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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    True Power (Magic System) - Based on the Wheel of Time RPG and books.

    Savage Tide Adventure Path in Eberron

    Out of character threads
    In character threads

    Isles of the Small Folk Campaign

    Isles of the Small Folk P.E.A.C.H
    Isles of the Small Folk Recruitment (Closed)
    Isles of the Small Folk IC
    Isles of the Small Folk OOC
    Isles of the Small Folk NPC list
    Dice rolls thread
    XP List

    Please feel free to make use of any PCs or former PCs of mine as NPCs for your own games. I enjoyed creating them and playing them, no matter how briefly, so nothing would please me more than if someone else found a use for them too.

    Current characters

    Character OOC IC Colour Description
    Wilhelmina 'Mina' Lovain d'Lyrandar OOC Red Hand of Doom in Eberron DarkOrange Khoravar Artificer 5

    Former Characters

    Character OOC IC Colour Description
    Klar'ith Two Hearts OOC All Voldur DarkOliveGreen Voldur Cleric 2\ Wizard 1
    Burned Bear OOC Pathfinder Prehistoric Sienna Human Barbarian 1
    Prospero ir'Roath OOC A City in Pieces Inner Region Purple Human Wizard 4
    Boric Mort OOC Underholme DarkRed Gnome Sorcerer 6
    Ashayan Lovain d'Lyrandar OOC Forge of War DeepSkyBlue Half elf Bard 1
    Dannydd Nhamashal Lloigor OOC Jestul DarkRed Elven Wizard 5
    Dagobert 'Dag' von Gerhardt OOC The Silent War Navy Human Artificer 4
    Rhaern OOC Wheel of Time Red Human Aiel Wolfbrother (Druid)
    Loras Tealeaf OOC Liberate Tutame Blue Halfling Psychic Warrior 2\Monk 1
    Tuchon Ninaelchanar OOC A Land in Need DarkOliveGreen Grey Elf Wizard 6
    Kamaskra Mul OOC World War in (un)Dead DarkRed Vampire Dread Necromancer 8
    Seric Vonn Pinn OOC Birth of a New Species DarkRed Cleric of Hextor 1
    Echevaria Strata OOC Cavern of Arugal Olive Kalashtar Psion (Shaper) 1
    Dhorfin'aashta OOC Agents of the Twelve Dark Green Half Orc Ranger 3\Fighter 3
    Gormadoc Twin Blade OOC Maverick of the Outlands Dark Green Human Heroic Barbarian
    Eupraxia Glykeria OOC The Town in the Ruins Silver Bold Tiefling Witch 1
    Pythal Neiroma OOC The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Indigo AD&D Elf Magic User/Thief 1
    Dajorn 'Dodge' Blaquesmith OOC Way of the Vile Dark Green Pathfinder Rogue (Spy) 1
    Mink Orduno OOC Yours for the taking DarkOrange Human Wizard 1
    Nettle Evans OOC Potters of the Carribean Green Half-Veela Witch 1
    Gunn Appleby The Came from Droaam Teal Rogue 5/Assassin 1
    Sang Wan Wyverna OOC Dissidents of Sarlona Dark Green Shifter Ranger 2\Wilder 1
    Pen ir'Embrace OOC Sleuths of Sharn DarkGreen Changeling Wizard 4
    Jino Joei OOC Tar Valon Dark Orange Tairen Wilder 3
    Bellamy Saltfoot OOC Pirates of the Aether Blue Halfling Druid 4
    Reyes Ridenhour OOC Waterdeep Dark Green Human Cleric of Wee Jas 2
    Elsabet Cynar OOC To Hunt in the Shadow Bold Indigo Cairhienin Initiate 6

    Pythal Neiroma
    Elf Magic User\Thief
    Hit points: 5
    AC: 5
    THAC0: 20
    Alignment: Neutral
    STR|10|1-2 Open Doors, 2% Bend Bars
    INT|16|5 Additional Languages, 65% know spell, Min 7 Max 11 spells/level
    WIS|6|-1 Magical attack adjustment
    DEX|17|+2 reaction\att adj, -3 Def. adj. +5% PP, +10% OL, +5% MS, +5% HS
    CON|14|system shock 88%, resurrection 92%
    CHA|10|Max 4 henchmen[/TABLE]
    90% resistant to sleep and charm
    +1 to hit with bow, short sword or long sword
    Languages: Alignment, elvish, gnome, halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish, gnoll, common, giant
    1 in 6 chance of detecting concealed doors
    2 in 6 chance of detecting secret doors if looking
    3 in 6 chance of detecting concealed doors if looking
    4 in 6 of surprising if not in metal armour and alone or with elves and halflings

    Backstab x2
    1st 1 Charm Person

    Spell Book:
    Charm Person
    Magic Missile

    Saving Throws

    Paralysation\Poison or Death Magic|13
    Breath Weapon|15


    Pythal Neiroma is a scout for the elven royal navy. He uses his stealth abilities to spy out opposition to the royal court and to explore new lands in search of threats. He tends to act independently of others and on land despite his affiliation and finds himself missing the simple joys of sailing. As a mage he knows that his powers are weak so he takes spells that can be useful in gaining allies. Above all he is a patriot.

    Spell book
    Leather armour 5gp
    Longsword 15gp
    Shortbow 15gp
    Quiver with 20 arrows 12sp
    Backpack 2gp
    Rope, 50' 4sp
    Iron rations, 1 week 5gp
    Thieves picks and tools 30gp


    {table]Weapon|Size S/M|Size L|Speed| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10

    {table]Weapon|Size S/M|Size L|RoF|S|M|L| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10

    My Game that Died :(
    Battle for the Five Nations

    Recruiting Thread
    Out of Character Thread
    In Character Thread
    Dice rolls thread
    XP list (confidential)

    Table converter
    Useful Resources
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    The full library of all my work (pbp, homebrew, optimization) is over on minmaxboards here. However, I've begun reposting a lot of my stuff on these boards, and entering homebrew contests. So, here's my GitP extended homebrew sig.

