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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current projects:
    World Lore/Goddess Aliara
    base class/ Shield knight
    rework/Molten engineer

    Dungeons and dragons 3.5 classes
    Magic Predator Slime:Class based upon being a slime and learning from your enemies

    The Legendary Cook: class based upon ingredients and cooking with them.

    Monster Hunter: Class based upon the monster hunter games.

    Slipstream fighter: Class based upon Overwatch's Tracer

    Harmonic Wanderer: Class based upon Overwatch's Zenyatta

    Shadowed Veteran: Class based upon Overwatch's Reaper

    Angel of Hope: class based upon Overwatch's Mercy

    Vigilante: class based upon Overwatch's McCree

    Aerial Artillery: class based upon Overwatch's Pharah

    Mecha Pilot: class based upon Overwatch's Pharah

    Kyudo Master: class based upon Overwatch's Hanzo

    Cyborg ninja: Class based upon Overwatch's Genji.

    Molten engineer: Class based upon Overwatches Torbjorn

    Draconic Ascendant: Dragons, claws, and magic

    Blooded Warrior:Using the blood of themselves and others.

    Assault Mech: Class based upon Overwatch's Bastion

    Expanded crafting: A reworked crafting system that helps with nonmagical but powerful weapons, as well as customization.
    Viral Infested: Archetype for the Oracle class from Pathfinder

    Magic Slime:A slime that actually has an intelligence and is a fun character to play sherades with
    Kobolds, Maforian A Kobold whose lives revolve around a notebook.

    personal worlds lore
    Before the First Age: My own worlds god lore pt1
    Gilham the mountain:Pacifist god of nature
    Morrok:God of Nightmares and dreams

    Got a suggestion:
    feel free to message me with your suggestions or ideas, I am always looking forward to create more classes or even supplements. Hearing comments or messages from you always inspires me. go ahead and tell me what you think, it always helps. -Theperfect25
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    Be Back In Time.
    If you want to see more of my creations or want to request one feel free to message me.
    Spoiler: For the thread of my Creations

    Spoiler: For Homebrews Signature thread

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Goaty14's Extended Signature
    (or "Sig", as the young'uns call it)

    Done: Nothing! (lol)


    -Sensible Vestige Fixes: The Binder is good and all, but some people don't like Ivory Tower game design...

    Trash Can:

    -The Conservationist: I can't even begin on how bad it turned out. Basically reducing spells/day doesn't "fix" downtime shenanigans.

    Spoiler: Random Misc (That I'm just throwing here)
    GENERATION 20: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. social experiment.
    DEGENERATION 88: Copy this into your sig and subtract 1 from the degeneration when you first see it. This is an antisocial experiment.
    Spoiler: List of Things You Don't Need To Know

    Quote Originally Posted by Venger View Post
    killing and eating a bag of rats is probably kosher.
    Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking), and your humility is stunning

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    These are here to use. You have permission to use them in any home game you like. If you do, I would love to hear stories of how they worked for others.

    You do not have permission to steal them for any publication without permission.
    Battling Bowman - Ranged based artificer who has special projectiles created on the fly so to say.

    Barbarian Paths
    Path of Dumb Luck - Barbarian path based on lucky hits, with a decent amount of out of combat utility for a barbarian.
    Path of the Bloodied - Path where you gain abilities as you take damage while raging.

    Bardic Colleges:
    College of the Luchador - A bardic wrestling subclass

    Cleric Domains:
    Evangelism - A subclass based on the idea of a faith healer
    Plant - Natural domain using plants to protect the caster
    Water - Natural Domain that uses water to react to triggers and debugg
    Air - Offensive focused subclass
    Animal - Offense focused subclass that develops and improves natural weapons
    Middle Management - Somewhat silly subclass in flavor, but has the ability to boost others on your team.
    Madness Domain - A cleric who worships the eldritch horrors and does psychic damage.It uses the madness charts from the DMG as a status capstone.

    Druid Circles:
    Elemental Warrior - Melee Focused Druid who does does extra elemental damage
    Pocket Monster - A summoner subclass that has a pokemon feel to it.

    Fighter Martial Archetypes:
    Fencer - A fighter subclass based around the Renaissance fencer. Utilizing a light finesse weapon, and a cape or cloak in your other hand to assist in defense
    Enlightened Warriors - Wisdom Based fighter

    Monk Traditions:
    Way of the Predator - Natural based monk, a monk who lives and survives in the wild and learns from beast predators
    Way of the Shrine Guardian - A monk who has grown up working in a shrine, uses the Ki to power charms that give passive bonuses and active abilities.

    Paladin Oaths:
    Oath of Two Faces - A Paladin Oath based on the Batman Villain Two-Face.

    Rogue, Tavern Wench - Rogue subclass, who is skilled at improvised weapons and unarmed combat, and is at home in a crowd

    Wizard Arcane Traditions:
    Pinball Wizard - A fun subclass build around the Who's Tommy

    Awakened Animals - Play as an awakened beast.

    Other Fun Stuff:
    Ranged Cantrips - Booming Blade/Green Flame Blade for ranged users
    Blade Ward and True Strike Replacement cantrips

    Premade One Shots:
    Treasure Hunt Riddle Solving - Level 3
    Into the cult caves - Dungeon Crawl - Level 4
    Gladiator Arena - Level 5
    Heist Mission - Level 6
    Last edited by nickl_2000; 2021-04-01 at 02:45 PM.
    Pronouns he/him/his
    Spoiler: 5e Subclass Contest Wins

    ● IV-Pinball Wizard
    ● VI-Luchador Bard
    ● XIII-Rogue, Tavern Wench
    ● XV-Monk, Way of the Shrine Guardian
    ● XVI-Cleric, Madness Domain
    ● XVIII-Fighter, Chef
    ● XXI-Artificer, Battling Bowman
    ● XXV-Ley Line Sorcerer

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    Default The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Artificer Specialties:

    Barbarian Paths:
    • Path of the Mad Chemist - A juggernaut-style path Based on League of Legend's Singed (submitted to D&D Subclass Contest IV: I Read This in a Book, Once)
    • Path of the Lunari - a moon-powered path Based on League of Legend's Diana (Submitted to 5e Slapdash Subclass Challenge II)
    • Path of the Shifter - A werewolf-style path that allows Barbarians to use wild shape while raging.

    Bardic Colleges
    • The College of Mentalism - Telepathic / Illusionist subclass based on M:tG's Jace Beleren
    • Faustian College - a fiendish-themed subclass for those who search for talent in all the wrong places: "A devil went down to Cormyr..." (Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest VIII: Something Borrowed taking 3rd place)

    Cleric Domains

    Druid Circles

    Fighter Archetypes
    • Willforger - a emotion manipulation subclass based on M:tG's Angrath
    • Void Survivor - Archetype based on LoL's Kai'Sa.

    Monastic Traditions:

    Paladin Oaths

    Further Revised 5e Ranger - Base Class Revision, including Wild Shape & Spell-less options, available for all existing conclaves.
    Ranger Conclaves:
    • Conclave of the Survey Corps - an incredibly mobile subclass, based on the Survey Corps from the Attack on Titan series
    • Arachnomancer Ranger - Spider Themed Subclass, based on Drow society and a little bit of spiderman
    • Longshot Conclave - A Fate/random manipulation class loosely based on probability manipulating characters, such as the mutants Longshot & Domino, Cameron Hicks from Alphas, Deadshot, and the like. (Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest VII: Well, That's Fortunate)

    Roguish Archetypes:
    • Quantum Trickster - a size-changing subclass, based on Ant-Man & The Wasp from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Timebreaker - a chronomancy (time magic) based subclass, based on League of Legend's Ekko & Overwatch's Tracer
    • Ghost Slayer - a Ghost Hunting subclass, based on M:tG's Kaya
    • Arrogate - a party-leader subclass (submitted to D&D Subclass Contest IX: Follow Me and taking 3rd place!)

    The Sorcerer Revisited, my version of the 5e sorcerer using spell points with new metamagic options.
    Sorcerer Bloodlines:
    • Shield Magic - based on M:tG's Teyo Verada
    • Mutagenic Sorcerer, a support-based class based on the Simic Guild of MTG's Ravnica. [I](Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest III: So You Don't Have To, and taking 3rd place).
    • Cryomancer bloodline - based on the UA Sea Sorcerer and the PS Pyromancer.

