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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Erberor's extended Homebrew signature
    I am Erberor Voidstrider, walker of worlds, seeker of truth, wanderer of time. My power is beyond your imagining, for it comes from the infinite void. I have traveled more worlds and times than most can even begin to conceive. I am the Scion of the Void Dragon. My power is infinite, my knowledge unfathomable, and my mind Boundless.

    None can stop the power of the Void

    Base classes
    Hero (work in progress, could use some help): A class based on achieving success through sheer might, with the help of divine heritage *Now obsolete, see new Hero class.
    Hero - Reborn Walk the Path of Glory, forging your own way through strength of will, physical might, and divine heritage.
    Wildborn (also a work in progress, not posted yet): A class focused on wild shape, and making it more than just looking the part

    Prestige classes
    Stormlord Blade: A prestige class focused on becoming one with your inner storm, and unleashing that fury in battle.
    Gontholian Defender (work in progress, mostly done, not posted. Yet.): The gontholian defenders are part of a Crusader group who follow Gonthoras, the spirit of life, charging into battle with shield in hand, strength in body and immutable faith in mind!

    War anchor: inspired by the League of Legends champion Nautilus, the name says it all.
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    "Bro, don't you even cast?" Azar, Dwarven Cleric

    "There is a treasure chest ahead. It behooves us to investigate it thoroughly" -Tear

    "I can't even understand this boat" -PBG

    "It seems that potatoes are beyond my ability to comprehend..." -Me

    I draw things sometimes

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Homebrew Extended Signature
    All homebrew is for D&D3.5/PF. Classes within spoilers are unfinished, classes in italics without links are unposted. Additionally, not listed, I've been working on PHB class rewrites (it's almost a right of passage around here) and have more creatures, spells and even feats to add to these lists. I've recently realised that, because I post most of my homebrew from my gaming computer, I adjust the formatting whilst on much higher resolution than the typical laptop. If my formatting has a lot of run-on lines, poorly placed indentations and squashed tables, that's why. Try zooming out to fix. I'm trying to be more careful about it in future and slowly fixing older posts, although I'm working on a large format rewrite at the minute.

    Homebrewed Base Classes

    Animator: Minion master, specialist in imbuing life and creating creatures from non-living matter.
    Antecedent: Ancestor worshipper, can shift spheres of worship to fill roles at a moment's notice
    Gambler: Truely chaotic and reckless daredevil with a wealth of dangerous options
    Hermite: Factotum-inspired partial caster who draws power from alchemy and the moment of death
    Shadowmeld: Infected shadow caster, can act independently of an inborn shadow parasite
    Sojourner: Combined rewrite of the Blade of Orien, Crinti Shadow Marauder and Teflammar Shadowlord

    Beastheart: Full class version of the Beastheart Adept, with the ability to meld with companions
    Conceptualist: A thief of metaphysical aspects, a magic rogue and spontaneous dispeller
    Dreamscaper: Astral projector who actually fights better whilst unconscious (3.0 lucid dreaming involved)
    Empath: Psionic manipulator of actions, hit point transfer and will to fight
    Ki Monk: Can convert treasure in to natural body enhancements and follows disciplines
    Metadefender: In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape their sight
    Runecaster: Artificer inspired base class version of the 3.0 class
    Skald: Battlefield controller who can halt and order creatures with their voice
    Templar: Anti-magic knight, likely not to be posted until rewrite

    Homebrewed Prestige Classes
    Arcane Artist: Creator of animated images and magical writing specialist
    Gale Dancer: animator of weapons, multi-attack and weapon minions
    Grimfledged: Contract killer with a specialisation in utilising death attack whilst grappling
    Haruspex: Rage druid/prophet spellcaster, with the ability to draw power from animal sacrifice
    Mercenary Captain: Intelligent leader, ability to oversee battlefields and deal powerful strikes
    Spellstudent: Practitioner of secret magics - sacrifices overall spellcasting ability to learn unique and advanced magic.
    Vizier of Thralls: The ultimate mind-control expert, an intimidating foe.