    Homebrew Martial Discipline Compendium

    Please note that in general, where there are links to both mmx and gitp, the mmx version is generally more up-to-date, and will have more material.

    Large Homebrew Projects
    • Ritual Magic, a splatbook for a new subsystem which involves charging up magical effects to release at a later time. mmx, gitp
    • Magipunk Campaign Setting, cyberpunk with all the tech replaced by magic. An enormous amount of content, including base classes, prestige classes, feats, items, races, houserules, and all that jazz. mmx, gitp
    • Heroes of Hyrule, a port of the LoZ games for 3.5, using Tome of Battle and spellshaping. mmx, gitp
    • Ethos of the Wyrm: the Draconic Ideals, a dragon-themed splatbook for a new supplemental subsystem, kind of like pact magic (though not the same of course). mmx, gitp
    • The Great Wheel: Saga of the Planes, a high level & epic Planescape-style campaign setting, with the lofty goal of coming up with viable rules for high-level and epic play in 3.5. mmx
    • Stratovarius's Past, Present, and Future, a repost and update of Strato's amazing work from the BG boards, with (hopefully) some new content. mmx
    • Wisps of Creation, a standalone subsystem written for MUHA 2. gitp

    Note: classes, prcs, feats, etc. that are part of a large project are not given their own links below.

    Base Classes
    • Ζtherforge, base class with a brand new magic system (psionics by way of incarnum, basically). mmx, gitp
    • Astronomer, owner of another brand new subsystem, who "observes" effects happening in the sky and all around. Winner of GitP Base Class Contest XVI - Doing What We Must Because We Can! mmx, gitp
    • Carrionwalker, an Outcast class (amechra's project) which is basically an undead druid. mmx
    • Cycle Warden, a martial adept for all seasons, and winner of the GitP Base Class Challenge XIII, On a Whim. mmx, gitp
    • Dread Champion, the BBEG incarnate (at least, if you want something to be bashy smashy). mmx, gitp
    • Extractor, winner of the GitP Base Class Challenge XV - Lights! Camera!, based on the central characters of the movie Inception. mmx, gitp
    • Jongleur, an incarnum bard, and entry in Base Class Contest XVII - Heroes of Note: Keeping it Trill. mmx, gitp
    • Ley Engineer, a class capable of both standard adventuring and affecting a huge battlefield. Winner of Base Class Challenge XIV - Champions and Mooks. mmx, gitp
    • Nullblade, an invoking class designed to counter everything. mmx, gitp
    • Panphobic, the class which is afraid of everything. Entry in Base Class Contest XVIII - Crazy Hobos Everywhere. mmx, gitp
    • Sandman, a Freddy Krueger-like dream assassin. mmx, gitp
    • Shadowcaster, a fix of the published one in the Tome of Magic. mmx, gitp
    • Sublime Rogue, a rework of the Rogue using ToB material. mmx, gitp
    • Thaumurai, paladin replacement, invoking class, foil to the Nullblade. mmx, gitp
    • Warcrafter, a rework of the artificer using martial adept rules. mmx, gitp
    • Wardancer, a fancy dancey martial dervish class. mmx, gitp
    • Warpsoul, an aberration-based incarnum base class (a la totemist), with lots of new soulmelds. mmx, gitp

    Prestige Classes
    • Architect of the Twofold Way, the perfect blend of Nullblade and Thaumurai. mmx, gitp
    • Asura of Creeping Blight, a warlock-rakshasa entry in GitP PrC Contest XXXIX: Villainy and Evil! mmx, gitp
    • Ayuscientist, a gramarie & incarnum hybrid. mmx,
    • Azure Ascetic, an incarnum/spellshaping prc. mmx, gitp
    • Candysmith, aka Willy Wonka in a can, a prc for the Warcrafter and entry in GitP PrC Contest XL: Based on a Bestseller. mmx, gitp
    • Clockwork Cenobite, a mechanus monk, and an entry in Gitp PrC Contest XXXVI: Traditionally Speaking! gitp
    • Chromancer, a gramarie timey-wimey prc using Chrome (no relation to Google). gitp
    • Dracarnum Acolyte, an incarnum/DFA hybrid. mmx, gitp
    • Enigmatician, master of the puzzle box and entry in the GitP PrC contest XXXIV, Items of Power. mmx, gitp
    • Essence Devourer, a primer on how to become a barghest. mmx, gitp
    • Executor of Bedlam, a rogue steeped in lolrandom, and an entry in GitP Prestige Class Contest XXXVIII, Chaos is as Chaos...Oh look, shiny! mmx, gitp
    • Feater, the only prestige class you'll ever need. mmx, gitp
    • Horned Juggernaut, a were-rhinoceros and an entry in the minmaxboards Homebrew Contest I, One-Spell Wonders. mmx, gitp
    • Mawkin, a scary scary scarecrow, and the winning entry in Gitp Prestige Class Contest XXXV, The Last Harvest! mmx, gitp
    • Necrocarnate, a fix of the dysfunctional published prc. mmx, gitp
    • Precession's Guide, a bashy astronomer and entry in . gitp
    • Primal Soul, Black Blood Cultist + Soul Manifester, a Wilder/Totemist hybrid and the first homebrew I ever did. mmx, gitp
    • Shadow Star Infiltrator, an eladrin-friend who exacerbates the Blood War, and entry in GitP PrC Contest XXXVII, Be Good for Goodness' Sake! mmx, gitp
    • Shamurai, a melee con-artist, the exact opposite of War Hulk. mmx, gitp
    • Soulfused Transcendant, an incarnum prestige class that gets a ton of free melds and chakra binds which can't be changed. mmx, gitp
    • Soulknight, aka Crusader/Incarnate hybrid. mmx, gitp
    • The Prettiest, a 5-level prc which turns you into a pretty pretty elf. mmx, gitp
    • Tiger Avatar, aka Warblade/Totemist hybrid. mmx, gitp
    • Transcholar, a Gramarie transcendant. mmx, gitp
    • Valorous Lieutenant, aka bardbladesader the prc. mmx
    • Voyeur, a prc for the Astronomer based on sneaky Quantum. mmx, gitp
    • Warped Disciple, aka Binder/Warpsoul hybrid, Cthulhu wot wot. mmx, gitp

