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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current projects:
    World Lore/Goddess Aliara
    base class/ Shield knight
    rework/Molten engineer

    Dungeons and dragons 3.5 classes
    Magic Predator Slime:Class based upon being a slime and learning from your enemies

    The Legendary Cook: class based upon ingredients and cooking with them.

    Monster Hunter: Class based upon the monster hunter games.

    Slipstream fighter: Class based upon Overwatch's Tracer

    Harmonic Wanderer: Class based upon Overwatch's Zenyatta

    Shadowed Veteran: Class based upon Overwatch's Reaper

    Angel of Hope: class based upon Overwatch's Mercy

    Vigilante: class based upon Overwatch's McCree

    Aerial Artillery: class based upon Overwatch's Pharah

    Mecha Pilot: class based upon Overwatch's Pharah

    Kyudo Master: class based upon Overwatch's Hanzo

    Cyborg ninja: Class based upon Overwatch's Genji.

    Molten engineer: Class based upon Overwatches Torbjorn

    Draconic Ascendant: Dragons, claws, and magic

    Blooded Warrior:Using the blood of themselves and others.

    Assault Mech: Class based upon Overwatch's Bastion

    Expanded crafting: A reworked crafting system that helps with nonmagical but powerful weapons, as well as customization.
    Viral Infested: Archetype for the Oracle class from Pathfinder

    Magic Slime:A slime that actually has an intelligence and is a fun character to play sherades with
    Kobolds, Maforian A Kobold whose lives revolve around a notebook.

    personal worlds lore
    Before the First Age: My own worlds god lore pt1
    Gilham the mountain:Pacifist god of nature
    Morrok:God of Nightmares and dreams

    Got a suggestion:
    feel free to message me with your suggestions or ideas, I am always looking forward to create more classes or even supplements. Hearing comments or messages from you always inspires me. go ahead and tell me what you think, it always helps. -Theperfect25
    Last edited by theperfect25; 2018-05-24 at 02:31 PM.
    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
    Spoiler: For the thread of my Creations

    Spoiler: For Homebrews Signature thread

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Goaty14's Extended Signature
    (or "Sig", as the young'uns call it)

    Done: Nothing! (lol)


    -Sensible Vestige Fixes: The Binder is good and all, but some people don't like Ivory Tower game design...

    Trash Can:

    -The Conservationist: I can't even begin on how bad it turned out. Basically reducing spells/day doesn't "fix" downtime shenanigans.

    Spoiler: Random Misc (That I'm just throwing here)
    GENERATION 20: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. social experiment.
    DEGENERATION 88: Copy this into your sig and subtract 1 from the degeneration when you first see it. This is an antisocial experiment.
    Spoiler: List of Things You Don't Need To Know
    Ew, Goaty make stinky homebrew
    Quote Originally Posted by Venger View Post
    killing and eating a bag of rats is probably kosher.
    Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking), and your humility is stunning

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    These are here to use. You have permission to use them in any home game you like. If you do, I would love to hear stories of how they worked for others.

    You do not have permission to steal them for any publication without permission.

    Barbarian Paths
    Path of Dumb Luck - Barbarian path based on lucky hits, with a decent amount of out of combat utility for a barbarian.
    Path of the Bloodied - Path where you gain abilities as you take damage while raging.

    Bardic Colleges:
    College of the Luchador - A bardic wrestling subclass

    Cleric Domains:
    Evangelism - A subclass based on the idea of a faith healer
    Plant - Natural domain using plants to protect the caster
    Water - Natural Domain that uses water to react to triggers and debugg
    Air - Offensive focused subclass
    Animal - Offense focused subclass that develops and improves natural weapons
    Middle Management - Somewhat silly subclass in flavor, but has the ability to boost others on your team.

    Druid Circles:
    Elemental Warrior - Melee Focused Druid who does does extra elemental damage
    Pocket Monster - A summoner subclass that has a pokemon feel to it.

    Fighter Martial Archetypes:
    Fencer - A fighter subclass based around the Renaissance fencer. Utilizing a light finesse weapon, and a cape or cloak in your other hand to assist in defense
    Enlightened Warriors - Wisdom Based fighter

    Monk Traditions:
    Way of the Predator - Natural based monk, a monk who lives and survives in the wild and learns from beast predators

    Paladin Oaths:
    Oath of Two Faces - A Paladin Oath based on the Batman Villain Two-Face.