    Battle Physician: Warrior healer with a devastating knowledge of anatomy
    Bound Diabolist: Kind of like a not-terrible ranger, with a demon/devil companion.
    Emissary Knight: Atheist manipulator of positive/negative energy, can hijack divine spells
    Kindred Fiend: Can steal and drink the blood of victims to gain abilities
    Mounted Marksman: Makes mounted archery a viable playstyle!
    Living Animation: Warrior with animated equipment and two personalities
    Master of Creatures: leader of creatures, bard/beast heart adept combo
    Shield Mage: Extremely defensive spellcaster, leans toward anti-caster role
    Spellfletcher: Human arcane archer, can craft permanent spell arrows for later use
    Zeitgeist Mimic: Copycat, can imitate magic and psionics and flat-out duplicate the actions of others

    Homebrewed Creatures
    Germinat: Huge subterranean psionic doppelganger, abberation(shapechanger)
    Ungeheuer: Intelligent swarm that animates corpses as necromantic chassis, monstrous humanoid(swarm)

    Homebrewed Spells
    Teleportation Spells: Four custom spells designed for the Sojourner class

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    My GitP Homebrew Signature
    My homebrew posts need fixing due to the board update. I've done rewrites of half but going to finish the rest before posting.
    My Homebrew System progress blog
    In which I post ocassional updates about the sci-fi tabletop system I've worked on since March 2013

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    TheFamilarRaven's Den of Homebrew

    ...Otherwise known as an extended signature...

    The majority of the homebrew I do is for DnD 3.5e, or rather, I should say, all of the homebrew I have posted to this forum is for DnD 3.5e. Many of which is for my campaign world which is constantly evolving, as annoying as that is... But all of it can be easily fitted to match any campaign setting, as they don't require a sub-system of magic, or specific set of rules that could only work in my own world. So please, enjoy!

    Base Classes
    -Listed Alphabetically-

    Havoc Knight - Melee class that harnesses raw emotions to dominate the battle field, both with steel, and mystic power ... Also doubles as an anime class, now that I think about.

    Voidscriptor - Ever want to cast divine and arcane spells, really, really well? Then you might want to check out the Voidscriptor, as they blend dive casting and arcane magics into one nice milkshake.

    Prestige Classes
    -Listed Alphabetically-

    Centurion - Spartan inspired class that makes shield bashing pretty awesome! Also, ignore the fact that it has a Roman name ... I mean, I couldn't go around calling a class "the Spartan", in a world where there is no Sparta!

    Mage of the Midnight Coven - As the name might suggest, this is a necromancy PrC. They focus on studying the Negative Energy plane, and they can really make those nasty Necromancy spells even nastier!

    Slayers - This is two rolled into one! Do you think that the Occult slayer or Spellthief are lackluster? Well you might want to check out these two classes, as they aim to fix that!


    Are non-existent at the moment.


    This is where I'd put all of my homebrew rules, if I had any.

    Campaign World

    The War of Existence - Quite a few years being brewed in my head, then I actually thought to write some of it down. Not nearly complete, but if you want to check it out, let me know what you think! Technically, this also includes some homebrew races too ... hmmmmm.

    THAT"S IT! If you have any question/suggestions/concerns about ANY of my homebrew, feel free to post in any of the threads, or PM if they're past the thread necromancy deadline.
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    Homebrewers Extended Signature Yep, no more room in my actual signature ... on the bright side though, now I have room for a cool quote!
    If I had one ...
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Qazzquimby's Homebrew

    The Party - Play as four characters without being grossly overpowered.

    Shapeless Master - Ozodrin/Swarmlord Prc

    The Monacan - Avoid combat, steal everything.

    The Din Child - Hit things really hard, in exciting ways.

    The Slender Man - Homebrew merge of other's work as well as my additions.

    The Ley Siphon - Homebrew merge battlefield controller.

    The Dreamscape Conduit - Homebrew merge dream controller.

    Horrific fighter fix gestalt - Homebrew merge of other's work into something completely unplayable.