    Races and Monster Classes
    • Animus, astral planetouched race which values balance. mmx, gitp
    • Dwζrrow, dwarves who forge ζther. mmx, gitp
    • Githyanki, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Githzerai, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Firre Eladrin, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Half-Ogre, in a certain Improved Monster Class project. mmx
    • Spelljamer, so now you can play as a magic living spaceship. mmx
    • Time Dimensional, since Time isn't an element. mmx, gitp
    • Xevu, a weird aberration incarnum race. mmx, gitp

    Feats, Disciplines, Soulmelds, etc.
    • Combat feats of various colors and flavors. mmx, gitp
    • Factotum toys for you to play with. mmx, gitp
    • Incarnum feats of various shapes and sizes. mmx 1, mmx 2, mmx 3, gitp

    • Extractor Soulmelds, for the dreamers and the knowers. mmx, gitp
    • Jongleur Soulmelds, music to my (and your) ears. mmx, gitp
    • New Necrocarnum Soulmelds, to beef up the few that the Necrocarnate gets. mmx, gitp
    • Warpsoul Soulmelds, for the aberrophiles among us. mmx, gitp

    • Celestial Impetus, force force force blargh. (Epic) mmx, gitp
    • Conquered Mountain, for climbing up your enemies (unfinished). gitp
    • Devouring Crypt, creating hordes of zombies by swinging your sword. (Epic) mmx, gitp
    • Edge Country Hurricane, a silly and unfinished discipline. Use at your own risk. mmx
    • Equinox, maneuvers of Autumn and Spring. (Cycle Warden) mmx, gitp
    • Impromptu Virge, lots and lots of wands and staves. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp
    • Looming Thunderbolt, Impromptu Virge for the psionic character. gitp
    • Mystic Brew, for potions and alchemy. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp
    • Perplexing Essence, stealing the magic from your enemies' equipment. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp
    • Revolution, maneuvers of constant change. (Cycle Warden) mmx, gitp
    • Seven-Forged Sword, rainbow attacks, ho! (Epic) mmx, gitp
    • Solstice, maneuvers of Summer and Winter. (Cycle Warden) mmx, gitp
    • Twisted Vellum, killing people with magic papercuts. (Warcrafter) mmx, gitp

    Stuff which has to be updated/re-ported to gitp: Extractor, Sublime Rogue, Ζtherforge, Jongleur
    Stuff which has to be ported to mmx: Precession's Guide

    Depreciated or otherwise on hold:
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    gitp extended sig
    minmaxboards extended sig (more stuff)

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    A = Active
    I = Inactive*
    *Message me if you want to post on it and I will post to prevent thread necromancy. I'd prefer my threads to stay unlocked.


    My Novel/Setting Brainstorms:
    AThe World of Aldain - A resource on the world in my setting; covers supernatural abilities, races, and places.
    ICustom Magic Mechanics - A thread focusing on the Magic portion of my world, which has now been moved to the World Thread, since it is completed.
    ACustom Fate Mechanics - A thread focusing on the Fate portion of my world, currently being worked on before I import it over to the World Thread.
    ACustom Luck Mechanics - A thread focusing on the Luck portion of my world, currently being worked on before I import it over to the World Thread.

    IBalancing the Foodchain - Dragons need to eat without killing the ecosystem.
    ILanguage Assistance - A project exploring language for the various races in my world

    Order of the Stick Projects:
    AThe Annotated Order of the Stick - An ongoing companion guide to the OotS comic which explains the many references through out the comic.
    AThe Order of the Stick Magic Compendium - An ongoing compendium to every spell that has been mentioned or cast within the comic.
    AThe Transcription of the Stick - An ongoing transcription of the OotS comic.

    My Trip Across America:
    ICanvassing the Country - An art oriented roadtrip across the US


    As Game Master:
    IConnection and Contention - Free Form - Unfortunately ended
    C & C Out of Character Thread - Hosts the setting details of the Play by Post.
    C & C In Character Thread - The story as it happens.

    ISmooth as Stone - Serenity RPG - Unfortunately Ended
    S as S Out of Character Thread - Setting information, as well as the area we like to talk...occassionally about the RP.
    S as S In Character Thread - The story as it happens.

    As Player Character:
    ARandom Banter Campaign - D & D 3.5
    RB Campaign Out of Character Thread - Setting information and discussion thread.
    RB Campaign In Character Thread - The story as it happens.
    RB Campaign Dice Thread - This one should be self explanitory...