    Warlock Patrons:
    • The Gate of Truth - a conjuration and transmutation based subclass, based on the protagonists from the Fullmetal Alchemist series
    • Gaia - A earth/druidic themed patron, based on the protagonists from Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles
    • The Soulless- Necromancer Subclass based on M:tG's Liliana Vess
    • The Symbiote - based on Marvel's Venom tangentially attached to the MCU.
    • Hadar - debuffer archetype based on empowering the Hadar-themed spells.
    • Master Hand - goofy Meta-patron based on the BBEG from Super Smash Brother's Franchise, and mechanically expanding on the Bigby's Hand mechanics. (submitted to, and took 2nd place in D&D Subclass Contest VI: Bunch of Fives
    • Bloodlord Patron - a vampiric themed patron, based on M:tG's Sorin Markov
    • The Herald - reality warping & minion-summoning patron based on LoL's Malzahar
    • The Undying - a revision of the underwhelming patron released in SCAG

    Wizard School:
    • The Deathsinger - A wizard school based on League of Legend's Karthus, which makes the line between dead & alive a bit... messy
    • School of Galvimancy - A lightning-based school based on M:tG's Ral Zarek

    New Base Class:

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    Always looking for critique of my 5E homebrew!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarkmundur View Post
    ... does this stuff just come naturally to you? Do you even have to try anymore xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Man_Over_Game View Post
    Vogie is the sh**. I don't really have anything to contribute to the topic, just wanted to point that out.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    theVoidWatches' Extended Signature

    Barbarian Subclasses:
    Bard Subclasses:
    College of Gentlemanly Behavior (on GM's Binder | On GiantITP) Current version v0.1 Untested and amusing!
    College of Plautus (On GiantITP) The Roar of the Crowd
    Cleric Subclasses:
    Inspiration Domain (On GiantITP) Current Version v0.2 In Playtest!
    Druid Subclasses:
    Fighter Subclasses:
    The Hero (on GiantITP) Go Beyond: Plus Ultra!
    Monk Subclasses:
    Paladin Subclasses:
    Oath of Royalty (on GiantITP) For Leaders
    Ranger Subclasses:
    The Skinwalker (on GiantITP) Current version 0.2 Silver Medalist!
    Rogue Subclasses:
    Sorcerer Subclasses:
    Warlock Subclasses:
    The Horsemen Warlock Patron (on GM's Binder | on GiantITP) Current version 0.2.2 Untested!
    Wizard Subclasses:

    Base Classes
    Yet Another Warlock Rewrite - Eldritch Dice (on GM's Binder | on GiantITP) Current version 0.1.3 Balancing and Editing!
    The Lycanthrope (on GiantITP) Current version v0.3.1 Contest Winner!
    The Vampire (on GiantITP) Current version v0.4.1 Full Class!
    Anger Point Barbarian (on GiantITP) Current version 0.2 Contest Entrant!

    Prestige Classes
    Vampire Prestige Class (On GiantITP) Current version v0.3.1 Different Taboos!
    Multiclassing Feats (On GM's Binder | On GiantITP) Untested and Unadvised!
    Deck of Many Effects (On GiantITP) In Playtest!
    Last edited by theVoidWatches; 2020-08-17 at 09:44 PM.
    Hi, you can call me Void. I prefer she/her or they/them pronouns, please. Yes, "they" is a singular pronoun. I write a superhero webserial called Paternum - check it out!

    PEACH My 5e Homebrew, including...

    Yet Another Warlock Rewrite (on GiantITP) Playtested Once!

    Lycanthrope Base Class (on GiantITP) Contest Winner!

    Vampire Base Class (on GiantITP) Full Class!

    Inspiration Domain (On GiantITP) In Playtest!

    Skinwalker Ranger Subclass (on GiantITP) Silver Medalist!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Ooh, aah! Look at all this mediocre homebrew!

    My PbPs aren't quite up to date are very outdated, I'll do things to change that soon.

    GENERATION 20: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. social experiment.

    Spoiler: PbPs I'm GMing
    Masters of the Wild- IC OOC
    Cracks of the Multiverse IC OOC
    Abomination in the Slums OOC

    Spoiler: PbPs I'm playing
    None right this second!

    Spoiler: Aformentioned mediocre homebrew
    Whitescourge, a 5e base class and 2nd Place (!) winner of one of the 5e Base Class Contests
    Star domain for clerics
    More to come when it comes!

    Spoiler: Sundered World
    I plan on putting my world information here in the form of google docs on each region. That probably won't be up for a while, though... In the meantime, have a cockroach!
    Spoiler: Mastica
    Spoiler: The Free North
    The Mesa Belt + Charvassi Desert
    Other locales

    Northern Wastes

    Spoiler: Bathari
    Whitecliff Coast
    Plains of Ada

    Spoiler: Kamadara
    Spoiler: Kaz
    P'tol-Zerath Coast

    The Motelands
    Karzan Empire
    Mardian Collection

    Spoiler: Ssor

    Spoiler: Islands
    Mallaway Isles
    Starkindler Island
    Xian Yang

    Gods of Aeros
    Spoiler: Factions of the Sundered World
    Knights of Talvor
    The Apex
    The Knights of Axiom
    The Arcane Congress
    The Gilded Coalition
    The Holy Order
    Order of the Magi
    More to come...

    Spoiler: Meta-options of the Sundered World

    All races (save those from GGtR and Wayfinder's Guide to Ebberon) and classes are available. Some reflavored options are presented here. (link not up yet)
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    See that cool Teifling? Thanks, potatopeelerkin! If you want something like it, they have more avatars up for adoption in the thread with the same name...

    Hey, I have an extended signature now!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Alent's Extended Homebrew Sig.

    Project Exile:

    General 3.x Homebrew:
    My Homebrew
    A Return to Exile, a homebrew campaign setting.
    Under Construction: Skills revamp for the Campaign Setting. I need to make a new index thread.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Hoard of the Dragon Queen: OOC, IC, PC
    Phandelver: PC

    5e D&D Homebrew:
    My 5e minimalist Ranger Fix
    Rules for various sporting events, including Archery, Jousts, Races, and Wrestling, Fishing and Shoving sports
    Additional Backgrounds

    5e D&D subclasses:
    The Extraplanar Researcher, a traveler of the planes
    Bibliothecary, with superior casting compared to the other magical craftspeople
    The Runecaster, with the knowledge to craft the least of the runes of the giants
    A Minimalist Alchemist Fix (plus some additional infusions)
    The Vault Builder: a trap based artificer
    Using exotic thrown weapons, the Grenadier
    The Path of the Seer, a clever caster able to work around the worst limits of their class
    Expanded options for Totem Warriors and Storm Heralds
    Path of the Guardian Protector, a combat healer diving into the fray for a heroic rescue
    For the Hangry Barbarian, the Path of the Endless Hunger
    The Path of Whirling Steel, a subclass focusing on the otherwise weakest fighting style
    The College of Hymns, converted from 3.5e to sing the praises of the gods
    The College of Birdsong, who flies to freedom
    The College of Marshaling. The amateurs discuss tactics; the professionals discuss logistics. These bards master both
    To hamstring your foes and ease your allies, the College of Karma
    The Travel Domain, always on the road again
    The Rivalry Domain, as there's nothing better to inspire allies than having them count kills
    The Protection Domain and The Destruction Domain, each based on one of the 4e Rune Priest's Rune States
    The Celebration Domain, a controller party cleric. Functional replacement for the love domain?
    The Tremor Domain, channeling the terrors of the earth
    Expanded options for Land Druids
    The Circle of Reclamation, who can't bother waiting for civilization to crumble before nature swallows it again
    The Circle of Spirit Guidance, in tune with the elements and fey. Based on the 3.5e spirit shaman
    Circle of Seeking, using ranged weapons to deliver spells. Based on the 4e Seeker class
    The Circle of Storms, a very pushy controller druid
    The Corruption Touched, tainted by forces that are demonic, illithid, vampiric, or yuan-ti
    The Vaunt Knight, a master of manipulation converted from 3.5e
    The Ghostwalker, whose body and soul stand apart
    The Way of Jotunslag, trained to fight in the manner of the mighty giants
    Way of the Iron Mountain, for your invulnerable monk
    Way of the Desert Wind, a hot and cold subclass based on ToB and the 4e Monastic Tradition
    Way of the Bounding Wind, monks of airborne evasion
    The Oath of Study, a student of all, including arcane power
    The Oath of Horror, a soldier of the far realm
    The Mercenary Oath of Fortune, dedicated to maximum profits
    The Oath of Oration, a subclass for orators and postmen, here
    Faerie Irregular, trained to directly invoke the powers of the fey
    The Warden, a melee controller from 4e
    The Trailblazer, fighting from their mount
    The evasive and aquatic Wave Breaker
    The Drakeslayer, which reuses their dragon fighting techniques against other foes
    Shadow Commander, never truly alone
    The Silencing Blade, the bane of casters and the minds of everyone else
    The Divine Avenger, converted from 4e to bring judgement from the gods
    The Trapbreaker, a reactive and slightly AD&D rogue
    Aberrant Infiltrator, based on the 3.5e aberrant feat tree.
    Oozeblood sorcerer, soft but less squishy
    The Starmarked Sorcerer, imbuing the power of the heavens
    A melee oriented undead sorcerer, the Touched of the Tomb
    Soul of the Astral Wind, a movement heavy Sorcerer
    The Dragon Patron, giving their aid martial power
    The Winter Lord, surpassing on the slipperiness of a rogue
    The Forest Guardian, taking control on the battlefield
    For Neutrally Aligned Patrons, The Keeper of Balance, granting power over fundamental ordering principles of motion
    The School of the Sha'ir, drawing on the elements for more flexibility
    School of Hedges, an arcane student of druidic magics
    A reworked School of Necromancy to focus on weakening the living, and a separate School of Pale Mastery which retains all the effects the PBH version uses to focus on undead
    Order of the Redresser, a Blood Hunter with the edge toned down.