    Rogue, Tavern Wench - Rogue subclass, who is skilled at improvised weapons and unarmed combat, and is at home in a crowd

    Wizard Arcane Traditions:
    Pinball Wizard - A fun subclass build around the Who's Tommy

    Awakened Animals - Play as an awakened beast.

    Other Fun Stuff:
    Ranged Cantrips - Booming Blade/Green Flame Blade for ranged users
    Blade Ward and True Strike Replacement cantrips

    Premade One Shots:
    Treasure Hunt Riddle Solving - Level 3
    Into the cult caves - Dungeon Crawl - Level 4
    Gladiator Arena - Level 5
    Heist Mission - Level 6

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    Default The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Artificer Specialties:

    Barbarian Paths:
    • Path of the Mad Chemist - A juggernaut-style path Based on League of Legend's Singed (submitted to D&D Subclass Contest IV: I Read This in a Book, Once)
    • Path of the Lunari - a moon-powered path Based on League of Legend's Diana (Submitted to 5e Slapdash Subclass Challenge II)
    • Path of the Shifter - A werewolf-style path that allows Barbarians to use wild shape while raging.

    Bardic Colleges
    • The College of Mentalism - Telepathic / Illusionist subclass based on M:tG's Jace Beleren
    • Faustian College - a fiendish-themed subclass for those who search for talent in all the wrong places: "A devil went down to Cormyr..." (Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest VIII: Something Borrowed taking 3rd place)

    Cleric Domains

    Druid Circles

    Fighter Archetypes
    • Willforger - a emotion manipulation subclass based on M:tG's Angrath
    • Void Survivor - Archetype based on LoL's Kai'Sa.

    Monastic Traditions:

    Paladin Oaths

    Further Revised 5e Ranger - Base Class Revision, including Wild Shape & Spell-less options, available for all existing conclaves.
    Ranger Conclaves:
    • Conclave of the Survey Corps - an incredibly mobile subclass, based on the Survey Corps from the Attack on Titan series
    • Arachnomancer Ranger - Spider Themed Subclass, based on Drow society and a little bit of spiderman
    • Longshot Conclave - A Fate/random manipulation class loosely based on probability manipulating characters, such as the mutants Longshot & Domino, Cameron Hicks from Alphas, Deadshot, and the like. (Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest VII: Well, That's Fortunate)

    Roguish Archetypes:
    • Quantum Trickster - a size-changing subclass, based on Ant-Man & The Wasp from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Timebreaker - a chronomancy (time magic) based subclass, based on League of Legend's Ekko & Overwatch's Tracer
    • Ghost Slayer - a Ghost Hunting subclass, based on M:tG's Kaya
    • Arrogate - a party-leader subclass (submitted to D&D Subclass Contest IX: Follow Me and taking 3rd place!)

    The Sorcerer Revisited, my version of the 5e sorcerer using spell points with new metamagic options.
    Sorcerer Bloodlines:
    • Shield Magic - based on M:tG's Teyo Verada
    • Mutagenic Sorcerer, a support-based class based on the Simic Guild of MTG's Ravnica. [I](Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest III: So You Don't Have To, and taking 3rd place).
    • Cryomancer bloodline - based on the UA Sea Sorcerer and the PS Pyromancer.

    Warlock Patrons:
    • The Gate of Truth - a conjuration and transmutation based subclass, based on the protagonists from the Fullmetal Alchemist series
    • Gaia - A earth/druidic themed patron, based on the protagonists from Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles
    • The Soulless- Necromancer Subclass based on M:tG's Liliana Vess
    • The Symbiote - based on Marvel's Venom tangentially attached to the MCU.
    • Hadar - debuffer archetype based on empowering the Hadar-themed spells.
    • Master Hand - goofy Meta-patron based on the BBEG from Super Smash Brother's Franchise, and mechanically expanding on the Bigby's Hand mechanics. (submitted to, and took 2nd place in D&D Subclass Contest VI: Bunch of Fives
    • Bloodlord Patron - a vampiric themed patron, based on M:tG's Sorin Markov
    • The Herald - reality warping & minion-summoning patron based on LoL's Malzahar
    • The Undying - a revision of the underwhelming patron released in SCAG

