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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Prestige Classes:
    Elemental Evoker - A specialized blaster who tries to make the blasting viable.
    Shining Blade Of Heironeous [ToB] - The flavor of the class was a little bland but fun. The mechanics were awful. My take on it.
    Champion of the Mystic Fire - Knight of the Mystic Fire Paladin ACF expanded.
    Frostblade - a gish-lite frost-themed martial adept.
    Whirlwind Blade - An Initiator that imitates the wind to enhance his martial prowess.

    Base Classes:
    Hexblade - A straightforward rework based on the Duskblade's chassis.

    Spellsword Archetype Paragon Class - since most spellsword builds come into fruition too late to have fun before 8th level.

    Minor Pathfinder Homebrew:

    Prestige Classing Variant Rule - Exactly what it says on the tin.
    Diverse Training (feat) - Basically, gestalting via feat expenditure. A bit more elegant than VMC, I hope.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My Homebrew

    Settings & Campaigns
    Name System Type Tagline Status
    We Have Fought The Long Defeat Chronicles of Darkness - Genius: The Transgression 2e Dark Era and Campaign Setting Mad scientists struggle for survival in the fallout after the Fall of Rome. Under Construction
    The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus d20 System 3.P/d20 Modern Setting and Rules Hack The Olympian gods are still running around and having children with mortals, and the little bastards still need training and protection from monsters. Completed (mostly)
    Tenebrous Seas Chronicles of Darkness Campaign Setting and Rules Update Rules for ships, diving, and nautical travel in the New World of Darkness. Completed
    The Blade of the Heart Star Wars: Force and Destiny Adventure Module A wrecked ship and a disgraced droid may hold the key to the lost art of lightsaber construction. Completed
    Motor City Breakdown World of Darkness - Changeling: The Lost 1e Campaign Setting Can the American Dream be reborn from its own ashes? Completed
    Ashes of the Motor City World of Darkness - Princess: The Hopeful 1e Campaign Setting A fight for hope in the ruins of Detroit. Completed
    Alien: The Taken New World of Darkness Template & Campaign Setting A Storytelling Game of Personal Invasion. Under Construction/On Hiatus
    Crossroads: The New World Pathfinder Campaign Setting Tribes, colonists, trade confederacies, and empires both new and old collide in an alt-history North America, circa 1750 A.D. Contributions Welcome!
    Rolling in the D Changeling: The Lost Campaign Setting A fight for hope in the Motor City. On Hiatus
    The War of Summer's Ending Changeling: The Lost Campaign The Court of Autumn and its allies seek to break Summer's hold on the Freehold of Miami before the Gentry return. On Hiatus

    • Cipactli - Aztec mythology; A hermaphroditic mixture of frog, fish, and crocodile, with dozens of mouths and a (literally) bottomless stomach.
    • Halloween Trees - Ambulatory, prank-loving pumpkin-trees associated with the Autumnal Solstice, inspired by the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name.
    • Mahaha - Inuit folklore; an Arctic humanoid from Inuit mythology that tickles its victims to death.
    • Mishe-Nahma, King of Fishes - A humongous sturgeon, large enough to swallow an entire canoe in a single gulp, and to capsize any vessel it can't swallow.
    • Obsidian Butterfly Swarm - A horde of tiny fluttering constructs, with glassy black wings which are sharper than the sharpest man-made knife.
    • Pixie, Common Garden - decorative (and highly-invasive) Old World fey, imported to the New World as living ornaments and alarm systems for the gardens of wealthy lords.
    • Pixie, Feral - After escaping into the wilds of the New World, Old World pixies adopted the characteristics of a particularly nasty New World plant: Toxicodendron radicans (commonly known as “poison ivy”).
    • Qiqirn - Inuit folklore; A huge, hairless canine that causes seizures in men and dogs alike.
    • Qupqugiaq - Inuit folklore; a ten-legged polar bear with a mean streak and hypnosis-vison. (As if real polar bears weren't scary enough already.)
    • Sisiutl - A shapeshifting two-headed sea serpent from Pacific Northwest folklore.