    Spoiler: Poor Subclasses Archive
    The Empowered Bastion. See the Keeper of Balance for an updated version
    The Circle of the Outer Planes, a druid tied to Aberrations and Monstrosities
    The Possessed. See the Ghostwalker for an updated version
    The Circle of avenging, a combat brawler. You should probably just stick with a Moon druid
    The Way of the Weavemold, an anti-magic monk. See the Silencing Blade for an updated version
    The Combat Medic, a fighter with healing abilities
    The Way of the Seven Heavens, a Celestial Monk
    The Professor Explorer, a UA artificer subclass with a poor memory, excellent luck and terrible luck. I guess the Vault Builder can serve as an update
    The Blackblot Herbalist, a venomous ranger
    The Master of Plagues, a disease-bringer artificer
    For a more defensive and pious favored monk, the Way of the Serene Grace
    The Mutilator of Magic, a spellcasting anti-mage.

    Spoiler: 5e Psionics Overhaul
    Psionic Disciplines Overhaul, (on the Homebrewery) to rebalance the AU mystic. Commentary on this forum here

    The Psion, a Rewrite of the Mystic backwards compatible to other homebrew subclasses
    The Battlemind, a half psionic class with 4e influence
    Order of the Wilder, a Mystic subclass for the 3.5e class of the same name
    Psychic Warrior, a fighter subclass based on the 3.5e class
    Way of the Psionic Fist, based on the 3.5e monk prestige class
    Psychic Bloodline, a psionic sorcerer subclass

    Blues, psionic goblinoids
    Maenads a psionic race from 3.5e
    Dromites, another old psionic race
    Thri-Kreen, the mantid warriors
    Psionic Gith

    Gem Dragonborn and Psionic Feats.

    5e D&D races
    Monotreme Races, based on the IRL platypus and echidna
    Arachneans, arachnid races without the extra limb problem
    Ceboids, a three-limbed race based on new world monkeys
    Desert, Jungle, & Sea Dwarves, with additional distinctions from the PHB's Mountain and Hill Dwarves
    Gnolls and Aardgnolls, based on actual hyenas rather than demonic influence
    The Dhampire, tainted by Vampiric powers
    The Bizuxxie; bumbling bee-folk
    Cynocephali, the dogfolk of Greek myth
    The shardminds, the living crystals from 4e
    Aasimar for the chaotically aligned upper planes, here

    5e Spells and Invocations: Organized here
    Warlock Spell and Invocation Options
    A bunch of spell conversions from 3.5e, mostly high level. See here
    Marine Spells for aquatic Campaigns
    Conversion of 3.5e spells from Complete Divine
    Conversion of the 3.5e spells from Complete Arcane
    Conversion of 2e spells from Al-Quadim and Complete Sha'ir
    Pile of Touch Spells, for close range casters. Mostly combat focused
    Bunch of Warlock Invocations to fill in some gaps in the options
    Spell options for non-adventuring days, with a focus for Artificers. Here
    13 Nasty Necromancies
    Options for Wild Magic Sorcerers and Wall Wizards
    Additional Divinations and Illusions
    Expanded Abjurations

    5e feats And Skills:
    Heritage Feats for characters with in-humanoid ancestry
    Volo's Racial Feats, shoring up the variety for monstrous races
    The Bodily Autonomy skill allowing for Body over Mind
    9 Genasi Racial Feats, to give the race some more interest
    A reworked grappler feat, skipping the pin effect of the published version

    5e Items:
    Medieval Exotic Weapons, Firearms, and Firearms Feat.
    Exotic Weapons II, Deft Weapons, Double Weapons, and a Dual Wielding fix with related feats for all
    Additional Low Level Potions. Cheap for a show
    Additional Giant Runes, in the style of Sky King's Thunder
    A bunch of herbs with expanded medicines, materials, and poisons to make with them
    3 dozen minor magic items, for low level play and to provide more items without significant boosts to the party's power
    A pile of magic items, I guess with a minor greek/marine theme
    NPC items for stealing. Here
    Additional Alchemical Items
    2 dozen Consumable magic items.

    5e Monsters:
    Beast Focused: Part 1, and Aquatic, with a bunch of Summonable Fey.
    Celestials: Jewish Tradition focused, Guardinals, For Filling Out the Upper Planes, Eastern Folklore
    Expanded Golems
    Dragons: Dragonettes, Drakes, and Linnorms, Amphithere mounts
    Elemental Focused: Paraelementals & Grue, Sapient Elementals with creature of other types, An Air Elemental Focused Group
    Plant Focused: 2e Plant traps, Plant Traps II, Plant Traps III
    Aberrations: Lords of Madness and some more from a variety of sources
    Binder Monster Conversion.
    Gimmick Fights: Additional Oozes and Expanded Sorrowsworn

    4e D&D Homebrew

    4e Races
    The noble deep sea Triton, with supporting feats and utility powers.
    Cynocephaly, a race of energetic dog-folk. Here
    Lizardfolk, based primarily on the 5e version.

    4e Feats
    Channel Divinity Options for the Greek Pantheon. Here
    Extra Tribal Feats, including for the rest of the skills.

    4e Powers
    Powers to aid saving throws for Runepriests.

    4e Monsters
    Mephits, the nasty little elementals
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Spoiler: Races

    Spoiler: Subraces

    Unfamiliar Familiars- Attempt to make some new options for find familiar and warlocks Pact of the Chain
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    My limited homebrew experience
    oh hey didn't see you there

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    The future is bright.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I never thought I'd need to post in this thread, but the links I was putting in my signature finally drove it over 1,000 characters.

    Stuff I'm quite proud of:
    The Bladebound Martyr!
    Quasi-Elemental Genasi (Plus New Feats and a Subtype)!

    Stuff I'm reasonably proud of:
    The Lesser Gnoll!
    The Psicrystal Thief!

    The Pact Bargainer!
    The Dwarven Defender!
    Saga Edition no Densetsu!
    You found the hidden text! Have a cookie.

    Thanks to The Stoney One for the awesome avatar!

    Spoiler: My homebrew!
    The Bladebound Martyr!
    Quasi-Elemental Genasi (Plus New Feats and a Subtype)!
    My Extended Signature!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I've finally come up with enough homebrew to warrant a spot on this thread.
    Some of this stuff is old but I am still happy anyone is willing to check out my extended sig.!

    Spoiler: Pathfinder Material

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    Invincibility lies in the defense. The possibility of victory is in the attack.
    - Diamond Sword

    Featured Homebrews:
    (SF) bombs and Hangar Support
    The Forge (Crafting System)

    Extended Homebrew Sig

    Dice (feel free to use them!):

    "I want you dead enough to turn into a handbag and I want you dead enought to turn into a toaster!"
    -Unknown XCOM Commander

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Spoiler: My Homebrew
    Roguish Archetype – Bladecloak - 1st Place, Subclass Contest X: Calling Card
    Throw knives, all the knives

    Fighter Archetype – Irradiated - 1st Place, Subclass Contest XI: Points for Everybody!
    A tactical, martial mutant. All that's missing is a Pip-Boy

    Warlock Otherworldly Patron – The Nilbog - 1st Place, Subclass Contest XII: It's Mind
    You'll be the talk of the horde with this mind-melting subclass

    Ranger Archetype – Soulsworn
    A Ranger with Invocations...Rangvocations

    Monastic Tradition – Way of the Swift End
    Monks are fast...this one's faster

    Druid – Circle of the Elements
    A totem placing, damage dealing, elemental phenomenon

    Druid – Circle of the Fossil
    I can Polymorph into an animated T-Rex skeleton...need I say more?