    I[Empire!] Community World Building Game - Freeform/Morph Made
    Empire! Out of Character Thread - Rules and information, discussions on mechanics and game based chatter.
    Empire! In Character Thread - Regional Actions and Ruler in character declarations
    Empire! Dice Rolling Thread - For any rolls you may fill, try your luck here!
    Empire! FAQ - You got questions? We got answers!
    Empire! Ruler's & Stat List - Maintained by me, updated each Round.
    Empire! Trade & Resources List - Maintained by me, updated each Round.
    Empire! Alliances List - Maintained by me, updated each Round.
    Empire! War & Population List - Maintained by WaylanderX, updated each Round.
    Empire! Regional Technologies List - Maintained by Morph Bark, updated each Round.
    Empire! Religion & Great Project List - Maintained by zabbarot, updated each Round.


    ALegend of Zelda: Thread of Awesome - Playgrounders discuss all things Zelda related, from plot to best ofs.
    IWhat's Your Favorite Homebrew? - Playgrounders discuss their favorite Homebrews and what makes them the best.
    IBalancing Magic and Technology - Playgrounders discuss what their opinions are for how Magic and Technology mix in a setting.
    ISo You Want To Make A Homebrew? - A helpful thread for Playgrounders who are just starting to Homebrew.
    IWhere Did Your User Name Come From - Playgrounders discuss why their user names are the way they are.


    She/He/V-ian Rhapsody - A parody to the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. Details the events of Order of the Stick via Vaarsuvius' point of view.
    The Wall: An Introduction - An introduction to a rather intriguing campaign idea I had.
    Close To Home - An exciting chapter in what might be an ongoing project. It might just be a stand alone short story. In either case, it's an interesting setting.


    ARead in Between the Lines: A Story Game - Tell a story word by word...but make sure to read between the lines of the first post!
    IRiddle Me This - Reached Page Limit
    ARiddle Me This II: Riddle Me That - Got a riddle? Good at riddles? Welcome to the second incarnation of this game!


    6 Cookies, 11 Internets, 1 Everything

    Quote Originally Posted by WaylanderX View Post
    You're certainly not the only one mate ;P. But I think everyone that figures it out getz +1 internetz.
    Quote Originally Posted by Haluesen View Post
    I am currently trying to go with your parody while listening to the music, but my blasted computer has hated videos for the past few weeks. The fact that I got it to load 2:30 after about 10 minutes is a miracle. Nonetheless I find myself quite intrigued and mystified by what you have done here. I give you extreme judos, and if it is in my power to do so I wish you give you an internet for this amazingly epic win.
    Quote Originally Posted by cavalieredraghi View Post
    hey Wombat here are 2 cookies and 4 internets. enjoy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cuthalion View Post
    Indeed. Obtain a cookie.
    Quote Originally Posted by NihhusHuotAliro View Post
    Wombat of doom, you just won everything, and have become the second greatest poster on the GITP forums after Atticusxt.
    Quote Originally Posted by AtlanteanTroll View Post
    *gives the whole RB a cookie*


    Wombat of Doom by Akrim.elf

    MLP Link by Madcrafter

    Wombatman by Cuthalion

    A huge thank you to all!

    Compliments by users

    Quote Originally Posted by Haldir View Post
    Wombat o' Doom is a stand-up dude.
    Quote Originally Posted by Logic View Post
    And how! If Wombat starts a any PBP games, I am all for joining them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gwynfrid View Post
    I am in awe of your ambition
    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Dragon View Post
    It's official. Mr Doom is awesome.


    Table for a new Inititive idea I had (completed):
    Round time 1 Actions 2 Actions 3 Actions 4 Actions 5 Actions 6 Actions 7 Actions
    1 second o o o o o o o
    2 seconds - - - - - - -
    3 seconds - - - - - o o
    4 seconds - - - - o - -
    5 seconds - - - o - - o
    6 seconds - - o - - o -
    7 seconds - - - - o - o
    8 seconds - o - - - o -
    9 seconds - - - o - - o
    10 seconds - - - - o - -
    11 seconds - - o - - o o
    12 seconds - - - - - - -
    13 seconds - - - o o o o
    14 seconds - - - - - - -
    15 seconds - - - - - - -

    This table represents 1 to 7 actions, with rounds now at 15 seconds long. Actions per round are represented by how many actions a character might have. Action amounts are dictated by racial features, abilities, and class features. Ties in each row go to the initial inititive score. You can see that mainly on 1st and last actions. You'd go down the 15 one by one, so 1 second, everyone goes in order of roll, 3rd second 6 and 7 would go based on their inititive, then 4th, 5 would go and so on.