    Entitlements (Changeling: The Lost 1e)
    • The Tethyic Society – A seafaring Entitlement seeking to make the watery parts of the Hedge safe for all travelers, and to protect their "Mother Ocean" from human misuse.
    • The Bacchanalian Jesters – An Entitlement of Winter courtiers, with a decidedly Spring-like flair for parties.
    • The Old Boys’ Network – A close-knit and highly exclusive social club for the movers-and-shakers of the fae and mundane realms.
    • The University of Mount Pelion – Hero-trainers who vicariously spur their charges onward to greatness.
    • The Wyrd Sisterhood -
    • Mechanicals - A new Seeming, of changelings whose miens reflect machines, tools, and useful objects.
    • Contracts of Industry - contracts which allow supernatural feats of endurance and tenacity.
    • Speed Demon - an automotive Token which improves a vehicle's handling even as it makes dangerous acceleration irresistible.

    • Language Proficiency Subsystem - A method for representing varying degrees of fluency in spoken (and written) languages. Designed to improve upon the binary "known/not known" system of regular D&D.
    • A Cinematic History of the World - A grand tour of human history, from cave-people to the Space Race, in high-quality movies organized by era and region. (OK, so this isn't technically a homebrew, but it sure was fun to make.)
    • Dogsled Rules - I was surprised that Frostburn didn't contain any rules for dogsleds, since they're still a major form of Arctic transportation even in the modern era, so I decided to homebrew my own rules for their use and maneuvering.
    • Enchanted Canoe-Paddles - A series of magical paddles which generate powerful effects, from keeping your gear dry to creating whirlpools. Part of the Canoeing subsystem for Pathfinder.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    NOTE: Unless otherwise stated everything in here was made for my homebrew setting (not yet ready to post anywhere).

    Base Classes:
    Monk Re-write
    Runecrafter (Unfinished)
    Samurai (Unfinished)
    The Witch

    Prestige Classes:
    Blackguard Re-write (Possibly unfinished, may replace with a base class)
    Blood Shaper/Blood Golem (Not for my setting)
    Halfling Cavalier
    Reapers, Keepers of Balance

    Deykiir (Day-Keer), Living Crystal (Still deciding if I want to keep them)

    Lycanthropy Fix (Failed, need to re-visit and finish/fix)

    Diadems of Dematriss (Minor Artifacts) (Failed, need to re-visit and finish/fix)
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    My Homebrew Signiture.

    Thank you Serpentine for my amazing avatar!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    3.P Homebrew



    Classes [20 levels]

    NPC Classes [10 Levels]

    Prestige Classes [15 levels]










    PTU Homebrew

    Anime Highschool Harem Comedy Homebrew



    Contest Entries:

    Tag List
    WIP = Work in Progress
    CA = Currently Abandoned
    BK = Blades of Keran
    FH = Fractured Horizons
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    War of the Five Kings Quotes

    Lord Rede Crow, the Albino, by RylanC23

    "They needed their men more than we needed ours,"

    "I would much rather see the Pipers trying to blow their horns with arrows in their necks,"

    "No, I do not trust him, not with my life, not completely, not ever. But I do trust him with the lives of my foes,"

    'Crakehall is to die'

    "With me, Owl,"

    Caldyr, the Owl, by WolvenDante


    "My lord."

    An easy job, he thought.

    "A gift, m'lord."

    Crakehall will die horribly for this...

    "If I witness a flicker of mercy in any of you, t'will be your undoing."

    Moarzed Balerion, the Gentleman, by Creed


    "We have a lot of work to do,"

    "It seems that great minds think alike, Lord Baelish,"

    "I am an honest man, with just rewards for just service. But betray me, and I will ruin you."

    They didn't fear him...

    ...Not yet.

    My avatar, the OOTS version of Lord Crow, is by the magnificent Kymme!

    War of the Five Kings (IC) Quotes
    27.5% of characters done!
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Finished projects
    Devilfae [4e]

    Half races [4e]
    "Are we living a life that is safe from harm? Of course not, we never are. But that's not the right question. The question is: are we living a life that is worth the harm?"
    ~Welcome to Night Vale

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    Quote Originally Posted by SliiArhem
    Arkh I may be slightly delirious but I don't think that would make sense even if I was coherent.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Prestige Classes:
    • None... for the moment.