    The Puissamanticst - Field gramarist and combat specialist

    The Dethanatologist - Gramarist Necromancer

    Transvolution - Discipline focusing on combining creatures into freakish hybrids

    Reliquadratics - Discipline focusing on playing with time without breaking campaigns

    Puissamantics - Joint discipline with Rolep, focusing on changing the qualities of puissance, building lasers, ect

    Rules and Forumulae - Not gramarie specific, and far more accurate than RAW
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Original Systems

    Alea Iacta Est!
    Cards over Swords (WIP).

    Base prestige classes for 3.5

    The Arcane Archer.
    The Arcane Trickster.
    The Assassin.
    The Blackguard.
    The Duelist.
    The Dragon Disciple.
    The Dwarven Defender.
    The Horizon Walker.
    The Loremaster.
    The Mystic Theurge.
    The Shadowdancer.

    The Agent Retriever.
    The Cosmic Descryer.
    The Divine Emissary.

    The Pyrokineticist.
    The Psion Uncarnate.

    Other Fix Classes
    The Worldspeaker (Truenamer fix).
    The Grant Vivimancer (Not really a Dread Necromancer fix).

    Original Classes
    The Cantrip Mage.
    Crystal Chronicles classes.
    The Honour Guard.
    The Mechanical Warrior.
    The Nihilist.
    The Spellslinger and the Pslinger.
    The Devoted Specialist.
    The Feragenitor. (Contest: Second place?)
    The Cultist of the Apocalypse. (Contest: Second place.)
    The Dungeon Master. (Contest: First place.)
    The Warrior of the Dawn. (Prestige.)
    The Warp Mage. (Contest: Second place; based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle)
    The Ineffable Disciple. (Amkii strikes again!)
    The Commander.
    The Splitsoul.
    The Exemplar.
    The Fortune-Teller.
    The Supporter.
    The MLG Quickscoper. (Contest: Second Place.)
    The Adventurer.
    The Shaman.
    The Mindwielder.
    The Aether Guard, the Mystic and the Artisan.
    The Soldier.
    The Living City. (Epic PrC)
    The Fabulauirtis. (Mythos Parody)
    The Vassal-Thrower (PrC).
    The Implanter (PrC).
    The Portal Mage.

    Class in 30 Minutes Project
    The Stuffshaper.
    The Traveller.
    The Avatar.
    The Chronologist.
    The Usurper.
    The Nexus Caster.
    The Gaia Disciple.
    The Researcher.
    The Spirit Host.
    The Outrider.
    The Nekomancer. (Warning: May be highly silly.)
    The Martial Artist.
    The Hitman.
    The Charlatan.
    The Animalist. (Also Hypermundane)
    The Energist.
    The Overloaded.
    The Blastmage.
    The Empowered. (This one was made in just 10 minutes!)
    The Cloner.
    The Prestige Monk and The Prestige Druid.
    The Feral Soul.
    The Ironclad.
    The Hypnotist. (Also Hypermundane)
    The Madness Disciple.
    Best of the Rest: Courier, Hospitaller, and Scholar
    Taboo Mage.
    Sacred Assassin.
    The Ballistarius.
    The Living Saint.
    The Bladewing.
    The Twincaster.
    The Machine Cultist.
    The Fencer.
    The Juggernaut.
    The Divinity (Epic PrC).
    The Spellshatter (Short PrC).

    Hypermundanes Project
    The Veteran.
    The Mundane Trickster.
    The Ascetic.
    The Berserker.
    The Witch Hunter.
    The Ascendant.
    The Virtuoso.
    The Daredevil.
    The God Hunter.
    The Invisible Blade.
    The Immortal Soul.

    Elite Spellcasting Project
    The Leveller.
    (Spell list part 2.)
    The Terror.
    The Apothecary.
    The Maker.

    Class Mashup Project
    The Temporal Demi-Artificer of Might.
    The Stone Rat Priest of Decadence.
    The Glyph Reaver of Warding.
    The Inverse Fighter of Treachery.
    The Xenobard of Love.
    The Scroll Mercenary of Wisdom.
    The Laser Scout of Chaos.
    The Technoassassin.