    Working on Table for SamBurke's Immersion System (WIP):
    Name Requirement Cost Description
    Power of Force - 1 Gain Telekinesis as a Class skill, -1 advancement
    Master of Force [+] - 1
    To Truely [div]Understand Power[/div] - 2 Use WIS anywhere a TK Fate says, “Charisma.”
    Knowledge is the Greatest Force - 2 You may use your INT when a TK Fate says, “Charisma”.
    Crack [+] - 1 You may give an object the Broken Condition.
    Pull [+] - 1
    Push Blast - 1
    ---A Master Am I [+] Push 1
    ---Seer Push 2
    ---Soul of the Seer Push, Seer 1
    ---Wild Force Surge Push 1
    ------Breaking Surge Push, Wild Force Surge 1
    ------Furious Surge Push, Wild Force Surge 1
    ------Exploding Surge Push, Wild Force Surge 1
    ------Punishing Surge Push, Wild Force Surge 1
    ------Way of [div]-----Destruction[/div] Push, Wild Force Surge, Punishing Surge 1
    ---Lose Control Push 1
    ---Unshackled Soul Push 1
    ---Unrelenting Force Push 1
    ---Apoethesis Pulse Push 1
    ---Push like Punches Push 1
    ------Push You, [div]-----Pull You[/div] Push, Come 1
    ------Tossed Like [div]-----A Ragdoll[/div] Push, Come 1
    Disturbance - 1
    Floater Defense - 1
    Phase Step - 1
    Force Armor - 1
    Carrier - 1
    ---Planar Carry Carrier 2
    Bullet Orbs - 1
    Force Meld - 1
    Force of Nature - 1
    Avenging Weapon - 1
    ---Defending Avenger Avenging Weapon 1
    ---Ancestral Avenger Avenging Weapon 1
    ------Relic's Power Avenging Weapon, Ancestral Avenger 1
    Many Hands, [div]Light Work[/div] - 1
    ---Handwave Many Hands - Light Work, Push Blast/Pull 1
    ---Telekinetic Fighting Many Hands - Light Work 1
    ---Swirling Death Many Hands - Light Work, Telekinetic Fighting 1
    ---Stable Kinetics Many Hands - Light Work, Telekinetic Fighting 1
    ---Field Hand Many Hands - Light Work, Telekinetic Fighting, Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Force Shove Many Hands - Light Work, Telekinetic Fighting 1
    ---Good with [div]--His Hands[/div] Many Hands - Light Work, Telekinetic Fighting 1
    Loose the [div]Hands of War[/div] - 1
    Telekinetic Field [+] - 1
    ---Will Power [+] Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Wise Placement [+] Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Thinking [div]--With Fields [/div][+] Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Broken Gravity Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Dreamspace Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Gravity Leap Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Slow Field Telekinetic Field 1
    ------Clinging Field Telekinetic Field, Slow Field 1
    ----------Form Fitting Telekinetic Field, Slow Field, Clinging Field 1
    ---Design [+] Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Fine-Tuning Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Double Duty Telekinetic Field 2
    ---Fling Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Turn Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Distinguish Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Lock Field Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Stasis Field Telekinetic Field 1
    ------Lifelock Telekinetic Field, Lock Field, Stasis Field 2
    ---Implosion Trap Telekinetic Field 1
    ---Solid Field Telekinetic Field 1
    Force Barrier - 1
    ---Forced Pass Force Barrier 1
    ---Insert Barrier Force Barrier 1
    ---Light Barrier Force Barrier 1
    ---Dome Shield Force Barrier 1
    ---Personal [div]--Defense [+][/div] Force Barrier 1
    ---Barrier Pushing Force Barrier, Push Blast 1
    ---Feel Force Force Barrier 1
    ---Air Bubble Force Barrier 1

    Spoiler: Not As Intended ideas

    Games Done Wrong -
    Ark: Survival Evolved
    Left 4 Dead - Pacifist Edition

    Zelda Races -
    Majora's Mask Point Race
    (Ocarina of [Time) Challenge]

    Scared Senseless -
    Resident Evil

    Let's Plays -
    Assassins Creed IV - Black Flag - Pirate Edition
    Hand of Fate - Blind

    Puzzle Maps -
    Halo III
    Halo Reach
    Super Mario Maker

    Backup signature formulas:
    World Building Project:
    : The Stuff of Sentience | Fate: The Fabric of Physics | Luck: The Basis of Biology

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant
    Here are the stats you actually need for a hatchling dragon:

    Movement: Gets away if you let it.
    Saving Throws: Miraculously survives all accidents.
    Armor Class: You hit.
    Hit Points: Congratulations, Baby-Killer.
    Special Qualities: I hope you can live with yourself.

    Coincidentally, these are the same exact stats for every other species of baby.

    [reference link]
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    World Building Projects:
    : The Stuff of Sentience | Fate: The Fabric of Physics | Luck: The Basis of Biology

    Order of the Stick Projects:
    Annotation of the Comic | Magic Compendium of the Comic | Transcription of the Comic
    Dad-a-chum? Dum-a-chum? Ded-a-chek? Did-a-chick?
    Extended Signature | My DeviantArt | Majora's Mask Point Race
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    I only have two homebrews, but I want more people to see them so that they can be balanced. her they are
    Spell: Spears of the Blue Dragon
    New Game System, needs Claibas
    Please post your opinions so that they can be well balanced.
    Please see my Calibas forum. P.E.A.C.H
    My homebrew thought process.
    "I have this great idea for a power/splat/merit/etc/"
    "I have no idea if this is balanced, useless, or gamebreaking."
    "I'll ask the internet"
    "The thread has died."

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    A lot of these aren't done, but eh, I'll post it.