    • None... for the moment.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Listed in roughly chronological order. All of my homebrew is welcome to be used, and for D&D 3.5 unless noted otherwise.

    Negative Zero (Elder Evil)
    The Agonincer (Class)
    Magic of Delfire (Class + Magic System)
    Colorless Rosethorn (Prestige Class)
    Half-Petal (Template)
    Faint Vestiges (Binder ACF)
    More Epic Vestiges (Epic Vestiges)
    Neutrality Incarnate (Incarnate class expansion)
    More Spirit Totems (Barbarian ACFs)
    Rinullithime (Template)
    Kazyan's Bucket of D&D 3.5 races (Races)
    Epic Augment Crystals (Magic Items)
    The Colour Energy Plane
    The Missingno (Class + "Magic" System)
    The Verdite (Class w/ unusual mechanic)
    Classes of Loathing (Kingdom of Loathing classes in D&D 3.5)
    Arphinx (Monster)
    Guy with a Sword (Class + Sarcasm)
    Remote Silhouette (Martial Discipline/Skill Tricks)
    Summon Exotic Elemental (Feat)

    The homebrew here is stuff I don't care about anymore.

    LeShay Ascendant (Class)
    10 (Stupid) Exotic Weapons (Weapons)
    Mind Glider (Prestige Class)
    Clown (Class)

    Did I mention I like golems? afroakuma made one for me, even! Tungsten Golem
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Contest Entries: Teaching Assistant
    My Handcrafted Brews:
    War Machine (archetype for ErrantX's Iron Man)
    Magical Senshi (Spellcaster/The-Mage-King's Sentai prestige class)
    Mecha Senshi (Iron Man/Sentai hybrid prestige class)
    Super Fighting Robot (Warforged/Android racial archetype for Gunslingers)
    Radiant Senshi (Sentai/Illumination-user hybrid prestige class for use with the Tome of Radiance)
    Gigantic Senshi (Zaydos' Kyodai/Sentai hybrid prestige class)
    Liberal Arts Major
    Quick and dirty Favored Soul 5e conversion
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    --[Class - Base] The Avatar
    --[Class - Base] The Pacifist

    Past Projects:
    --[Class - Base] Chaos Knight
    --[Class - Base] The Fool 0
    --[Class - Base] Wild Chainer
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I stand by most of these mechanics, though some need edited.

    Rewriting core classes: Not freely available in my games.
    --The Bard
    --The Paladin
    --The Wizard
    --The Rogue
    --The Sorcerer
    --The Monk

    Current Projects:
    --Harry Potter in 3.5
    --Elemental base classes to go with qwertyu63's Mender
    ---The Blaze Child
    ---The Galestriker

    Past Projects:
    --[Template] Feytouched
    --[Template] Dvati Twins
    --[Class-Prestige] Bards can be necromancers too.
    --[Class-Prestige] Bards can do anything. Even the fighters job.
    --[Class-Prestige] The Divine Trickster
    --[Class-Base] Aristocrats can be PC's too.
    --[Class-Prestige] The Hunter: Slayer of Mages

    Co-Op Projects:
    --[Class-Prestige] [With Qwertyu63] Because Palibards are awesome.
    --[Class-Base] [With Qwertyu63] Fighter fix
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    My pronouns are they/them, but I don't care much.

    My PbP Characters:
    Ailian Sunblazer

    My Homebrew

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    This thread exists? Awesome!

    Race (3.5)
    Saccharids Candy People homage

    Base Class (3.5)
    The Psychotherapist [Unique, Face, Magic, Sage ] "the crazy-doctor" would be a way to put it

    Base Class Fix (3.5)
    Scout the reconnaissance expert

    Prestige Class Fix (3.5)
    Mindspy breaking into the deepest recesses of your mind
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    Quote Originally Posted by MERC_1 View Post
    I find it very amusing that a very theoretical discussion of how to Optimize Bardic Music, turns into a discussion on how much worms you can eat in 7 minutes.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I don't really need this space right now, but I'll leave it here in case I need it again some day.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Base Classes

    Tome of the Holy Grail: Draw power from legendary heroes. Each one grants spellcasting, weaponry, and unique ability-boosting fusion modes. Comes with classes, feats, expansions, ACFs, prestige classes, and fluff. And invocations, if you want to play a warlock instead.