    Sorcerous Origin – Fateweaver
    Mess about with fate and chance, choose your path and pull some strings

    Barbarian – Path of the Bureaucrat
    Like a papercut personified

    Fighter Archetype – Froghemant - 3rd Place, Subclass Contest XVI: It Came From Beyond II
    An ode to the Froghemoth, the weird, swallowing alien of D&D

    Wizard – School of the Avantguardian - 1st Place, Subclass Contest XVII: The Band
    As if Wizards weren't snobby you can be a music snob and a magic snob

    Druid – Circle of the Crystalline - 2nd Place, Subclass Contest XVIII: Five Stars
    Be a creepy crystal Druid...if the world isn't to your liking, rearrange force

    Barbarian: Path of the Psi-Fury
    Barbarian SMASH? No, Barbarian use brain powers...and then SMASH!

    Artificer Specialist – The Defect
    An ode to the game Slay the Spire. The Defect character ported into DND

    Barbarian – Path of Panic
    Why be a hero. Heroes die. Cowards...they survive

    Wizard Arcane Tradition – Anti-Mage
    A wizard with no spells. But also the ability to nullify magic

    Fighter Archetype - Magitech Mercenary
    An ode to vaulthunter Zane Flynt from the Borderlands video game series
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    Spoiler: Homebrew Subclasses by RickAsWritten

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Fnissalot's Lot of Homebrew
    Extended Signature Edition
    Spoiler: Subclasses

    Barbarian Paths
    • Path of the Flowminder, turns rage into a state of extreme focus, took 3rd place in the 5e Subclass Contest XII.

    Bard Colleges

    Cleric Domains

    Monk Ways

    Rogue Archetypes
    • Relic Grifter, trick the gods into granting you favors as a 1/3 divine caster, took 1st place in the 5e Subclass Contest VIII.

    Sorcerer Origins
    • The Lineage, your ancestors were a multitude of peculiar individuals whose power you encapsulate. Use your granny's favorit pot or a portrait of your great great great uncle as a spellcasting focus.

    Spoiler: Classes

    • The Warden, a modular alternative to the ranger class based on the idea that your favored enemy, terrain, and tricks should make your ranger mechanically and flaverfully unique.
    • The Mortifier, a hitdice to spell points 3/4 spellcaster around the concept of blood magic.

    Spoiler: Races

    Spoiler: Humans

    The Intent: Basic humans are boring and weaker than any other race, while variant humans are too good due to the effectiveness of some feats. This version tries to show humans as being good at adapting and not giving up.
    Use these instead of the base or variant human traits.
    Ability Score Increase
    Three different ability scores of your choice increase by 1.
    Short-lived Passion.
    You gain proficiency in one skill or tool of your choice. You cannot gain expertise in that skill or tool.
    When you gain a level, you may spend one week of studying a new subject or practicing with a new tool. If you do, you lose any previous proficiency gained by this feature and choose another skill or tool in which you do not have proficiency. You gain proficiency in that skill or tool.
    Hard Working
    When you finish a long rest, you reduce your level of exhaustion by 1 more than normal.
    Spirited Resolve.
    When you succeed on a death saving throw, you may spend a hit dice, roll it and add it to the result. If the result is equal to or above 20, you regain hit points equal to the result on the hit die and reduce failed death saves by 1.

    Spoiler: Dragonborn

    The Intent: Other races gets multiple things aside from a resistance; see e.g. Shadar Kai, Aasimar, Genasi. Dragonborns normally only have a resistance, a once a rest weak lvl 1 spell (it is better than a lvl 1 spell once you reach lvl 11), and a bad ASI mix. I gave the breath has a number of uses, added a ribbon and subraces in the dragon racial feats.
    Ability Score Increase. (Replace the feature in the base race)
    Your Strength and Charisma scores each increase by 1.
    Breath Weapon. (Replace the feature in the base race)
    You can use your action to exhale destructive energy. It deals damage in an area according to your ancestry. When you use your breath weapon, all creatures in the area must make a saving throw, the type of which is determined by your ancestry. The DC of this saving throw is 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. A creature takes 2d6 damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. The damage increases to 3d6 at 5th level, 4d6 at 11th level, and 5d6 at 17th level.
    You can use your breath weapon a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum of once), and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.
    Hoardsense (Add to the base race)
    You have advantage on Intelligence and Wisdom checks regarding fine art, treasures, and jewelry.
    Dragon Eyes (Can be replaced with one of the following feats; Dragon Hide, Dragon Wings, Dragon Fear)
    • Ability Score Increase.: Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
    • Darkvision: Accustomed to life underground, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
    • Dragon's Sight: As a bonus action, you gain 15ft of blindsight until the end of your next turn. After you use this ability, you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.

    Spoiler: Houserules

    Hit Points and Death Saves
    The intent: 5th edition does not give the feeling of being damaged, injured, or hurt. 4th edition’s effect bloodied did this. In fifth, it is also causing yo-yo healing when player characters go down to 0 hit points, which I try to avoid.
    • A player character is bloodied when it is either injured, wounded, or its current hit points are less than half of its maximum hit points. When you are bloodied, you have disadvantage on skill checks.
    • Change from: The number of both is reset to zero when you regain any hit points or become stable. To: The number of successes is reset to zero when you regain any hit points or become stable. Your number of failures reset to zero when you either finish a short or long rest or is healed until not bloodied.
    • Add the following to the effect of Healer’s Kit: As an action, you can expend one use of the kit to try to remove a failed death save from a creature you can reach. Make a Wisdom (Medicine) check dc 12 to remove 1 failed save.

    Escalation Die
    The intent: Speeding up combat as it goes on by making everything more and more dangerous. Borrowed the idea from the game The 13th Age.
    The escalation die represents a bonus to attacks and damaging effects as the fight goes on.

    At the start of the second round, the GM sets the escalation die at 1. Everyone gains a bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and save DCs equal to the current value on the escalation die. Each round, the escalation die advances by +1.

    If the GM judges that the characters are avoiding conflict rather than bringing the fight to the bad guys, the escalation die doesn’t advance. If combat virtually ceases, the escalation die resets to 0.
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    Blue Jay's Extended Signature

    I mainly create homebrew for D&D 3.5e, so unless otherwise noted, all content here is for D&D 3.5e.

    Thread Links

    Alphabetical Indices of All of Blue Jay's Homebrew Content
    Each entry identifies which thread it's in.

    Base Classes
    Spoiler: Base Classes
    • Archer Adept: (Repository) An archer class with homebrew martial maneuvers.
    • Battle Dancer: (Repository) A blend of bard, dervish and barbarian.
    • Martial Adept (Generic): (Repository) A generic class that uses Tome of Battle mechanics.
    • Ninja (Mystic Ninja): (Repository) A remake of the ninja class that incorporates features from the monk, assassin and ranger classes.
    • Ranger (Skirmish Ranger): (Repository) A higher-powered ranger that gains skirmish and other mobility-related features.
    • Ranger (Wild Ranger): (Repository) A higher-powered ranger that can also rage like a barbarian.
    • Skinwalker: (Repository) A shapeshifter who takes the forms of animals and vermin by wearing their pelts.
    • Swashbuckler (Dueling Swordsman): (Repository) A nimble swordsman who makes liberal use of attacks of opportunity.
    • Wizard (Tier-3 Wizard): (Repository) A remake of the wizard with weaker spellcasting.

    Base Classes for E6
    Spoiler: Base Classes for E6
    • Aerurge: (Repository) An invocation user with a theme of elemental air.
    • Cantrip Mage: (Repository)A spellcaster who does nothing but cast cantrips.
    • Domain Priest: (Repository) A divine spellcaster based solely on domains.
    • Hydrurge: (Repository) An invocation user with a theme of elemental water.
    • Pyrurge: (Repository) An invocation user with a theme of elemental fire.
    • Spell Cultist: (Repository) A spellcaster who focuses extensively on a narrow set of spells.
    • Tecturge: (Repository) An invocation user with a theme of elemental earth.
    • Warrior: (Repository) A high-powered E6 fighter class with diverse archetypes.