    Abyssal Heritor FeatsFeats: For the cyborg in all of us.
    Bemδntelter SchattenBase: A strange blend of the shadowcaster and a psion, sprinkled liberally with binder flakes.
    Blades of the Fragmented SoulACF: "Oh, you're not--no, I must have heard 'soul' and 'knife' and misunderstood."
    Book of ArtifactsItem: Fun ways to drive your players mad.
    Charm FeatsFeat: Think more along the lines of Odin, less along the lines of sugary cereals.
    Cloth of CopperItem: It's like shapesand, but for stupid people!
    Combat Techniques: The ones in the 2nd post are mine. The ones in the first post are Realms of Chaos'.
    ConvokerBase: A master summoner, or a Pokemon Trainer if you want to wreck serious campaigns.
    Deceit MagePrC: Now you, too, can be burned at the stake despite your lack of any magic whatsoever.
    Ectopic Skin FeatsFeat: Crawling in my skiii--okay, sorry, not funny.
    The FighterBase: Killin' them as needs killin'.
    GestaltwandlerBase: A thousand faces is actually a very conservative estimate.
    How to Train your Magic: A work in progress that involves a mage whose major skill is not Spellcraft but more akin to Handle Animal.
    The IconBase: Ultimate cosmic power, itty bitty living space. It's a joke.
    Impossible WarriorBase/Feat/PrC: Put simply: The Meta-Fighter.
    KrigsherrenBase: Combat supremacy, sans maneuvers.
    The LibrarianBase: Amechra's already beaten me to the punch here.
    The MachiavellianBase: I'd make a joke, but literally all I can think of here is Vetinari.
    The MeathookItem: If you see one of these in your butcher's back room, leave. Don't wait for the steak.
    The MeistersingerPrC: Bardic music is business of the serious variety.
    MetafeatsFeat: Feats about feats. After a while the word feat will sound feat incredibly feat silly feat feat feat.
    Monstrous ArmigerBase: Somewhere out there, the person who really wanted to wear a celestial whale as armor is dancing in glee.
    The Name-Me-NotPrC: Careful about what you say in front of a mirror...
    The NaseliBase: Yes, you can set heat on fire. No, I don't know how that works, stop asking.
    The Nord's BladeBase/PrC/Feat/Item: Possibly the only class that requires you not to use the d20.
    The Outcast ProjectBase: I've done a bit of work on this one... it's only got, what, two base classes and 60 little fiddly bits?
    Resider-In-DreamsPrC: Also known as "Yandere: The Dreaming." I won the Gold in one of the PrC contests with this one.
    The SalvagerBase/Feat/PrC: The MacGyver-ficer.
    Scion of AshardalonPrC: Demons, dragons, lots of bloody sacrifices. Sounds fun, no? I won the Gold in one of the PrC contests with this one.
    Sibling ParagonBase: No, I don't know if you can have a dvati take this. Stop asking.
    The Star-Sworn KnightBase: Kind of like a marshal, crossed with a bard and a truenamer and Sailor Moon or something.
    Stunning Fist Expansion FeatsFeats: For when you have to be the masterful sifu.
    Tiered PermutationsHouserule: ACFs on steroids.
    Touched WarriorBase: A warlock-turned-warrior who uses martial maneuvers through fever dreams and seizures. I made none of that up.
    Unrepentant Pact-Bound HunterPrC: A ranger-warlock fusion with incredible amounts of hate. I won the Gold in one of the PrC contests with this one.
    The VassalBase: This class is pact full of invocation morsels.
    Whispersong BladeItem: Pffft. Crystal echoblades are so last season.
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    door is a fake exterior wall
    If you see me try to discuss the nitty-gritty of D&D 5e, kindly point me to my signature and remind me that I shouldn't. Please and thank you!

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Work in Progress
    Swift [Noun] Feats + Guide Class [Scout Theurge of all the heck]

    Work I'll finish sometime before I die... Maybe
    Warlock Compilation: [Ehhh... I'll get to it... Eventually maybe]

    Eldritch Schollar [Actively working on]:

    Homebrew I want to use.
    Warlock PRC:
    More Familiars:
    Warlock 2:
    Dark Saint:
    Wizard Warlock 2:
    Race Building:

    Skill Monkey:

    Toughest/Least Toughest Class Ever:


    Base (Liked, MTG Based)
    Base (Other):
    PRC (For others):

    Pact Asscendant:

    Homebrew Character Ideas

    Evil Overlord:

    Tome of Epic Prestige:


    Other Stuff

    Becoming a fine giant:
    Yes pun. Sue me.

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    Post Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Best Projects:
    --Positive Plane overhaul
    --[3.5 class/subsystem] Truespeaker
    --[3.5 base class/subsystem] Runes of Creation

    Current Projects:

    Past Projects:
    --[3.5 magic item] Infinipedia, useful item
    --[3.5 magic item] Mobile Fortress
    --[New system] BF6/Hello, my Name is
    --[3.5 PrC] Godling
    --[3.5 PrC] Planeswalker
    --[3.5 PrC/Feats] Craftsman
    --[World] The Forsaken Lands
    --[Artifacts] The Keys
    --[System] Perfect Fate
    --[3.5 feats] Mundane "spell" feats
    --[3.5 feats] Factoum feats galore!
    --[Monster] My super Tarrasque
    --[3.5 feats] Social Feats.
    --Time Travel
    --[3.5 creatures] Positive/Negative Elementals
    --[3.5 Feat] Vow of Poverty Fix
    --[3.5 Feat] Other Vow of Poverty Fix
    --[3.5 template] Mind Break
    --[3.5 items] Magic Housewares
    --[3.5 class fix] My fighter fix.
    --[new system/tutorial] Canine Supers
    --[3.5 Base Class] Magic Girl
    --[3.5 templates] Some random templates
    --[3.5 feat] Armored Mage
    --[3.5 Classes] God-blooded and Demigod
    --Positive Plane overhaul
    --[UM20 variant] Tiny Quest (Needs a better name)
    --[3.5 class/subsystem] Truespeaker
    --[3.5 subsystem] Better Epic spellcasting
    --[3.5 npc class] Cultist
    --[3.5 base class] The Charlatan
    --[3.5 feats] Truth and Lies
    --[3.5 feats] Class Skill feats
    --[3.5 PrC] Kai Monk
    --[3.5 PrC] The Ascendant
    --[3.5 base class/subsystem] The Shaper
    --[3.5 monster class] The Dragonsoul Kobold
    --[3.5 PrC] Pikmin Captain
    --[3.5 base class/subsystem] Runes of Creation
    --[Original System] Potere Arcano

    Co-Op Projects:
    --[3.5 class] Holy Lyrist (with asdflove)
    --[3.5 class] Fighter Fix (with asdflove)

    ArM Code 1.5 5+ !Ca R H L- G Y2015 T(1)-- SG-- P- HoH(Bj+ J D+) !FZ !C :-D Cd

    Spoiler: Wizard's War
    Battle Decks
    The fun of a game like Magic with none of the cost. All you need is a normal deck of playing cards for each player to take on the role of a Wizard fighting for dominance.