    Inventions Project

    Momentum project
    The Disciple Apparent.
    The Paragon Militant.
    The Guardian Immortal.
    The Veteran Superior.
    The Knight Exemplar.
    Combo List.
    Finishing Move List.
    Skill Combo List.

    The Mutant Dragon Pyromaniac.

    Cometar, Lunar and Cosmic Angels.
    Panarut Inevitable.
    Spineshark Skyship.
    Slivers. (MtG conversion)


    Elite Equipment (Nonmagical items for high-level characters).
    Mundane items for magic item slots.
    Mundane weapon and armour enhancements.

    The Internet.
    Paths of Sacrifice.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My Homebrew:

    Random Classes:
    Toriko, Gourmet Hunter
    Coco, Gourmet Hunter
    Udyr, the Spirit Walker
    The Goldfish Dealer
    The Faker
    The Tank

    Base Class Contest Submissions
    XXII: The Soul Reaper. Not my best.
    XXIV: The Draconic Channeler. I liked it.
    XXV: The Corner Dweller. My first love.
    XXVI: The Munchkin. Repetitive randomness > scheduled change. A good pastime, pretty good.
    XXVII: The Care Bear. Never finished it, and I feel sad because it seemed to have such potential.
    XXIX: The Karoshi Suicide Salaryman. Very funny, and it got me third place, so it's a good thing.

    Ancillary Contest Submissions
    IV: Gangster Feats

    Fixes + Stuff:
    Better Alignments
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    I do stuff.

    I usually log on, look at some threads, post, watch for few minutes, then leave and come back the next day. If I don't respond to your replies immediately, don't take offence.

    My Homebrewer's Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    The Witherlands Encyclopedia

    Campaign Progress
    Part 1: A Journey through the Witherlands.

    Resources and Conversations

    Active Players and Current Characters
    Player Name Character Name Text Color Race Background Class
    AngryCyc Audriel Dark Orange Aasimar Azhuri Oracle
    Starbin Therros Fire Brick Boggart Dymis Rogue
    galenbd Angharad Blue Elf Seryn Druid
    Soliloquy "Knife" F137F7 Elf Dymis Bard
    MooseBite Dagur Dark Green Orc Garl Druid

    Spoiler: Inactive Players and Characters
    Player Name Character Name Text Color Race Background Class
    Nantafiria Varaj Green Tiefling Thoros Ranger
    Stevemantis Keashiel Gray Orc --- Samurai
    Eldon4 Morbur Teal Orc Garl Fighter
    DaOldeWolf Geonem Hume Purple Ghul'mar --- Factotum
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    My Homebrew and Extended Signature
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Here is the list of my currant homebrew:
    Hivefolk -a race of giant insects with an internal hive of their larvae that they can attack others with. They also explode into a swarm when they die of old age!

    Haze -a race who can make buildings from clouds and turn to mist.

    classes and related material

    Mythios Subsystem:
    Mythic Orc

    none as of yet

    magic items:
    none as of yet
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuggyNE View Post
    That's a RAW abuse. Fortunately, like many RAW abuses, it has its counter built in by way of more stupid RAW: tripping does not, in fact, cause you to fall.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    My homebrew (5e)

    Strange and Uncommon Lycanthropes

    Background: Gambler

    Madness Domain

    Corrupted Genasi

    Half-Illithid race

    My homebrew (4e)

    Dragonfire Adepts (Adaption of the 3.5 class. Built around augmenting a single power)

    My homebrew (3.5)

    Minecraft monsters (Creepers, Endermen, and many more mighty minecraft monstrosities)

    Bag of Skulls of Holding (+cursed variants)

    If you want to PM me on my homebrew, feel free to do so. I guarantee a reply.
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    Creator of the LA-assignment thread.

    Join the new Junkyard Wars round and build with Cloaked Dancer and a companion creature!

    Interested in judging a build competition on the 3.5 forums but not sure where to begin? Check out the judging handbook!