    Wizard School:
    • The Deathsinger - A wizard school based on League of Legend's Karthus, which makes the line between dead & alive a bit... messy
    • School of Galvimancy - A lightning-based school based on M:tG's Ral Zarek

    New Base Class:

    Last edited by Vogie; 2019-10-24 at 09:08 AM.
    Always looking for critique of my 5E homebrew!
    Including new Base Classes, a better Ranger, and Subclasses based on:
    • Books
    • TV Shows
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • League of Legends IP
    • Planeswalker-themed Subclasses based on Magic: The Gathering
    And MORE!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarkmundur View Post
    ... does this stuff just come naturally to you? Do you even have to try anymore xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Man_Over_Game View Post
    Vogie is the sh**. I don't really have anything to contribute to the topic, just wanted to point that out.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    theVoidWatches' Extended Signature

    Barbarian Subclasses:
    Bard Subclasses:
    College of Gentlemanly Behavior (on GM's Binder | On GiantITP) Current version v0.1 Untested and amusing!
    Cleric Subclasses:
    Inspiration Domain (On GiantITP) Current Version v0.2 In Playtest!
    Druid Subclasses:
    Fighter Subclasses:
    Monk Subclasses:
    Paladin Subclasses:
    Ranger Subclasses:
    The Skinwalker (on GiantITP) Current version 0.2 Silver Medalist!
    Rogue Subclasses:
    Sorcerer Subclasses:
    Warlock Subclasses:
    The Horsemen Warlock Patron (on GM's Binder | on GiantITP) Current version 0.2.2 Untested!
    Wizard Subclasses:
    The Revised Bladesinger (on GM's Binder | on GiantITP) Current version v1.3 Rejected!

    Base Classes
    Yet Another Warlock Rewrite - Eldritch Dice (on GM's Binder | on GiantITP) Current version 0.1.3 Balancing and Editing!
    The Lycanthrope (on GiantITP) Current Version v0.3.1 Contest Winner!
    The Vampire (on GiantITP) Current version v0.4.1 Full Class!

    Prestige Classes
    Vampire Prestige Class (On GiantITP) Current version v0.3.1 Different Taboos!
    Multiclassing Feats (On GM's Binder | On GiantITP) Untested and Unadvised!
    Deck of Many Effects (On GiantITP) In Playtest!
    Last edited by theVoidWatches; 2019-06-04 at 10:30 AM.
    Hi, you can call me Void. I prefer she/her or they/them pronouns, please. Yes, "they" is a singular pronoun. I write a superhero webserial called Paternum - check it out!

    PEACH My 5e Homebrew, including...

    Yet Another Warlock Rewrite (on GiantITP) Playtested Once!

    Lycanthrope Base Class (on GiantITP) Contest Winner!

    Vampire Base Class (on GiantITP) Full Class!

    Inspiration Domain (On GiantITP) In Playtest!

    Skinwalker Ranger Subclass (on GiantITP) Silver Medalist!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Ooh, aah! Look at all this mediocre homebrew!

    My PbPs aren't quite up to date are very outdated, I'll do things to change that soon.

    GENERATION 20: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. social experiment.

    Spoiler: PbPs I'm GMing
    Masters of the Wild- IC OOC
    Cracks of the Multiverse IC OOC
    Abomination in the Slums OOC

    Spoiler: PbPs I'm playing
    None right this second!

    Spoiler: Aformentioned mediocre homebrew
    Whitescourge, a 5e base class and 2nd Place (!) winner of one of the 5e Base Class Contests
    Star domain for clerics
    More to come when it comes!