    The Generalist: How generic can I make a class? Well, this class can do almost literally anything in the entire 3.5 system. And it's balanced! Well, "balanced." It's less broken than several classes in the PHB at least.

    The Shifter: A shapeshifting class unique, fun, playable and balanced from level 1 to 20. Comes with feats.

    The Dashing Dualist: A balanced dual-wielder capable of competing with the greatsword for damage. As fun out-of-combat as in!

    The Rappeler: A tier 3 focused-summoning full caster. Rappelers have unique and meaningful mechanics to support their summoning.

    The Professional: A tier 3 mundane replacement for the Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Marshal, and Scout. Simple, powerful, customizable, extensible, and fun.

    The Wuxia Fighter: The same, yet exact opposite of the professional. A mundane class that powers up every 5 levels to keep up with casters. Fun, and a bit silly. Superheroes don't need magic!

    The Coalescant: Literally a refluffed Feruchemist class concept. Not a lot of time spent on this. Might rework it eventually.

    The Arcane Pugilist: The contest was to build around the 8 schools of magic. Naturally, I built simultaneously the most literal interpretation and a class completely unable to cast spells. Half joke, all tier 3.

    The Self-Made Man: Sure, you can turn yourself into a robot in under 20 levels, but can you give yourself laser eyes and a rocket punch in the process?

    The Photorealist: 3.0 Psionics are the best template for new classes, right?

    Other Homebrew

    Skill Trick Compendium: Includes at least one skill trick for every skill, craft and perform categories nonwithstanding. Yes, even that one.

    Bek's Book of Blissful Bewitchment: A compendium of quality-of-life items for non-adventurers.

    The Spell Specialist: As generic a prestige class as you can make, while still being shockingly specific.

    Complete Control Revamped: Who needs races, classes or levels?

    Feat Points: The Resurrection: Not all things are created equal.

    The Instruments of War: Because Bards hurt people too.


    My PbP Houserules: Kill full casters with fire, and other minor adjustments.

    Optimization and Tiers: How tiers change as system mastery grows.

    Monkday Guide to Monks: Why they suck, and how to fix it.

    Guy at the Gym Fallacy: Why mundanes never got nice things, and the reason they should.

    And Stay Out: A Guide To Staying Dead (For The Other Guy): How to prevent resurrection magic, even against high-level foes.

    Chameleon Bootstrapper: Infinity-level spells at level 4.

    Master Class of Many Forms: The finer points of changing shape.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Well, I haven't done much...

    Campaign Worlds



    None yet.


    None yet.
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    May the gods watch over your battles, friend.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Gr8artist's Extended Signature

    _____________Pathfinder Homebrew_____________
    Any reviews, criticisms, or advice would be greatly welcome.
    Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are technically incomplete but workable.
    Entirely incomplete entries, and those needing overhauls or re-works, have been moved to the "Cutting Room Floor" below.
    A popular, though overpowered 3.5 class given new abilities and better customization to fit in more effectively with Pathfinder PrC's.

    Martial base class that specializes and synergizes with his team and gains abilities as he increases in his professions.

    Adrenaline based SAD prestige class designed to put a little more "oomph" in a mundane melee build.

    Gr8artist's Metamagic Feats
    A small library of new metamagic, mostly designed to give evokers a little more variety.

    A half-aberration hybrid race with the ability to change their physical features when needed.

    Nightmare Priest
    Horror-themed prestige class usually taken by antipaladins who learn to exploit their enemies' doubts in terrifying new ways.
    This link includes extensive additional material related to the Nightmare Priest PrC.

    ______________Cutting Room Floor______________
    Other homebrew and failed threads that aren't up to snuff or worth putting on display.
    Spoiler: Cutting Room Floor
    Encyclopedia Elementa
    A remake of the elemental planetouched, giving them a little more flavor and more interesting abilities. Four races in the making, with archetypes and feats for all.
    This project is partially completed and still a work in progress, though several of the races are ready for play.

    Cutthroat Coliseum
    Special arenas, matches, and rules, wherein the competitors can spend their prize money prior to the match to buy boons and penalties to increase their odds of victory.

    Favorite Homebrew Items
    Some humorous and interesting items to spice up gameplay.