    Extended signature!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    The Great Quest to Play-Test

    Current Game Information

    • DM: gr8artist
    • Houserules: HP buff, Skill rank buff.
    • IC Thread: Here
    • OoC Thread: Here
    • Dice Thread: Here
    • Current Objective: Enter and explore the renovated temple

    Spoiler: Current Guidelines and Rules
    Character Creation
    1. High fantasy setting, 20 point buy.
    2. Max HP for level 1, average HP for later levels. - Strike this in favor of the following houserule
    3. At each level (including first) you gain HP equal to your HD's max –2 + your constitution modifier. Thus, a d10 class gets 8+con/level, a d8 class gets 6+con, and a d6 class gets 4+con at each level.
      Level\HD d6 d8 d10 d12
      1 4 6 8 10 + Con mod
      2 8 12 16 20 + 2*Con
      3 12 18 24 30 + 3*Con
      4 16 24 32 40 + 4*Con
      5 20 30 40 50 + 5*Con
      6 24 36 48 60 + 6*Con
      7 28 42 56 70 + 7*Con
      8 32 48 64 80 + 8*Con
    4. Starting at level 8 with 33,000 gold in equipment.
    5. All core + homebrew races allowed. Monster races treat CR as their effective level.
    6. Standard Pantheon (undefined, perhaps from the CRB).
    7. No monster classes. I know what these are and there's no call for them right now.
    8. All classes receiving 2 skill ranks per level receive 4 instead.
    9. No traits or flaws.

    Player Name Character Name Role Race and Classes
    Phillammon Trizbit Skeem Striker Gnome Iron Man 8
    malonkey1 Danaan Gaaz Face/Scout Brun Kithkin Investigator 5/Geneticist 3
    Tanuki Tales Low Coo Healer/Debuff Troll (CR 5) Witch (Scarred Witch Doctor/Hedge Witch) 3

    Spoiler: Inactive and Retired Characters
    Player Name Character Name Role Race and Classes
    gr8artist Shanoa Protector Mehndi Mercenary 5/Exotic Expert 3
    caledscratcher Garm Tank/Debuff Primitive Human Cootie Catcher 8 with the Blindheim infection

    General Campaign Information

    Player Roster
    1. Tanuki Tales
    2. gr8artist
    3. caledscratcher
    4. Phillammon
    5. 3WhiteFox3
    6. Adam1949
    7. malonkey1

    DM Roster
    1. Stake A Vamp
    2. gr8artist
    3. 3WhiteFox3
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Spoiler: Classes
    Beast Warrior (Strength focused barbarian/ranger like class)
    Skirmisher WIP (Speed and flanking focused class)
    Fighter Fixes (Variety of options for fighter fixing)

    Spoiler: Combined Low Magic Campaign Homebrew
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    "Teleport?" -Hobgoblin
    "Yeah." -MITD

    Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I don't have much yet, but every beginning is one:

    Monster Classes
    The Sirine, a fully approved part of Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes.

    Prestige Classes
    Tombsinger, a necromantic bard
    Corpsesculpter, a necromantic prestige class that gets a bit more creative with the raw materials.

    Epic Landlord, an epic progression for the Landlord feat.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Generica, my own system:

    Shin Megami Tensei Edition
    Version 1.6, new and improved.
    Persona 2.0, needs some work.

    Grandia-Needs a revision

    Digimon-Very unfinished, I might return to this one day.

    Digimon Force-Use your digimon's armor forms as a small army. Needs work.

    In the works:

    Suikoden-5E partial conversion in the works.
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    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Xhosant View Post
    This is evil, evil GMing. Brilliant, good sir!

    Philemon avatar by the awesome Morbis Meh.
    Suikoden Tabletop-Work in progress

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I make MAPS for fun and (internet) Profit! I do Requests!!!

    Eramus, Age of Antiquity
    Godori, Steppes and Sorcery

    The Zelda 5E DND Books I made. The Master's Guide provides worldbuilding support and plot hooks galore, while the Player's Handbook provides Players with all they need to play in the land of Hyrule. Made for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zap Dynamic View Post
    Ninjadeadbeard just ninja'd my post. How apt.
    Ninjadeadbeard's Extended Homebrew

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I did some stuffs and things. So. Here you go.