    Spoiler: Sundered World
    I plan on putting my world information here in the form of google docs on each region. That probably won't be up for a while, though... In the meantime, have a cockroach!
    Spoiler: Mastica
    Spoiler: The Free North
    The Mesa Belt + Charvassi Desert
    Other locales

    Northern Wastes

    Spoiler: Bathari
    Whitecliff Coast
    Plains of Ada

    Spoiler: Kamadara
    Spoiler: Kaz
    P'tol-Zerath Coast

    The Motelands
    Karzan Empire
    Mardian Collection

    Spoiler: Ssor

    Spoiler: Islands
    Mallaway Isles
    Starkindler Island
    Xian Yang

    Gods of Aeros
    Spoiler: Factions of the Sundered World
    Knights of Talvor
    The Apex
    The Knights of Axiom
    The Arcane Congress
    The Gilded Coalition
    The Holy Order
    Order of the Magi
    More to come...

    Spoiler: Meta-options of the Sundered World

    All races (save those from GGtR and Wayfinder's Guide to Ebberon) and classes are available. Some reflavored options are presented here. (link not up yet)
    Last edited by SunderedWorldDM; 2020-03-26 at 01:14 PM.
    See that cool Teifling? Thanks, potatopeelerkin! If you want something like it, they have more avatars up for adoption in the thread with the same name...

    Hey, I have an extended signature now!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Alent's Extended Homebrew Sig.

    Project Exile:

    General 3.x Homebrew:
    My Homebrew
    A Return to Exile, a homebrew campaign setting.
    Under Construction: Skills revamp for the Campaign Setting. I need to make a new index thread.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    My 5e minimalist Ranger Fix.

    5e D&D subclasses:
    The Path of the Seer, , a wise barbarian spellcaster.
    The oath of Study, a paladin of arcane power.
    Shadow Commander, a rogue never found alone.
    Faerie Irregular, a ranger invoking strange powers.
    The Dragon Patron, a martial warlock.
    Expanded options for Land Druids, Totem Warriors, and Storm Heralds.
    The Travel Domain, a cleric prepared for the long move.
    The College of Hymns, a divine bard, coverted from 3.5e.
    The Rivalry Domain, a cleric who sends their allies into competition.
    The College of Birdsong, the flying bard.
    The Circle of avenging, a brawler barbarian, converted from 3.5e.
    Path of the Guardian Protector, a combat healer barbarian.
    The Corruption Touched, a fighter tainted by forces that are demonic, illithid, vampiric, or yuan-ti.
    The Winter Lord. a warlock patron granting rogue-like abilities.
    The Silencing Blade, an anti-mage Rogue.
    The Vaunt Knight, a master of manipulation converted from 3.5e.
    The School of the Sha'ir, , an elemental wizard with spell flexibility.
    The Circle of Reclamation, an impatient "blast and regrow" druid.
    The Ghostwalker, a fighter whose body and soul stand apart.
    The College of Marshaling, the commanding Bard.
    School of Hedges, a healer/druidic wizard.
    The Oath of Horror, an eldritch paladin.
    The Extraplanar Researcher, an artificer traveling the planes.
    Oozeblood sorcerer, an ironically less squishy sorcerer.
    The Forest Guardian, a control warlock patron.
    The Way of Jotunslag, a monk trained as a giant.

    Spoiler: Less Relevant Subclasses
    The Empowered Bastion Patron, a sturdy master. Commentary on this forum here.
    The Circle of the Outer Planes, a druid tied to Aberrations and Monstrosities.
    The Possesed, an eldritch fighter.
    The Way of the Weavemold, an antimagic monk.
    The Combat Medic, a fighter with healing abilities.
    The Way of the Seven Heavens, a Celestial Monk
    The Professor Explorer, an artificer subclass with a poor memory, excellent luck and terrible luck.
    The Blackblot Herbalist, a venomous ranger

    Spoiler: 5e Psionics Overhaul
    Psionic Disciplines Overhaul, to balance the AU mystic. Commentary on this forum here.

    The Psion, a Mystic rewrite. Commentary on this class here.
    The battlemind, a half psionic class with 4e influence. Commentary on this forum here.
    Order of the Wilder, a Mystic subclass for the 3.5e class of the same name. Commentary on this forum here.
    Psychic Warrior, a fighter subclass based on the 3.5e class. Commentary on this forum here.
    The Way of the Psionic Fist, based on the 3.5e monk prestige class. Commentary on this forum here.
    The Psychic Bloodline, a psionic sorcerer subclass. Commentary on this forum here.

