So, I'm working on creating some print-out Minis for a campaign I'm running in the style of the Order of the Stick, so I can use them alongside the ones from A Monster For Any Seasons. However, I'm running into a few problems, and was wondering if I might request the Playground's assistance with these issues

1) Hosting. While I'll be printing the minis out for use in actual games, it would make getting help a lot easier if I could post the minis to this forum. Is there anywhere that still works for free image hosting on these boards?

2) Hair Symmetry from the back. So, while I've worked with Order of the Stick style characters before, I've never actually drawn one from behind, and I'm not sure how to do hair from the back so it matches the view of the mini from the front, especially more complicated things like the long and messy hair of a Green Hag bursting from the water. Any advice?

3) Also regarding the aforementioned Green Hag- Does anyone have any suggestions for Creating the appearance of Claws on a Humanoid? At the moment, I made them much larger than normal OotS hands and changed the curve around a bit, but I'm not sure it works, especially since most of my players will likely be unfamiliar with the order of the stick.

Thanks for the help!