    Emotion-based casting class, with a variable and volatile energy pool and 10th level spell slots.

    Hybrid mundane/caster who gains magic from the items he uses.

    Suffering Specter
    An undead template for the ghost of those who suffered the most in death. This template comes in several varieties (beheaded, burned, drowned, etc.), depending on the method of execution.


    Mundane base class that makes the most of his allies' spells and magic.

    Calculated Spell
    A +0 metamagic that allows you to increase consistency or volatility in variable spells.

    Barrage of Blows and Unrelenting Tide
    New feats that give the monk (and other mundanes) powerful new combos when performing full-attack actions.

    Melee mundane PrC designed to slay wizards and other powerful foes, though with a bit of humor.

    Gaining Abilities, rather than Items
    Based on the junction system for FFVIII, and attempting to get rid of 3.5's "Christmas Tree" effect.

    One Week to Fix a Feat
    A compendium of alternate feat benefits designed to help martials matter at later levels, and cut down on feat trees.

    The Unrelenting Onslaught
    A short series of combat feats designed to mimic combo chains from fighting games, and give the melee characters a little something extra to enjoy.

    The Shardling Horde
    A creature made from broken weapons and armor. It gains power as it sunders away your gear.

    Conflagration and Black Hole
    4th level spells with a concentration duration and a gradual increase in strength.

    Competition Round My Entry Entry Type Place Most Likely
    to See Play
    Most Unique
    Spell it Out for Us
    Gallows Ghost Creature
    2nd MLTSP -- --
    Gamer's Gambit
    Biskmatar Base class 3rd -- -- --
    Once More, With Feeling!
    Geneticist Prestige class 3rd -- -- JC
    Call of a Hero
    Dragonclaw Monk Monk
    3rd -- -- JC
    They're All Grown Up
    Big Bad -_____ Creature
    3rd MLTSP -- JC
    How the !@#$?
    Talisman of Terror Special 2nd MLTSP MUE --
    Those That Came Before
    Suffering Spectre Creature
    1st MLTSP -- JC
    Mad Man in a Magic Box
    Sontarans Race 1st -- -- --
    Third Law
    Base class 1st -- -- --
    We Built This City
    (on Rock & Roll)
    Rockstar Bard
    1st MLTSP -- --
    Taste My Steel
    Exotic Expert Prestige class 2nd -- -- --
    Tactical Genius
    Master Strategist Prestige class 2nd -- -- --
    Pick a God and Pray
    Nightmare Priest
    [Additional Resources: 1 and 2]
    Prestige class 2nd -- -- --
    I, Construct
    -- -- -- -- -- --
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    My Homebrew and Extended Signature
    Current avatar: Charza Sahlaren, by gr8artist

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    There is likely not a corresponding thread if a link is not provided.

    Current Homebrews
    [3.5 Base Class] Fool - A juggling, wisecracking, skill monkey (of sorts)

    Brewing in the Vat
    [3.5 Revision] Monk Revised - IUS/Flurry/Two-Weapon revision, replace broken movement bonus with blinding speed ability, replace banal unarmed strike damage with bursts of intense rogue-like damage, improved monk fighting style choices, and added special kick attacks (and a few new abilities for flavor).

    [3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign] Gate of Ascention (4-6 players)
    Eleven individuals with legendary powers never before seen in the realms find themselves on a quest to ascend into divinity, working with and against each other in a dynamic political plot. Players start off as one of 11 super-heroic base classes, each with unclear motives. The twist? The classes they choose not to play become their rivals throughout the campaign.
    [GoA Class] Balesworn - Demonic, self-destructive berserker.
    [GoA Class] Chronosanct - Martial-artist whose fists bend time.
    [GoA Class] Coalescent - Shapeshifter who becomes one with his prey.
    [GoA Class] Fate - Fanatic hunter with a bone to pick.
    [GoA Class] Godless - Disbeliever who bends reality around him.
    [GoA Class] Immaculate - The perfect folk-hero.
    [GoA Class] Intercessor - Healer and protector, king among men.
    [GoA Class] Jinx - Spiteful trickster.
    [GoA Class] Latent - Autistic spellcaster.
    [GoA Class] Manifest - Bends the essence of magic into physical form.
    [GoA Class] Obfuscator - Hard to discern, impossible to unmask.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    In Progress:
    Spoiler: In Progress
    The Totem Shaman, et al. A group of Prestige Classes based around theurging Incarnum/Totemist/Meldshaping with primarily Divine/Druidic casting. Currently in need of critique, review, and testing.
    To do:
    • Make the Formatting consistent
    • Add the most recent batch of PrCs inspired by this
    • Get more feedback
    • Testing
    • Have people tear it to shreds
    • Rebuild it from there