    Wildmaster (3.5)- A type of druid who forsakes spellcasting in order to gain incredible shapechanging powers.

    Re-fluffed or Re-written
    Speaker for the Dead(3.5)- A refluffed Dread Necromancer who seeks to end help the dead transition to the next life.

    Tattoo Elves(3.5)- Savage Elves living on the edge of reality, manifesting symbols of their gods on their flesh, gaining benefits from them.

    Sweeper Mod, Handheld Siege Weapons, and Magic Holster(PF)

    Spoiler: My Formatting Junk
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    The Greenwitch:A Killoren Druid who enjoys being what she becomes, and believes in savagery and loyalty

    You guys should check out my stuff. I would love you forever. Marigu's Stuff and Things

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Never enough homebrew.

    Knight - A retooled redux of the Player's Handbook 2 class.
    Wild Card (Coming Soon Eventually!) - A Persona themed take on Pact Magic.
    Spheres of Power PrC's - A collection of prestige classes based on 3.5 PrC's and converted to Pathfinder for use with the Spheres of Power system.

    Large Projects
    Not for the faint of heart, these projects alter the basic assumptions of the rules.
    Interesting Weapons - My take on the weapon system. Rebalanced and redone weapons, now with 500% more reason to take Weapon Focus.

    Small Projects
    Use More Homebrew! - A thread containing some of my smaller pieces not large enough for their own threads. Includes an alternative take on Interesting Weapons (now condensed into a single feat), Trick Arrows (sorry, no boxing glove arrows), and expansions to other homebrew projects from the Playground.
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    When in doubt, homebrew.
    If that doesn't work, use more homebrew.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I might as well get one of these then.


    • Risen - A race submitted for the GitP PF Contest. A posthuman yet magical race that fused their spirits to armor and clay to survive the end of the world an age ago.
    • Sparks - A unique race who'se signature trait is the complete lack of physical bodies. They rely entirely on mechanical bodies to even interact with the world.
    • Blighters - A race based off the Mass Effect Quarians and Volus, only more sickly, and relying on machines to survive.

    Base Classes
    • Marine - A blend of firearms and heavier armor. An attempt to create a class that used firearms without deeds and made armor worth using at the same time. Heavily inspired by X-COM and Warhammer 40,000.
    • Mutant - Be a horrible abomination. Comes in a variety of flavors.
    • Proprietor - Bring a House to a Sword fight! Be the adventuring interior/exterior decorator. Use siege weapons, customize your hour.

    Prestige Classes

    None so far

    None so far

    Projects I am unsatisfied with and hope to remedy in the future.
    • Operator - A class that attempted to create its own "magic" system. A failure due to lack of ideas and the inability to handle lack of options.

    Stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere above.
    • Alternate "Alignments": Virtues - An attempt to create a different sort of alignment axis. The idea has proven to be quite satisfactory, though I do need to add altered spells to fit in the new model.
    • Living Armory - An attempt to try... living items. Something I've been wondering is the lack of biological things in D&D, despite lots of sources often have them, usually as weapons. Either way, this is the result.
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    I possess the Addicted to Editing flaw. I have edit my posts 3 seconds after posting them for 10 minutes.

    Current Projects:

    Backing Dragon: the Inheritance - World of Darkness Fan game where you play a dragon
    Mutant - Be a horrible abomination of a player character. Comes in a variety of flavors.
    Proprietor - Bring a House to a Sword fight! Be the adventuring interior/exterior decorator. Use siege weapons, customize your hour.

    Extended Signature

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    Base Classes

    Rulemaker - Reality-warping class which, rather than using spells, simply enforces rules upon the universe itself.
    Rules I
    Rules II
    Soul Warrior - A warrior class with two-handed weapon combat styles, power word SLAs, rage, and a fear aura
    Dragonsoul Champion - A monk/dragon shaman hybrid, essentially, focusing on the inner strength of dragons rather than flash and fire
    Feychild - Get some fairy godmothers, learn to cast magic like a fey, and eventually become one.