    Each player needs a standard deck of 52 cards, setting any jokers aside. Each player shuffles their deck and draws 12 cards from it. They choose 7 to keep as their starting hand and shuffle the other 5 back into their deck. Each player then deals five cards from their deck to form their Shield row. Choose a random player to go first.

    Card Suits
    Each suit has a special meaning.
    • Diamonds -- Diamonds are Mana Crystals. Wizards use them to power their spells.
    • At any time, you may exhaust a Diamond to gain Mana equal to its Rank.
    • When you spend Mana, any excess Mana you have is lost instantly; you can't split the mana from one Crystal between two things.
    • Clubs -- Clubs are Flame Dragons. Wizards summon them to wage war against their opponents.
    • Hearts -- Hearts are Ice Golems. Wizards summon them to ward off opposing monsters.
    • Dragons and Golems are collectively known as Monsters.
    • If a Monster ever takes damage equaling or exceeding its Rank, the monster is discarded.
    • Spades -- Spades are Lightning Orbs. Wizards use them to blast away at opposing monsters and to defend against other lightning orbs.

    Card Ranks
    Each card's Rank indicates how powerful it is. Jacks are Rank 11, Queens are Rank 12 and Kings are Rank 13. Aces are always Rank 1.

    During play, cards on the table will be exhausted when used. While a card is exhausted, you can not do anything that would exhaust that card. When a card is reset, it becomes unexhausted and can be used again.

    Running out of Cards
    If you need to draw a card from your deck and no cards remain, draw from your Shield row instead. If you can't (because your Shield row is empty), you have run out of energy; you lose the battle and your opponent wins.

    Flow of a Turn
    During a player's turn, they progress through the following 4 phases in order.

    Reset Phase
    NOTE: The player who goes first skips this entire step on their first turn.
    Reset all of your cards on the table. Then, draw 1 card from your deck into your hand; you may spend 10 Mana to draw an extra card. After drawing, advance to your Play Phase.

    Play Phase
    You can play any number of cards from your hand, as long as you can pay for them. Once you finish playing all of the cards you want to play, advance to your Battle Phase.
    • Diamonds -- Mana Crystals: Each turn, you may play a single Crystal, putting it face-up on the table in front of you. If the Crystal played is Rank 10 or higher, you must return a Crystal you already have on the table to your hand.
    • Clubs and Hearts -- Monsters: To play a Monster, you must pay Mana equal to its Rank. When a Monster is played, put it face-up onto the table.
    • Spades -- Lightning Orbs: To play an Orb, you must pay Mana equal to its Rank and target a Monster or another Orb. Then, the target takes damage equal to the Orb's Rank.
    • Orbs can be played at any time during any Play or Battle Phase, even if it isn't your turn. You can even play a Orb onto a Orb your opponent just played; damage dealt to an Orb reduces its Rank.

    Battle Phase
    You can have your Monsters attack your opponent. Choose any number of Monsters you control to attack with. You may choose any number of Dragons and up to one Golem. A Monster can not be attack if it was played this turn. All attacking Monsters are exhausted.

    For each attacking Monster, your opponent may choose one or two of their Monsters to block it. Only unexhausted Monsters may block and each may one block one attacker. At most one Dragon may block once per turn.
    • If an attacker is blocked, they fight the monster blocking them. The attacker and blocker each take damage equal to the other's Rank.
    • If there are two blockers, you choose the order your attacker fights them; your attacker's Rank in the second fight is reduced by the damage it took in the first fight.
    • For each unblocked attacker, your opponent must draw a card from their Shield row. If they can't (because its empty), the attack hits them directly and they lose the game.

    Closing Phase
    At this time, Monsters heal, removing all damage from all monsters. If you have more than 7 cards in your hand, discard cards from your hand until you have only 7. After discarding, your opponent starts their turn with their Reset Phase.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    A complement work for Descent of shadows (although it can stand on its own, except for a couple of feats), now for use with the Pathfinder rule system. Please if you have comments, PM me here. Also in PDF format, which may be more up to date and have bonus material

    PF Shadowcaster
    New Paths and Path Masteries
    Epic Destiny (3.5 D&D Material)
    New Monsters (Needs Tome of Battle for the angels)
    Tenebrous cabal Affiliation (Needs Players Handbook 2)
    Dark Angel Ascendant. Tome of Battle / Shadowcaster PrC. An angelic avenger to stand against any evil.
    New Items Comparability with Magic Item Compendium.
    New Feats some of it suited for Epic play
    Soul Keeper. Incarnum / Shadowcasting PrC, protector of death and souls.
    Shadowcaster Archetypes: 3.5's prestige classes as PF archetypes (Includes Nocturmancer, Child of night (re envisioned), Master of Shadow, Descent of shadow's Ebon sage and a "reverse" shadowcaster)
    WIP: Wordcasting Shadowcaster: An attempt to join shadowcasting with Pathfinder's experimental spellcasting system, Words of Power
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    Complete Shadow Magic! for Pathfinder Rules. (Google Docs PDF)
    Newest: Shadowcaster Archetypes
    WIP:Wordcasting Shadowcaster

    Previous games: Life in Hell
    as Moira

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Prestige Classes
    The Evolutionary Ally - Genetic Engineering at its best.

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Limber Ones [Pathfinder; Project G] - Adaptation of the Slender Man Mythos.


    Iliiran [ Pathfinder] - Surface Drow that are friendly neighbors with humanity.


    If any of my threads are past the thread necromancy point, please send me a private message concerning your critiques. I'll see if I can make some update or otherwise bump the thread within the rules of Homebrew makers being allowed to raise their own threads and then we can discuss what you want to. All of my projects are eternally works in progress (in that everything can be further tinkered with or improved past the point they get my stamp of approval and I move on) and I really don't want any of my material ending up thread locked.