    Blues, psionic goblinoids from 3.5e. Commentary on this forum here.
    Maenads, a psionic race from 3.5e. Commentary on this forum here.
    Dromites, another old psionic race. Commentary on this forum here.
    Thri-kreen, the mantid warriors. Commentary on this forum here.
    Psionic Gith, rebalanced from the published version. Commentary on this forum here.

    Gem Dragonborn and Psionic Feats. Commentary on this forum here.

    5e D&D races
    Metronome Races, based on the IRL platypus and echidna.
    Arachneans, arachnid races without the extra limb problem.
    Ceboids, a three-limbed race based on new world monkeys.
    Desert, Jungle, & Sea Dwarves, with additional distinctions from the PHB's Mountain and Hill Dwarves.
    Gnolls and Aardgnolls, based on actual hyenas instead of demonic influence.
    The Dhampire, tainted by Vampiric powers.

    5e Spells and Invocations:
    Warlock Spell and Invocation Options.
    A bunch of spell conversions from 3.5e, mostly high level. See here.
    Marine Spells for aquatic Campaigns

    5e feats And Skills:
    Heritage Feats for characters with in-humanoid ancestry.
    Volo's Racial Feats, shoring up the variety for monstrous races.
    The Bodily Autonomy skill, only on the forum. Body over Mind.

    5e Items:
    Medieval Exotic Weapons, Firearms, and Firearms Feat.
    Exotic Weapons II, Deft Weapons, Double Weapons, and a Dual Wielding fix with related feats for all.
    Additional Low Level Potions. Cheap for a show.

    5e Monsters:
    Additional Beast Abilities For Druid Wild Shape Options.
    Additional Celestials, mostly from Jewish tradition
    Miscellaneous Aquatic Creatures, for filling out the sea and swamps.
    Expanded Golems.
    Summonable Fey and Mesozoic Beasts, for Conjure Fey and Moon Druids.
    Guardinals, converted from 3.5e.
    Dragonettes, Drakes, and Linnorms, filling out the non-true dragons
    Last edited by sandmote; 2020-05-28 at 12:51 PM.
    Extended Signature, Woo! Latest Homebrew: The Dhampire and the Way of Jotunslag

    WtCH pages: OOC, IC, Rolling

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Spoiler: Monsters

    Spoiler: Subclass

    Dark Omen Sorcerer - could use some review
    Forbidden knowledge wizard - most people think its pretty good
    Oath of Light

    Spoiler: Races

    Spoiler: Subraces

    Wizard of Ozd&difed wizard of oz stuff in d&d

    Unfamiliar Familiars- Attempt to make some new options for find familiar and warlocks Pact of the Chain
    Last edited by thisdude9001; 2020-01-10 at 11:30 AM.
    My limited homebrew experience
    oh hey didn't see you there

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Ne/nem/nir, please and thank you.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I never thought I'd need to post in this thread, but the links I was putting in my signature finally drove it over 1,000 characters.

    Stuff I'm quite proud of:
    The Bladebound Martyr!
    Quasi-Elemental Genasi (Plus New Feats and a Subtype)!

    Stuff I'm reasonably proud of:
    The Lesser Gnoll!
    The Psicrystal Thief!

    The Pact Bargainer!
    The Dwarven Defender!
    Saga Edition no Densetsu!
    You found the hidden text! Have a cookie.

    Thanks to The Stoney One for the awesome avatar!

    Spoiler: My homebrew!
    The Bladebound Martyr!
    Quasi-Elemental Genasi (Plus New Feats and a Subtype)!
    My Extended Signature!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I've finally come up with enough homebrew to warrant a spot on this thread.
    Some of this stuff is old but I am still happy anyone is willing to check out my extended sig.!

    Spoiler: Pathfinder Material

    Last edited by Tsunamiatunzen1; 2020-01-09 at 08:44 PM.
    Invincibility lies in the defense. The possibility of victory is in the attack.
    - Diamond Sword

    Featured Homebrews:
    (SF) bombs and Hangar Support
    The Forge (Crafting System)
    (SF) Advanced Tactical Interface

    Extended Homebrew Sig

    Dice (feel free to use them!):

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