been reptile dominant periods in Earth's history, so it isn't impossible for the modern ecosystem of another planet to be predominantly reptiles as well. I am working on the aquatic niches right now and I have come up with the idea of having one or more species of amphibious reptile. To make things clear, here is what I am proposing for the life cycle of an amphibious reptile:

    So, their larvae look kind of like salamander larvae except for one thing, scales growing from the smooth skin(which is partly why I made them have external gills instead of the internal gills that fish have). As they grow, they look more and more like an aquatic lizard than a salamander because of the scale growth. As for their habitat, they live in ponds and lakes. They start off eating algae and other forms of plankton. As they grow, they eat bigger animals including fish, small aquatic reptiles, and arthropods.

    Once they get to stage 3 of the larval form, the lungs have matured enough for them to start breathing through their lungs. As such, they reabsorb their external gills. And as the tail gets longer and more muscular, the tail fan gets reabsorbed. Once both the external gills and the tail fan have been reabsorbed, they are adults and they move from the water onto the land and live their adult lives a lot like that of a lizard.

    The adults keep growing for a while. They also eat smaller reptiles and arthropods, so their diet is very similar to the larval diet. Occasionally, an adult will eat fish, but this normally occurs only when they are swimming from one place to another. When they are ready to lay their eggs, they go to a nearby pond, swim to a good location, and then lay their eggs.

    Now, what to name them(they will be involved in a story after all)? Amphilizards? No, that gives away the design way too easily. Amphiliards? Nah. Ugh, I can't come up with a good nickname for them. The more complex species name(not the scientific name), I can come up with, but the nickname, I need help with.

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    Default Re: What to name my amphibious reptilian

    Pond lizard(s)
    Reed lizard(s)
    Mugger(s) from their hunting style of attacking from surprise

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    Default Re: What to name my amphibious reptilian

    Herpaton - "Creeping Animal"/"Reptile" in Greek. But often slammed in with amphibians in the form of such things like "Herpetology"

    Now unless your players speak Greek they will find slightly alien but also kinda familiar.

    Also depending on how educated your players are "Mugger" and reptile will just get confused with Mugger Crocodile.

    Similarly just use Herpet- or -Saurian as a word part and mix with Aqua/Nero, limnoula/stagnum/palus/telma (pond or swamp), etc

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