    Prestige Classes

    Mongrel Paragon - Racial paragon class for the mongrel
    Beholderkin Slavemaster - A prestige class that lets you control beholders
    Reborn - Slowly lose your body and mind, adapting to survive such a tortured existence, before being reborn as a new type of creature
    Multiplier - Split like an ooze at first, turn into a swarm at will later on

    Creatures and Templates

    Basal Golem - Based on a second-hand description of a creature from an old AD&D licensed computer game
    Hybrid Template - Combine your two favorite creatures into one!


    Stone Tomb - Hostile version of meld into stone
    Embody Aura, Home Turf - Shape your environment to your alignment
    Mind Eraser - Mindrape meets modify memory
    Paperize - Turn a creature into paper
    Reactive Panacea - Contingent restoration/healing
    Excommunicate - Sever a divine caster's connection to their god
    Sickness Bomb, Patient Zero - Conjure disease grenades, and then use them to fuel an epidemic
    Encase - Trap a creature inside a thin, fleshy membrane
    Blades of Glory, Lesser Keen Edge, Eruptive Phlebotomy, Clean Cut, Hack Surgery - Various spells with a razor blade as a material component


    Deity creature types and templates
    Alternate Pact Magic / Truenaming system
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    Behold! The Monster Compendium

    My Homebrew.

    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.
    Mine started with the intrepid heroes whisked away to a battle gauntlet in the sky by a mystery deity! It was meant to be strictly a playtest but quickly devolved.

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    Extra Anchovies' Homebrew

    Compiled below is a list of every piece of homebrew material I have created for the games discussed on this forum. If you have feedback on one of these and its thread was last posted in more than 45 days ago, PM me and I can bump the thread for you.

    The Champion (base class, completed, ongoing updates, feedback appreciated): A semi-magical warrior devoted to a particular cause, sort of a Paladin without alignment restrictions. They have all of the necessary tools for a tank - aggro pull (both hard and soft), AoE buffs/debuffs, and enough damage to stay relevant. Includes a stealth-based archetype and an arcane/Champion theurge PrC. The Champion is a very high-powered class, designed to be able to stand next to (and against) casters and initiators without having any casting or initiating of its own.

    Unusual Ally (feat, completed): grants you an Eidolon (using the same system as the APG summoner, but with fewer evolution points), but at the expense of other level-scaling minions (cohorts, familiars, animal companions, etc). The pseudo-Eidolon is an Outsider (augmented [type other than human]), cannot be banished/dismissed, and cannot be unsummoned. Also includes the feat Greater Unusual Ally, which lets you share familiar/animal companion/etc special abilities with your Unusual Ally. This feat is for those who want a weird companion with a custom design.

    Grave Master (archetype, completed): An undead-focused archetype for the APG Summoner. Grants new spells (Animate Dead as a second-level spell, plus the Inflict, Repair Undead, and Undead Anatomy lines). Eidolon gains the Undead Appearance chain for free at levels 1/5/10. Summon Monster is replaced by a custom Summon Undead ability. Gate ability is replaced by an option to summon template undead with class levels (e.g. liches and vampires). Capstone is replaced by an ability that grants you an undead template of your choosing (or a custom Necropolitan-like template).

    Eidolon Master (archetype, completed): An APG Summoner archetype that gives up the Summon Monster ability in exchange for a much stronger Eidolon.

    Wandering Samurai (archetype, completed, some balance concerns, feedback appreciated): A Fighter archetype based on the heroes of Akira Kurosawa's period dramas, and on the protagonist of Yojimbo in particular. They base their fighting style on mastering one specific weapon (a greatsword, or a glaive, or two shortswords, or a bow), and gain the ability to enchant their chosen weapon in the same manner as the 3.5 Oriental Adventures Samurai. The archetype is also built for unarmored combat, gaining a scaling insight bonus to AC and initiative, as well as adding Wisdom to AC and CMD as an untyped bonus (trading away armor proficiency and Armor Training). Instead of Weapon Training they gain a number of stronger benefits with their chosen weapon. They also get the ability to move while full attacking, overcoming the stationary-turret effect most high-level combat classes experience. This is probably the Pathfinder homebrew that I am most proud of, the other contender being the Champion.