    Aberrant Paragon Class: A Paragon Class centered around Aberrations and the Aberration Blood feat.
    To do:
    • Neaten up formatting
    • Publish to GITP
    • Have people tear it to shreds
    • Rebuild it from there

    Changed Blood Creature: A template representing a tainting of Lycanthropy with the Aberrant
    To do:
    • Format
    • Publish to GITP
    • Come up with a better name
    • Have people tear it apart
    • Rebuild it from there

    To Be Rebooted:
    Spoiler: To be Rebooted
    Riptide: The Endless Blue: A campaign setting set in an alternate cosmology partially inspired by the Chronicles of Amber and deviating from the Great Wheel to introduce the idea of cracks in the planes, with the principle part of the setting being one of those places.
    To do:
    • Collect what I have
    • Review what needs to be done
    • Format
    • Have people tear it apart
    • Rebuild it from that

    Bone-Knitting and Fleshweaving: Alternate Grafting/Creature-Alteration subsystems that may just become one sub-system.
    To do:
    • Find or recreate my lost notes based upon what I have here
    • Review existing homebrew of note, particularly the xenotheurgy body of work
    • Format Bone-Knitting properly
    • Release Fleshweaving
    • Watch people tear it apart
    • Rebuild it from that

    Completed: Nothing Yet. Fingers crossed though, amirite?

    Abandoned/Orphaned: Nothing that I can recall, but then, that's the trouble, isn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keld Denar View Post
    +3 Girlfriend is totally unoptimized. You are better off with a +1 Keen Witty girlfriend and then appling Greater Magic Make-up to increase her enhancement bonus.
    To Do: Reboot and finish Riptide

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    avatar by me!
    If you are going to shorten my name go with "Akaz" instead of "Aka" its less confusing.
    Also I may End up Capatalizing the BEginning of words, or mispelleing them interly.
    Think nothing of it, I just REALLY suck at typing.(Those examples were on purpose, though.)
    My Homebrews
    Homebrew Table Tutorial

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Since my signature is getting a bit cramped...

    Current avatar by araveugnitsuga

    Previous Avatars:
    Excellent avatar done by Zefir

    I'll also add some homebrew in here eventually...

    In the planning stage:

    Honor your ancestors, the ghosts of ancients past - Rewrite of the ghost rules and feats from Ghostwalk.
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    If brute force isn't working, that just means you're not using enough of it.

    When in doubt, set something on fire. If not in doubt, set something on fire anyway.

    My Homebrew

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    My Homebrew

    "Just...let me...change it..." - Everynone, a homebrewer

    The Factotum, a do-everything class not based off of the original Factotum (with help from Overneath).

    The Elementalist, effectively a rebuild of the Elemental Savant, an element-focused arcane or divine caster class good for Evokers, Conjurers, or Transmuters (with help from Overneath).