    Prestige Classes
    Spoiler: Prestige Classes
    • Centaur Courser: (Repository) A centaur who fights like a mounted warrior.
    • Blazer: (Monster PrCs) For those miscellaneous Ex or Su energy attacks that have no support.
    • Bruiser: (Monster PrCs) For monsters that want to do something with their slam attacks.
    • Chomper: (Monster PrCs) For monsters that bite.
    • Dire Blob: (Monster PrCs) For oozes and swarms that covet each other's abilities.
    • Goblin Vermin Rider: (Repository) A goblin who rides a giant vermin mount.
    • Gulper: (Monster PrCs) For monsters that just want to swallow stuff.
    • Hivekeeper: (Repository) A messy, complex class for collecting vermin minions.
    • Master Sniper: (Repository) A ranged combatant who focuses on taking single shots at extreme range.
    • Murmillo: (Repository) A class made especially for sword-and-board.
    • Myriad: (Monster PrCs) For swarms that want more swarms.
    • Padiddle: (Monster PrCs) For monsters with only one natural weapon and no other combat abilities whatsoever (Tongue-in-Cheek).
    • Retiarius: (Repository) A class that expands on the Net and Trident feat
    • Shuriken Master: (Repository) A class for throwing lots of shuriken.
    • Slasher: (Monster PrCs) For clawed monsters that don't already have Pounce, Rapidstrike or Rend.
    • Splork: (Monster PrCs) For oozes that want more slimy, contortionist options.
    • Stinger: (Monster PrCs) For monsters with innate Poison attacks.
    • Tangler: (Monster PrCs) For be-tentacled monsters that wish to control a chunk of the battlefield through grappling.
    • Tavern Brawler: (Repository) A class for unarmed strikes and improvised weapons.
    • Thagomizer: (Monster PrCs) For monsters with powerful tail attacks.
    • Web-Slinger: (Monster PrCs) For spiders and other creatures that entangle their victims with webs.
    • Wild Juggernaut: (Monster PrCs) For creatures that charge, trample and knock stuff over.

    Original Monsters
    *All monsters are in the Bestiary thread, unless otherwise noted.
    Spoiler: Original Monsters
    • Animated Objects: Ordinary objects becoming constructs, including: ballista, cage, candelabrum, spellbook, caltrops, wheelbarrow, saddle, rope, chest, big rock, musical instrument, beehive and snowman
    • Devil, Crimson Devil: A generic minor devil with a pitchfork, horns and a tail
    • Demon, Nuckelavee: My take on a classic monster from the folklore of the Orkney Islands
    • Dread Cavalier: A permanently-mounted skeletal warrior
    • Griffins: Several variations on the standard griffin, including four age categories, plus the golden griffin, panther griffin, phoenix griffin, sea griffin, snow griffin, song griffin and storm griffin
    • Poultry: In case you want stats for chickens, ducks and/or turkeys, for some reason
    • Reaper Lord: A "grim reaper" clone
    • Reaping Willow: A tree monster with scythe-like branches
    • Swarm of Flying Swords: It's a swarm... of flying swords
    • Tikbalang: My take on a classic monster from Philippine folklore
    • Unseen Agent: An unseen servant that's become a real boy

    Monster Remakes
    *All monsters are in the Bestiary thread, unless otherwise noted.
    Spoiler: Monster Remakes
    • Boneyard: A large pile of bones that can animate and control skeletons, from Libris Mortis
    • Eldritch Archer: A powerful undead made from the body of an arcane archer, from Dragon #317
    • Fossergrim: My take on a creature from Scandinavian folklore
    • Giants, "Playable": Classic giants built around ogre-like stats, to make them more attractive as PCs
    • Needlefolk: A spiny plant creature from Monster Manual II
    • Shocker: A creature made of electricity, from Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
    • Sisiutl: A two-headed creature from North Pacific folklore.
    • Yuki-Onna: My take on a classic "frost nymph" from Japanese folklore

    Spoiler: Templates
    • Aberrant Arm: (Monster Templates) For players who want their character to have a weird arm, but don't want to pay for a graft.
    • Animated Armor: (Monster Templates) Because armors should be allowed to be people constructs too.
    • Animated Siege Engine: (Monster Templates) Because catapults should be allowed to be people constructs too.
    • Animated Trap: (Monster Templates) Because traps should be allowed to be people constructs too.
    • Anthropomorphic: (Monster Templates) A more conservative approach than Savage Species did.
    • Flying Head: (Monster Templates) For those weirdos who don't want their character to have a body.
    • Flying Weapon: (Monster Templates) Because swords should be allowed to be people constructs too.
    • Multi-Armed: (Monster Templates) In case your monster doesn't have enough arms.
    • Multi-Headed: (Monster Templates) In case your monster doesn't have enough heads.
    • Multi-Legged: (Monster Templates) In case your monster doesn't have enough legs.
    • Rokurokubi: (Monster Templates) For those weirdos who want a flying head, but don't want to give up their body for it.
    • Symbiotic: (Monster Templates) My attempt to make this template more accessible, but less trouble-prone.
    • Tauric: (Monster Templates) An alternate means of creating a simple "-taur" creature by adding a humanoid torso to a base creature.
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    Rater's Extended Signature



    Undying One: Base Class built entirely around being as hard to kill as is balanced, fluff neutral, no-ability-dependant, though a high con score is encouraged... Not much else going for it, admittedly. Meant to be taken from 1-20, but the potential exists for dips and multiclassing and it is made with that in mind.


    Super Soldiers: Create Captain America as a PC or NPC ally... Or Nuke as an enemy. Also includes Man-Thing.


    Playable Undead Children


    Subclassess: Symbiotes for Every Class.

    Slaymate Race

    Dragon Ball inspired races


    Envenomed Exalted: Chosen of The King in Black.


    Jump Force Inspired Post Apocalyptic Setting
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    I also answer to Bookmark and Shadow Claw.

    Read my fanfiction here. Homebrew Material Here Rater Reads the Hobbit and Dracula
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    Spoiler: Ode To Meteors, By zimmerwald
    Quote Originally Posted by zimmerwald1915 View Post
    You are a meteor
    Falling star
    You soar your
    Way down the air
    To the floor
    Where my other

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Composer99's Homebrew

    D&D 5e Homebrew

    Character Options

    Playing the Game


    New Subsystems
    Spoiler: New Subsystems

    Spoiler: Monsters
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    ~ Composer99

    D&D 5e Campaign:
    Adventures in Eaphandra

    D&D 5e Homebrew:
    This can be found in my extended homebrew signature!

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    Debatra's 3.5e Homebrew

    Prestige Classes

    The Master of the Mind - An Illusionist/Enchanter synergy collaboration by Debatra and JustToBrowse

    Magic Items

    Falseblade - AKA "The Sword of Ludicrous Legends"


    The Wild ARMs 3.5 Project - My attempt to bring Filgaia to the gaming table. Still technically active as of 1-1-2021.
    Kaedanis Pyran, tai faernae.

    The LA Assignment Threads: Attempting to Make Monsters Playable Since 2016

    My Homebrewer's Extended Signature
    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Lycan 01 View Post
    Roland just endorsed a crack pairing?

    Did... did we break the universe?
    Quote Originally Posted by SassyQuatch View Post
    It is a major flaw in the game. Destroy a moon? Sure. Talk to somebody a hundred miles away, that's going to be difficult.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    Realistically speaking... D&D style magic doesn't exist, so... let's ignore reality.

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    3.x Homebrew

    Whirling Mage: A caster prestige class focused on the underappreciated (imo) spell whirling blade.

    Drakenmael: A race of dragon shapeshifters that should provide a interesting experience for players
    Native Sha'ir enthusiast. NO GENIE WARLOCK DOESNT COUNT!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky McDibben View Post
    I am unburdened of my salt, and I rise like a bland-ass potato chip from the ashes of my discontent.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    'Completed' Projects:
    -[Base Class] Cruoroclast (Pseudo-Vampire Class and Feats)

    -[Base Class] Doujutsu Classes (Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Mangekyou classes, Feats, and Grafts)

    -[Base Class] Star Avatar (Light+Chi Warrior Class and Feats)

    -[Prestige Class] Anathematist (Hexblade-based Curse Master Prestige Class and Feats)

    -[Monster Class] Kython Monster Class (World Invading Aberrations and feats)

    -[Monster Prestige Class] Inugami (Hexblade meets Ranger)

    -[Monster Prestige Class] Yokai Classes (Monster Prestige Classes and feats)
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    It's about time I got one of these to catalogue my grand achievements. For the record, I'm yet to do anything that's not for 3.5, so unless noted, everything below is 3.5 material. Now,


    (In order of appearance:)

