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    Default Re: Reinholdt's Repository

    [Caedem Temple]

    Reinholdt tries to frown. "Excuse me, my body may have two few legs, but it's still just fine thank you very much." He went through dark dealings with a witch to get this body! And he kind of gets why a disembodied mind in a mask has issue with it, but what's Obriane's deal all of a sudden? Is she... playing along until an opportunity comes? That's something he would do, but this just feels... off.
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    Gods, Reinholdt was right, a hundred percent right.
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    Tale as old as thread
    And you find yourself dead
    Reinholdt was the Beast
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    Reinholdt had already told the truth once in that post, and therefore was over his annual quota.

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    Default Re: Reinholdt's Repository

    [Caedem Temple]

    "Obriane?" Kitsuki asks apprehensively. It's really starting to look like Obriane's been possessed too. This is where things get tough...

    "Would you control your pets?" Ọbasėn speaks through Rein's mouth again. "Let's not bicker. As much as I loath to admit it, I could use your assistance. Deliver me to a carrion bird and I'll owe you a boon. Fair, yes?"

    Okay, enough of this. Kitty extends her hands and musters one more stream of spirit fire and washes Obriane in it. It may look alarming, but it's harmless to Obriane. It doesn't always work, but it can startle a spirit out of her.

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