    Soon to come: The Ranger, the Monk, the Arcane Warrior, and the Duelist.
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    The List
    Post Number: 15
    Quote Originally Posted by Aedilred View Post
    Ugh. Just get out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanist View Post
    You're better off moving on, picking up a hobby, and developing yourself as an individual. Sorry for your pain Milo
    Quote Originally Posted by Chen View Post
    Hard as it might be, I think you just need to cut this person out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Glass Mouse View Post
    But it sounds like your first instincts were sound, and this girl is a waste of your time. Time to let go
    Quote Originally Posted by rogueboy View Post
    Well, for one thing, by not engaging with them. Yes, it may be hard, but it also sounds like it's necessary at this point.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chen View Post
    Time to move on and frankly its going to be near impossible to do that if you remain in contact with this person at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chen View Post
    As I said, tell her to stop abusing your friendship or just cut it off completely.
    Quote Originally Posted by rogueboy View Post
    The healthy answer from her would be to take her time away from you, allow you to get over her, and then be very careful about returning to any kind of interaction, if that's something that she truly wants
    Quote Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
    Your friendship is unhealthy. It is just plain bad, for both of you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgarion View Post
    Please don't waste your time with these silly will-they-or-won't-they games. And if she was really your friend, she wouldn't turn your relationship into a game.
    Quote Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
    Don't get emotionally invested to her romantically, because it doesn't look like that is going to work.
    Quote Originally Posted by AtlanteanTroll
    Dude. Having been in a similar situation I have a few words of advice: Get out. Get out now and don't look back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Amidus Drexel
    Half-joking suggestions aside - get away from her, kid. She's trouble, even without the beard-hating.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor
    Take it from me, make it clear to your immediate circle of friends that you're about to do something offensive purely for the sake of alienating her forever and that in no way your actual views are being reflected. Proceed to dredge up every potential avenue to offend and hurt her from everything she's revealed about herself to you or shown herself to be by her actions and beliefs. Leave no stone unturned in expressing your utter and complete revulsion for her and everything she's ever done or stood for.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanist View Post
    Like I said, if she is acting a damn fool, you are too bloody awesome for that chick
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    Nova Wurmon's Extended Signature


    PF Optimization Guide Compendium
    -Always accepting new content!

    [PF] The Big Fat Feat Compendium
    -My current project. Once I'm done with Core+APG+UM I'll probably post a thread about it.

    ---Stay tuned.

    [PF] Anger Management: A Pathfinder Guide to the Barbarian

    [PF] Armor of the Mind: The Aegis

    [DSP/PF] You Only Get One Shot: The Marksman Mini-Guide

    The Grandeur of Delusions - A PF Mesmerist Guide

    [PF] Where the Wilder Things Are: The Pathfinder Wilder

    The Chess Master: A Guide to the DSP Tactician

    The ABC's of VMC (Variant Multiclassing)

    Option Overload: A mini-guide to the Spheres of Might Armiger

    Potato Salad: A Mini-Guide to the Slayer

    3.5->Pathfinder Updates

    Tome of Battle Master Update

    [PF] Untranslatable: A Pathfinder Truenamer Update/Fix





    The Chronomancer
    -"Punching people's kidneys out through their nose is only a foolish by-product."

    PF - The Soldier
    -Sadly, I started working on this little guy a couple weeks before the Path of War was announced, so he's definitely fallen by the wayside.

    Revamping the Cure Wounds Line

    Hungering Mind
    -A discipline originally intended for Path of War


    Spheres of Power: Learning by Doing; Part 2.

    Drop Dead Studios Beta Material

    Spheres of Power: Death Open Beta

    Dreamscarred Press Beta Material

    This is a collection of material that has been delayed, cut, or received updated versions in beta. These documents will remain available to reduce confusion and prevent broken links.

    -The Zealot, a psionic initiator that will be released in Path of War Expanded by Dreamscarred Press. Includes the disciplines of the Eternal Guardian and Sleeping Goddess (inspired by the work of TheDementedOne, with permission).
    ---Previous version
    ---Removed items: v2.0
    -The Bleak Emissary, an archetype for the PoW Harbinger.
    ---Warpaths, an old version of a class template to trade blessings or domains for limited initiating
    ---Insidious Desire, and Vengeful Revenant, two undead-inspired disciplines

    Other Things I Like

    Guy at the Gym Fallacy

    The Stormwind Fallacy

    Three Clue Rule
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    Tier System for Classes | Why Each Class is in its Tier
    PF Optimization Guides Compendium | Extended Signature (Optimization/Conversion/Homebrew)

    Quote Originally Posted by CTrees View Post
    Knowledge (local) being trained only, and not a class skill for many classes, means that your average human may well not be able to identify other humans! This may explain the exceptional quantity of half-human hybrids.

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    By Ceika! Telasi! Telasi!

    Mitzi the Paladin Gal by Ceika!

    dA! , My Warlock HB! My Warlock Handbook!
    Quote Originally Posted by INoKnowNames View Post
    Snowbluff, do you exist just to gather Win and Internets? You're very good at it.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThiagoMartell View Post
    Snowbluff has derailed this thread into the best discussion this forum has had in months, pastiche or not.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phelix-Mu View Post
    Reasons? REASONS?!