    –PASSER (p.1/1); Small Monstrous Humanoid with three subraces (Greybird, Greenbird, Redbird): the eponymous songbird race; an early creation of mine, it has little going for it other than a fly speed and being cute (a mechanical effect!), but I like it all the same (because BIRDIES). Playable (no RHD, no LA).
    –ANGRY SPARROW SWARM (p.1/2); Fine Animal [Swarm]: exactly what it says on the tin: a swarm of sparrows who are angry and not afraid to voice that via scary chirping. Non-Playable.
    –SEVEN-HEADED DRAGON (p. 1/4); Large Dragon: exactly what it says on the tin again; a creature of folk tales, this dragon has seven heads, a firey breath, a knack for fencing and throwing maces at things and possibly a drinking habit (but that last one is fluff); somewhat clunky. Non-Playable.
    –CAMELOPARDALIS (p. 1/5); Large Animal: a panther/camel hybrid (no, seriously): it claws and bites and spits and carries heavy stuff without tiring. Non-Playable.
    –KROKOTTAS (p.1/6); Medium Magical Beast: a wolflike mythical creature, bites through thick stuff and digests fast. Non-Playable.
    –CELESTIAL STAG (p.1/7); Medium Aberration: another mythical one; can be a faceless nuisance or a horribly unbalanced weapon of mass destruction (it makes a tad bit more sense in context). Non-Playable.
    –HIDE (p.1/8); Large Aberration: also from Borges, it's an aquatic ambush predator that jumps on people; looks like a big flat cowhide. Non-Playable.
    –GIANT HARVESTMAN (p.1/9); Medium Vermin: an oversized arachnid with oversized, misbehaving legs. Non-Playable.
    –SITIS (p.1/10); Huge Ooze: clunky and overstuffed with SAs/SQs, this big pile of jelly has a counterintuitive way of drinking (i.e. it sucks the water (and blood) out of its engulfed victims). Non-Playable.
    –KALYPTHEN (p.1/19); Medium Outsider [Extraplanar, Lawful]: very cold, very lawful, very persuasive for a creature that doesn't speak, this thing floats about with a built-in magic item wrapped around it. Non-Playable.
    –HELICOTAUR (p.1/25); Large Magical Beast: a snail/bull hybrid with a very resilient shell and a radula; comes with a rant. Non-Playable.
    –HYAD (p.1/26); Medium Fey: a friendly rain nymph making friendly rain. Non-Playable.
    –YLYK aka WARHAWK (yes, I know, I'm not as funny as I think I am)(p.1/29); Medium Outsider [Extraplanar]: a big loud hawk good at commanding (and/i.e. buffing) troops; the first installment of the Birdy Month series. Playable (4 RHD, LA +1).
    –SICKLEWING (p.2/34); Medium Monstrous Humanoid: swift (the birdy) person; flies much, fast and well, sleeps little, is a BIRDY; the second installment of the Birdy Month series. Playable (2 RHD, LA +2).
    –WOODPECKER (p.2/37); Diminutive Animal: a woodpecker with weaponised drumming; the third installment of the Birdy Month series. Non-Playable.
    –DIRE WOODPECKER (ibid.); Small Animal: as above, but bigger; the fourth installment of the Birdy Month series. Non-Playable.
    –STROPHADIC HARPY (p.2/38); Medium Outsider [Air, Native]: actual birdwoman harpy (as opposed to those deranged, song-dance number reptilian whatevers); perfect flight, obnoxious habits, tough skin, cryptic musings: the whole package; fifth installment of the Birdy Month series. Non-Playable.
    –AVIAN CREATURE (ibid.); template: gives a fly speed, a beak and other assorted cosmetic effects that make one look like a BIRDY; the sixth and final installment of the Birdy Month series; LA +1.
    –TAHEEN (p.2/41); Medium Monstrous Humanoid: straight out of The Dark Tower; (rollable) animal head with weird electric noise inside and the ability to eat gross stuff and like it. Playable (no RHD, LA +1).
    –SUVAR (p.2/46); Colossal Elemental [Air, Fire]: basically a little sun, burns hot, knows much, is as bad an idea as an epic creature should be. Non-Playable.
    –GAVAL (p.2/42); Medium Humanoid [Shapechanger]: shapeshifting horse person (hippanthrope?); can turn into a horse or something roughly human-looking. Playable (2RHD, LA +1).
    –STONE ELF (p.2/48); Medium Humanoid [Elf]: sketchy elf subrace with a climb speed; eats people; people are not impressed. Playable (no RHD, no LA).
    –YRCH (ibid.); Medium Humanoid [Elf, Orc]: half-elf half-orcs, somewhere between the two parent species; thorougly mediocre (by design!). Playable (no RHD, no LA).
    –NITRIAN STRIDER or TEMPTERBEAST (p.2/49); Gargantuan Magical Beast: big, beefy elephantine beast with stupidly long legs; a hard one to stop once it gets moving. Non-Playable (but trainable).
    –ORANGE MUSK CREEPER (p.2/50); Medium Plant: a smaller and way friendlier cousin of the yellow variant; a (slow) walking, (telepathically) talking mental switchboard with a few buffs to offer. Playable (2 RHD, LA +1).
    –AKOWITA (p.2/55); Medium Elemental: it's fast, it's Evil, it's made of pure alcohol. Non-Playable.
    –MEIDONT (p.2/56); Diminutive Plant: a little flower with telekinesis and short range teleportation; comes with a couple of new alchemical items. Playable (no RHD, no LA).
    –STRATOGORGOPS (p.2/57); Medium Monstrous Humanoid: a bite-happy bipedal grorgonopsid in a bulky armour, carrying a really big stick spear and complete with a discount version of powerful build. Playable (5 RHD, LA +3).
    –YPOGORGOPS (ibid.); Large Animal: a sizeable, but otherwise basic quadrupedal gorgonopsid that likes to jump on stuff. Non-Playable (but available as a mount).
    –WEEPING ORB (p.2/58); Medium Ooze: a ball of slime in a rubbery shell; it can turn into an off-brand ochre jelly when in dire straits, leaving the shell behind; comes with a new special material for armours. Non-Playable.
    –SKIA (p.2/59); template: turns stuff into a Death(and mostly mind)less thing that craves blood (but for a good(ish) reason); it's easy to beat; it's unkillable; it's largely harmless; it's death itself. Non-Playable.
    –SECRETARY BIRD or IDAZKARI (p.3/67); Medium Magical Beast: for when one wants one's bird secretary to be an actual secretary bird (who's kind of good at the job). Playable (2 RHD, LA +1).
    –SCARECROW or GAURON (p.3/74); Tiny Fey: a crow that crows to scare non-crows; sometimes comes with a funny little vest. Playable (no RHD, LA +3).
    –ISGREKH or OAKFRIEND (p.3/82); Tiny Fey: a nicer cousin of the above, modelled after the friendly jays of German folklore, i.e. a jay that crows to warn folks of bad stuff coming their way. Playable (no RHD, LA +3).
    –SLASHRAT (p.3/83); Medium Aberration: it's a rat with swords for legs (and on the tail) and slash it does; complete with a new, harvestable special material called rathorn. Non-Playable.
    –SHIBBOLETH (ibid.); Large Aberration: it watches; it's all ears; it has folks make Truespeak checks – and folks had better not fail. Non-Playable.
    –PRISMATIC PEAFOWL (p.3/88); Medium Outsider [Extraplanar, Good]: a very positive peafowl with a relatively friendly Prismatic Spray display; well, that and Regeneration. Non-Playable.
    –TUBER (p.4/91); Tiny Plant: a potato with a gun, some cool shades and no intention of dying today. Non-Playable (because I'm lazy).
    –PRIOR (p.4/92); Medium Deathless [Incorporeal]: a helpful, invisible presence with many insight bonuses (and some luck penalties) to hand out; has the dubious distinction of getting smaller as it advances. Non-Playable.
    –AEGOFON (p.4/93); Large Animal: a big, bulky beast with a penchant for eating elves and goats; one could say it favours them. Non-Playable.
    –MAGNAGAT (ibid.); Medium Outsider [Lawful, Native]: a semi-flightless bird with a curious temperament, out for revenge on all things feline. Playable (2 RHD, LA +4).
    –NEPHELE (p.4/94); Medium Elemental [Air, Extraplanar, Water]: the attack of the shapeshifting pseudo-female clouds from another plane. Non-Playable.
    –KARNOT (ibid.); Small Elemental [Extraplanar, Fire]: little burning spindles that can fuse to become stronger. Non-Playable.
    –GIANT VINEGAROON (p.4/95); Large Vermin: exactly what it sounds like (also, no, I didn't know there's already one of these in LEoF back then, and I regret nothing because that one's, like, lame). Non-Playable.
    –FALLING PYRAMID (p.4/99); Large Ooze: a pyramidal, pointy pile of jelly that falls on people to eat them. Non-Playable.
    –GORGER (p.4/106); Medium Construct: looks like a vampire; hunts like a vampire; mostly nocturnal as a vampire; very much not a vampire. Non-Playable.
    –NUGAL (ibid.); template (Humanoid/Monstrous Humanoid to Aberration): ugly, stupid, short-lived, thirsty. Non-Playable.
    –CLEGG (ibid.); template (no type change): a thing that nugals do (as in, create); a sly blood-drinker with a tad too soothing presence; LA +2.
    –LEIMONIAD (p.4/109); Medium Fey [Earth]: meadow nymphs that skip merrily about (when they aren't grounded. In the ground). Playable (2 RHD, LA +2).