    The Martial Warlock (base class, completed, feedback appreciated): a rework of the Warlock that trades Eldritch Blast (and Blast Shape invocations) for full BAB, a d10 HD, good Fort/Will saves, and the ability to apply Eldritch Essences to attacks. Ends up with 16 invocations instead of 12, four of which must be Eldritch Essences. Also receives some of the secondary Warlock class features (Deceive Item, scaling DR/cold iron, energy resistance), and gets Charisma to a few different things, á la the Warblade abilities that grant Int to stuff. Includes three new Invocations for both Martial and normal Warlocks: an on-hit taunt, a reposition, and an immobilize. Designed to be able to perform well in both 3.5 and Pathfinder/3.P games. Definitely my favorite 3.5 homebrew.

    The Ley-Line Mage (base class, alternate magic system, work in progress): An attempt at a non-Vancian magic system, with a nature-based fluff. Expressions (the system's equivalent of spells) have base forms that have very weak effects, and Ley-Line Magic-users spend Mana (gained in numbers akin to psionic power points) to empower and Expression in various ways (e.g. Blast is the single-target damage Expression; mana can be spent to increase damage, increase range, change damage type, or any combination of the above). Instead of needing 8 hours of rest, they regain mana whenever they engage in very light activity (sleeping, resting, eating, reading, casually conversing, riding in vehicles, etc). Ley-Line Mages also choose a terrain and climate type that they are linked to, and gain various benefits (skill bonuses, increased mana regeneration, etc) while in either the chosen terrain or the chosen climate (or both). Somewhat inspired by Radagast the Brown and other nature-attuned wizards. Still in the early development stages, but not currently receiving updates.

    The Prestige Monk (prestige class, completed): A ten-level Monk replacement/fix. Grants character-level-scaling damage with unarmed strikes and monk weapons, flurry of blows (up to two bonus attacks at no penalty), evasion/uncanny dodge (and their improved versions), unarmored speed bonus, the ability to move and flurry, Wis to AC/attack/damage/dex- and str-based skills, and a few other things. Another of my favorite homebrews.

    Vow of Perfection (feat, completed): An attempted rework of Vow of Poverty. Doesn't fix any of the major issues with the original feat. My worst homebrew by a long shot. Only included here for completeness's sake.

    The Legacy Sorcerer (base class, near completion): My first homebrew. A rework of the Sorcerer that attempts to tone down its power such that it can be included in games where core Sorcerer is banned (eighth- and ninth-level spells are very tightly restricted), falling somewhere between stock Sorcerer and the T3 list-casters (Beguiler, Warmage, etc). Takes the concept of sorcerers as descendants of magical beings beyond just the fluff. Gains spell levels at the same rate as wizards/clerics. Only one secondary class feature is incomplete.
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    "I am a human sixtyfourthling! Fear my minimal halfling ancestry!")
    Quote Originally Posted by Zweisteine View Post
    So the real question is, what is a Ling?

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Class: The Gravi-blade
    Race: The Kreshen
    Rewrite: The Warmage
    Fun Armor: Plot Armor
    Extended Signature

    Spoiler: Current Characters

    Trasil, Magus 15//Fighter 12/Ab. Champ 3//Spellsword 10/Factotum 4/LA (Kreshen) 1, Game: Aegis Tristalt
    Potentia Abilities: Sword (Sahael), Clock (Renia)
    Current Buffs Spreadsheet
    Other Abilities: Manifest Body, Teleport abilities

    Soulsteel, Aegis 10//Soulknife 10//Mythic (Mutant) 10//Vigilante (Exposed Vigilante) 10, Game: London Extranatural Guild

    Tara, Spellthief 2, a noncaster in disguise! Game: Academy Living

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