    Snowbluff, you killed the internet.

    This probably wins you an honorary internet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanist View Post
    I think Snowbluff is the official Avatar of PC-dom
    Spoiler: Backup sig
    Avatar of Rudisplork Avatar of PC-dom and Slayer of the Internet. Extended sig
    GitP Regulars as: Vestiges Spells Weapons Races
    Quote Originally Posted by Darrin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    All gaming systems should be terribly flawed and exploitable if you want everyone to be happy with them. This allows for a wide variety of power levels for games for different levels of players.
    I dub this the Snowbluff Axiom.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaydos View Post
    Playable Races
    Soulmelds which I practically missed
    Deities v2
    Elder Evils
    Google stopped giving me more, but I evidently missed Spells (the OP there isn't the most up to date), and Deities v1.
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    GitP Regulars as: Vestiges Spells Weapons Races Deities Feats Soulmelds/Veils
    Quote Originally Posted by Darrin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    All gaming systems should be terribly flawed and exploitable if you want everyone to be happy with them. This allows for a wide variety of power levels for games for different levels of players.
    I dub this the Snowbluff Axiom.

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    Homebrew by Adam1949

    Please be calm; I'll update the tables at some point when I've got free time

    Base Classes

    The Cruroclast: A manipulator of blood, allowing characters to heal and viciously slaughter at their whim. High Tier 4 (Nova damage, Healing).
    The Dreadnought: A follower of the Sublime Way, understanding how to turn defense into a formidable offence. Tier 3 (Defense, Martial Initiate).
    The Strider: A swift practitioner of the Sublime Way, mastering the art of both ranged combat and two-weapon fighting. Tier 3 (Ranged, Nova, Speed, Martial Initiate).

    Prestige Classes

    The Winter Court Emissary and the Summer Court Warden: A pair of fae-themed spellblades that are similar, yet polar (heh) opposites working for two war-torn fairy courts. The Winter Court Emissary is a cold-focused agent of the Unseelie Court, while the Summer Court Warden is a fire-flavored minion of the Seelie. Entered for the 44th Prestige Class Contest, and my first ever post on these forums. Also the Winner of the 44th Prestige Class Contest!
    The Scion of the Ur-Dragon: A draconic warrior that has mastered the power of breath weapons. Meant to give some love to the Dragonfire Adept and the Dragon Shaman both.
    The Chromatic Truthseeker: A Truespeak-based detective whose mastery of color-coded words allows them to manipulate the very fabric of reality and narrative rules. Entered in the 45th Prestige Class Contest. I enjoy some things too much not to mix them.
    The Landsknecht: A 5-level prestige class that focuses on cleaving, being pompous, and using really big weapons. It also grants a few Martial Maneuvers, even for characters that didn't have them before.

    The Mythos System (Inspired and Created by Xefas)

    The Mythic Dvati: An offshoot of Xefas' Mythos subsystem, this feat/class feature mix is meant to represent the strange twin-race known as the Dvati. My first completed part of the Mythos Project.
    The Mythic Fairy: Another creation stemming from Xefas' Mythos subsystem, this feat/class feature mixture allows a character to recognize and utilize their fey bloodline, manifesting wondrous powers as they slowly take on the form of their ancestors.
    The Mythic Vampire: Gee, I sure like Xefas' Mythos subsystem, don't I? This time, it's about bloodsuckers throughout popular fiction, from both classical and modern sources.
    The Mythic Giant: Yet another Mythos subsystem addition (I should do stuff besides these, in all honesty), focused on beings that are large and, most likely, in charge. Your character shall be the great Mountain, uncaring about any that are smaller than they... and by the end of it all, that covers quite a bit of the world.
    The Mythic Illumian: Alright, so this one is cribbing a bit on Xefas' Mythic Human somewhat, considering Illumians, according to 3.5, are humans. But you know, they're unique enough in my books to warrant their own racial legends.

    Other Things

    The Furious Godhunter: An archetype for the Pathfinder Barbarian, meant to face against angels, demons, clerics, and other outsider/divine types. Entered in the Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition #23.
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