    –HORNED MELON (ibid.); Small Plant: really just a very suspicious melon with legs and, well, spines (rather than horns (sue me)). Playable (no RHD, LA +1).
    –IACULUS (p.4/120); Tiny Dragon: a guided missile of myth that is also a snake with legs and a death attack, kind of. Non-Playable.
    –KUEVITT (ibid.); Diminutive Outsider [Extraplanar, Lawful]: the "death bird" of folklore, this owl is mostly just a very fluffy psychopomp who means well but kills people. Such is life! Death. Whatever. Non-Playable.
    –PELUDA (p.5/123); Large Dragon [Aquatic]: a big hairy thing that's bad for the crops; comes with an embarrassing weakness. Non-Playable.
    –CARYATID (p.5/124); Medium Fey: a walnut tree nymph (crows like it!). Non-Playable.
    –MELIA (ibid.); Medium Fey: an ash tree nymph and least abomination (yes, that kind of abomination (it makes some sense in contexts I cannot provide here)). Non-Playable (obviously).
    –CROW (p.5/125); Tiny Animal: some justice done to the little Corvids through a RAW loophole. Non-Playable.
    –CALADRIUS (p.5/126); Diminutive Magical Beast: a bird with highly medicinal inclinations and properties; comes in white and, um, white. Non-Playable.
    –GRATSH (ibid.); Medium Magical Beast: a big, plump ground attack crow with many an invocation. Playable (6 RHD, LA +4).
    –CANICEPS (p.5/131); Medium Humanoid [Caniceps]: a dog's head, an ape's swingy swinging body and a big fat desire to clobber people with a club. Playable (no RHD, LA +1).
    –CALYDON (ibid.); Medium Humanoid [Calydon]: a boar has never been so boring before (in other words, a sleeping pill on legs). Playable (5 RHD, LA +1).
    –MARTIKHORAS (p.5/136); Huge Magical Beast [Evil, Extraplanar, Fire]: for when manticores are not big, bad and abominable enough (yes, it really is an abomination this time). Non-Playable.
    –ARIMASP (p.5/137); Medium Humanoid [Arimasp]: kind of like a human, but worse, with only one eye and a skillset that makes kleptomania look like a good thing to do with one's life. Playable (No RHD, LA +0).
    –OUROGRIFF (ibid.); Large Magical Beast: kind of like a griffon, but better, adapted to underground moping and with a skillset that makes kleptomania look like a bad thing to do around it. Non-Playable.
    –PERINDENT (p.5/138); Huge Plant: a shrub that likes birdies, really doesn't like dragons and could, in theory, walk and stuff. Non-Playable.
    –LIMNIC (p.5/143); Fine Elemental [Air, Swarm]: it lurks below; it smothers and it's everywhere; and nobody'll ever see it coming. Non-Playable.
    –ELIGA (p.5/144); Medium Aberration: it's a big snail with little arms; it's slow, it's slimy, but there's no stopping it. Playable (2 RHD, LA +0).
    –GHADARGA (ibid.); Large Aberration: it's a big, happy snailbug; one does not simply stand in its way, but stopping it doesn't help much either. Non-Playable.
    –GRIB (p.5/145); Medium Aberration [Earth]: a revolutionary idea, made manifest; makes people less manifest. Non-Playable (no, seriously).
    –RIFT GIANT (p.5/146); Huge Giant: it slithers and stretches and takes up little space. Playable (8 RHD, LA +4).
    –BROWNWATER GIANT (ibid.); Huge Giant: itlikes shallow water, and shallow water likes it back. Non-Playable.
    –SKOGSRO (p.5/147); Medium Plant: it looks human; it isn't human; one might want to get out of its forest or one won't – ever. Non-Playable.
    –BORING CONE (p.5/150); Small Ooze [Earth]: yes, yes, it's not a very skilled conversationalist either, but mostly it's called that because it drills and drills. Non-Playable.
    –MAGNETIS (ibid.); Large Elemental [Earth]: it's a soft one at core, but that doesn't mean inflaming it is a good idea. Non-Playable.
    –MOWING DEVIL (p.6/153); Medium Outsider [Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful]: for those that always wondered what the deal with crop circles even is. Non-Playable.
    –OSTRICH ARCHON (ibid.); Large Outsider [Archon, Extraplanar, Good, Lawful]: the shining knights of heaven, now with 50% more horse archers added to the mix. Also, they are BIRDIES. Non-Playable.
    –IRON MAGGOT (p.6/155); Huge Vermin: big, hard to harm, and smells funny; otherwise it's mostly harmless. Non-Playable.
    –BADRAGH (ibid.); Large Giant: it's green, it jumps and it's an Ogre; calling it a "frogre" is just mean, though. Playable (4 RHD, LA +2).
    –SABULON (p.6/160); Huge Elemental [Earth]: here come the sands, and the sands are gtumpy; setting it on fire doesn't work (again). Non-Playable.
    –KHALX (ibid.); Medium Elemental [Earth]: for those that like three arms worth of metal poisoning. Non-Playable.
    –SPEARMINT (p.6/161); Small Plant: stabbing things with a spear has never been cooler. Playable (2 RHD, LA +2).
    –QUIVERING PALM (ibid.); Huge Plant: it quivers, it palms, it explodes hearts; otherwise it's pretty chill. Non-Playable.
    –HRYZUUN (p.6/168); Large Elemental [Earth]: the elemental that doesn't appreciate the basis of your economy. Non-Playable.
    –PALYKANDOR (p.6/169); Huge Elemental [Earth]: not a novelty mood lamp; it appreciates fire, but no one else will appreciate that. Non-Playable.
    –SPIDER PLANT, ADULT (p.6/170); Medium Plant: it skitters about on all eights cursing goats. Non-Playable.
    –SPIDER PLANT, SPROUT (ibid.); Tiny Plant: the young of the above; may grow in time. Non-Playable (but available as a familiar).
    –FAIR IMAGO (ibid.); Huge Fey: the reason one should never tell a Nymph to just "grow up". Non-Playable.
    –GREEN ANT (p.6/175); Medium Elemental:anesthesia and riot control have never been so weird (also, it's green, but not even an ant). Non-Playable.
    –WASP ORCHID (ibid.); Tiny Plant: the crawling (compound) eye(s and a stinger) taketh flight; the rest will have to climb. Playable (2 RHD, LA +2).
    –OVERFINCH (p.6/180); Fine Magical Beast: there's no stopping these little birds! Mildly Playable (5 RHD, LA +2 (cohort)).
    –PHTHORIK (p.7/197); Large Elemental [Air]: good for one's teeth, bad for the rest of one's health. Non-Playable.
    –EDEN-GALAY (p.7/198); Large Elemental [Earth]: a flat worm made of metal; also makes a stylish hat. Non-Playable.
    –CREEPING HORSE (ibid.); Large Magical Beast: soft, fat, silent, and much more scared than thou. Non-Playable.
    –MONKURT (p.7/201); template: it's not a Zombie, and that's somehow not a good thing. Non-Playable.
    –UREDO (ibid.); Small Aberration [Aquatic]: a wet sack full of itchy stings; even Aboleths hate them. Non-Playable.
    –HALF-ORC (p.7/206); template: other half also Orc; LA +0.
    –TRUMPET CREEPER (ibid.); Gargantuan Plant: it's clingy and it pulls stuff apart. Non-Playable.
    –ONOCENTAUR (p.8/216); Large Monstrous Humanoid: it might not have four legs, but does it kick! Playable (2 RHD, LA +2).
    –SCARLET BEETLE (p.8/217); Small Vermin: antifreeze with legs; will try to eat Dragons. Non-Playable.
    –KURGASH (p.8/222); Large Elemental [Earth]: unfriendliness is alchemical; do not divine it either. Non-Playable.
    –DINOGIR (p.8/228); Huge Magical Beast [Incarnum]: the incarnum dinosaur with the noodle arms. Non-Playable.
    –PSEUSIPP (p.8/233); Large Animal: in non-Ancient not-Thrace, horse eats you. Non-Playable.
    –ZHAAK (ibid.); Large Aberration: it's not a Golem and it doesn't like Golems; also, it's a pilow that hits things. Non-Playable.
    –HIPPOTAUR (p.8/237); Large Animal: it's a horse; it's a bull; it's dumb; it makes people dumber. Non-Playable.
    –SACRED LIZARD (ibid.); Medium Magical Beast [Extraplanar]: don't shoot the messenger; it's a bad idea and might not even work. Non-Playable.
    –VIZEMUT (p.8/240); Medium Elemental [Earth]: the squarest of all rainbows. Non-Playable.
    –MURIYEB (ibid.); Medium Elemental [Water]: keeps calm and floats away. Non-Playable.
    –FALSE WIGHT (p.9/244); Medium Deathless: when a Wight is not a Wight, but kind of not a Ravid (and also somewhat dead). Non-Playable.
    –DVOROVOI (p.9/253); Small Fey: in the courtyard, it lurks; keep away from livestock; stays away from BIRDIES. Non-Playable.
    –CORNFLOWER WRAITH (ibid.); Medium Fey: siestas are now mandatory; no health benefits, though. Non-Playable.
    –CENTICORE (p.9/258); Large Magical Beast: like all good things in life, horns sometimes come with variable settings. Non-Playable.
    –AUTARGYR (p.9/261); Large Elemental [Earth]: conductive snobs; may heal people for science. Non-Playable.
    –URIAAS (p.9/264); Medium Monstrous Humanoid: they are BIRDIES and they walk on water. Playable (2 RHD, LA +1).
    –BULGING LUMP (p.9/270); Medium Construct: turns out, not having stats or being unable to move do not make up for being a bad idea of the Aboleths. Non-Playable (seriously, don't try).
    –SAPPA (ibid.); Large Aberration: talky man talk too much; another bad idea by the Aboleths. Non-Playable.
    –PIOUS GOBLIN (p. 10/276); Medium Vermin: not pious; not a Goblin; eats faces. Non-Playable.


    (In order of appearance:)

    –LESSER NYMPHS (OREAD, NAPAIA, HYAD, LAMPAD) (II, p.45/1330); Medium Fey: they are among my first homebrew works; balanced against high elves, they are uniquely bland (each gets +2/-2 ability adjustments, an SLA or two, DR/ER 5, some skill bonuses and something extra like a swim speed or weapon proficiencies); I'm reluctant to disown them, never the less. Playable (no RHD, no LA).
    –PTENION (II, p.46/1351); Diminutive Magical Beast: also known as the essentially unkillable happy little green bird, the ptenion's, well, just that, and in various ways to boot; they also speak Druidic. Might be playable (I never really got around to making up my mind about that).
    –JONQUIL HULK (III, p.11/302); Large Aberration: like an umber hulk, but bright yellow, of a plushy texture and throwing unicorns at people (brought to you by Melf!). Non-Playable.

    (In order of appearance:)

    –SPELK; Large Magical Beast: based on Fyraltari's excuse for a typo, this is an elk that casts spells and is, therefore, extremely powerful; it's also partly made of magic, so dispelling it is always an option. Playable (no RHD, LA +18).
    –OMNITAUR (don't look at me, I didn't name the damn thing); Large Aberration: concieved by the author of xkcd, this is an unholy amalgam of many, many critters and it inherits something (of generally dubious usefulness) from each parent species; comes with a special heritage feat called Vile Spawn of the Omnitaur (it's about as good as it sounds). Non-Playable.
    –MOUNTAIN GIANT; Colossal Giant [Earth]: the classic MM2 thing, made slightly less horrible and over-CRed. Non-Playable.
    –MOUNTAIN LOUSE (as above); Small Vermin: the grossest active/mobile defense system on the market, available for Gargantuan and Colossal end users. Non-Playable.
    –YELLOW PERIL (over at Tzardok's, p.3/90); Tiny Plant: Mind Rape (not that kind) running wild, all on its own. Non-Playable.
    –ENNTOR, WELL-SPRING OF OATHS (among kinem's Unique Fiends, p.2/50); Medium Outsider [Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful]: because Warlocks used to be the Devils' playthings. Non-Playable.
    –POINE THE BREATHLESS (ibid., p.2/51); Medium Outsider [Evil, Extraplanar]: because Erynies can't swim and politics is bad for one's health. Non-Playable.
    –SHAN SHAK (ibid., p.2/54); Medium Humanoid [Augmented, Chaotic, Evil, Human, Tanar'ri]: a mean and ugly Commoner who's also somehow a Demon. Non-Playable.



    –The HIEROMONK: essentially a prepared divine half-caster who's also not unlike the Monk (minus the wuxia flavour); my only class with largely favourable reviews.
    –The SOOTHSAYER: a fixed list Divination-specialist for NPCs who don't want to be good at much else.
    –The CUTTHROAT: the (very) poor man's rogue; an NPC class.
    –The IMPOSTER: a conjuror of cheap tricks with mostly harmless invocations; also an NPC class.
    –The RUFFIAN: a thuggish barbarian wannabe; an NPC class with a d10 hit die.
    –The GRACED: the psionic commoner; somewhat poorly received.


    –The HORSE TOTEM BARBARIAN (p.1/1): run, Forest, run – the barbarian variant.
    –The DRAGON TOTEM BARBARIAN (ibid.): a way to be scary, thick-skinned and good at seeing things not seen.
    –The BEAR TOTEM BARBARIAN (p.1/6): the barbarian with the bear hug (and assorted grappling exploits); it doesn't come with Toughness as a bonus feat.
    –The SERPENT TOTEM BARBARIAN (p.1/7): swift as a snake and good with poisons.
    –The PACTMAKER WARLOCK: a more Lawful warlock with CON-based stuff.


    –The VIGENT: a Constitution-based magic user, drawing on a pool of "virtual hp" to create so called pulsions, magical effects largely based on the vampire special abilities in Sims 4 (yeah, I know); attempts to salvage it made it really clunky, but not much better overall.
    –The PROVOCATOR: an Evil bard/marshal lookalike (with no spells); its skillcheck-based abilities can make nearby people become better at being mean to others; beyond being distasteful, it doesn't even really work.
    –The ASPISTES: this 5-level PrC makes warrior types (wait for it!) capable of/kind of good at fighting with a spear(like weapon) while having a shield (any kind of shield) equipped, but that's basically it.
    –The SEXTON: 4 levels of ringing bells, messing up folks who should have stayed dead, keeping the weather nice and the party safe.
    –The INSURGENT: with torches and pitchforks, they rise (also known as "the peasants are revolting").
    –The TRUE DWARF: the longest beard, the most livers, the finest forge; an attempt to make Dwarf Paragon have a reason to, like, exist.

    –QUICKSEED (p.1/1–2); no love for magic? Tired of fatigue? Or losing hit points in the worst possible moments? Look no further! (This family of products might induce daze or Wisdom loss. Consult your local herbalist before use.)
    –THORN CHERRY (p.1/2); no more sickness! No more nausea! (Do not consume directly off the tree! You've been fine print warned!)
    –HOGSCROWN (p.1/10); the best source of hogsweat balm (now 85% less disgusting than it sounds!), a good, cool friend for a bad, hot day. (This is not a sunscreen. Do not use as a sunscreen. May provoke allergic reactions.)
    –LOWLAND SLINGNUT (p.1/11); for those who don't like to be poisoned and stay poisoned! (Now also helps with being eaten!) (Do not use while engaged in strenuous activity, such as driving, operating heavy machinery or combat encounters.)
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Everything for 3.5, or rather an extensive mess of homebrew gradually diverging from 3.5. Most of it is folders and subfolders of Word documents, I'm gradually trying to move over what I can. Take and pick what you will from the pile, and let me know how it goes.

    Overhaul of how BAB works
    Basic Combat Feats
    Demoralization Feats

    More to Come...

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    Default Biscuit's Big Book of Class Fixes

    D&D 3.5 - Base Class Rewrites

    D&D 3.5 - Base Class Fixes

    D&D 3.5 - Prestige Class Rewrites

    D&D 3.5 - Prestige Class Fixes

    • I consider a 'Fix' to be a small number of minor changes to an existing already-playable class to make it more balanced.
    • I consider a 'Rewrite' to be anything that requires more than just the few balance tweaks of a 'fix' - which I usually only do for classes that are almost never played (or used almost exclusively for dips) because doing so would put someone at a notable disadvantage compared to the more favorable (read: actually effective) classes that fill similar or even identical roles.
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    Here are all my created homebrew for Pathfinder 1st edition (which can also be used for Dungeons & dragons 3.5):

    Kitsune, revised:

    Catfolk, variant:

    Ninja Finesse and Nokizaru:

    Minos player race for D&D 5e and PF 1e:

    You can also find these homebrew and more in my Deviantart gallery:

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Everything here is available (and encouraged) to be used in your games.
    If you do, I'd be delighted to hear of your playtest experience, so feel free to drop me a PM.

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    My homebrew. Feel free to use!

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