    Also, please inform me if you use my homebrew at any point and how it turned out in your games. I'm really starving for play-test feedback on anything I do.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Zman's Homebrew

    5e Homebrew
    Zman's 5e Tweaks V2.0.V2.0 Thread.Spreadsheet Analysis
    Zman's 5e Tweaks: Weapons and Armor V1.0.Zman's 5e Tweaks: E10 Variant V1.0

    Spoiler: 3.5
    3.5 HomeBrew

    Base Classes:
    Dragon Ascendant

    Zman's DnD 3.5 Overhaul

    Zman's E10 Variant

    Zman's Balanced(More) 3.5 Classes
    The aim is to bring the base classes of 3.5 to Tiers 2-4. This will result in an increase in power and versatility for some and a decrease in raw power for others. WIP. Note, the goal is to keep the existing architecture in tact where possible. These fixes will not be perfect, but they will go along way to making the game play better.

    WIP Core Classes
    Barbarian Fix
    Bard Fix
    Cleric Fix
    Druid Fix
    Fighter Fix
    Monk Fix
    Paladin Fix
    Ranger Fix
    Rogue Fix
    Sorcerer Fix
    Wizard Fix

    Beguiler Fix
    Duskblade Fix
    Warlock Fix
    Warmage Fix
    Wu Jen Fix

    Minor Magic Fix

    Need to do

    Non Core Classes(Probably in Order)
    Dread Necromancer Fix
    Factotum(Good as is?)

    Craven, Shock Trooper, Combat Brute, Power Attack?, Leadership, And so many more...

    Skill: Minor Revamp
    Character Creation: Point Buy, Wound/Vitality, Wealth by Level, ECL, Multiclassing

    Combat: Ranged, Offhand, Special Attacks?
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Just a short list of my feeble attempts at homebrew. Most of these need quite a bit more tinkering before I'm anywhere close to done.

    Base Classes:
    The Disciple of Balance

    Class Fixes:
    The Kineticist
    The Stonelord

    Prestige Classes:
    The Gloom Blade (Done)


    Things to do:
    Were-Creature class
    Positive & Negative Elementals
    Construct creature
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Waylander's Homebrew:

    Iugon Campain Setting:

    Base Classes (Casting):

    Grand Cross Of Four
    Gaoler of Frostflame
    The Spellguide
    The Delirionist
    The Disciple of Anima

    Base Classes (Martial):
    Chaos Assassin

    In Progress:

    Martial Disciplines:
    Escalating Chain
    Chaos Flower

    Temperamental Architect (Gaoler of Frostflame)
    Anarchic Conjurer (Delirionist/Normal Caster)(Winner Prc Contest XXXVIII!!)


    Homebrew Elemental Database

    Non-specific Stuff:

    Base Classes (Mundane/Martial)
    The Improviser

    In Progress

    The Clockwork Meister (Improviser)
    Dragon Rider (Martial Initiator)
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    Nothing to see here
    My Extended Homebrew Sig!

    Currently writing a fantasy novel: The Dawn of Life!
    People willing to provide feedback are appreciated

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Where NekoIncardine Makes Weird Stuff And Puts It On Display

    FATE-ish - adding concepts from one OGL metasystem to another because I can. Also introduces the idea of player-adjudicated balance.

    Weaponshifter - Is your teammate's weapon not good enough? Why bother with having them buy an upgrade, when you can just become their weapon?
    Dayurned Vampire - Yet Another Lesser Vampire Template. This one was specific to a setting where magical generic engineering allowed for Racial Gestalts.

    Base Classes

    Class Archetypes
    Frost-Pact Warlock - Guaranteed to have no Frozen references!
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    well, I have finally made enough homebrews to be forced to use this.

    The Dwarf 20 level progression made for the Race Race
    Dagon Dragon a true dragon made for ShadowFireLance
    necromorph a base class based on the dead space games in a base class challenge
    spell: Oh Hell No! a responsive time stop
    leaping spell metamagic to fuze with your spell and travel with it
    martial evoker a variant on the abjurant champion with evocation made for starship1
    Timberwolf the monster from My Little pony friendship is magic
    MLP FIM D&D 3.5 a project to incorporate my little pony into dungeons and dragons
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    D&D NEXT Rebalancing/Converting Races
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Below is the homebrew stuff I've created.

    The Hunter: A ranged martial adept

    The hunter is to the ranger what the crusader, swordsage, and warblade are to the paladin, monk, and fighter respectively. It also includes ranged maneuvers usable with a bow or crossbow.

    Expanded summon nature's ally list

    This expands the list of creatures that can be summoned with the Summon Nature's Ally line of spells, as well as fixing a few creatures that caused problems.

    Auto updating combat stats sheet

    This is an excel character sheet that will allow you to apply various buffs to your character quickly and easily in combat.

    The Conjurer

    A arcane spellcasting class in the same vein as the warmage, beguiler, and dread necromancer, but focusing on conjuration spells.

    A calculation of what it would cost to replicate a wizard's spellcasting abilities across a 20-level adventuring career. Not exactly homebrew, but interesting enough not to lose, and I'm not sure where else to put it.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Quotes and Miscellany

    this could probably just go in my signature couldn't it
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    white text is the bestest you might want to look for it

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    4th number's Homebrew Creations
    and some things from a previous life

    Digimon d20 A work-in-progress (but approaching playable) BESM d20 ruleset and campaign setting.

    Winter Warrior A 5-level Pathfinder PrC for "vintage" combatants. Created for the Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition X. Winner of First Place, Most Likely To See Play, Most Unique Entry, and Judge's Choice!

    Wondrous Items for under 200gp! Just what it says on the tin.

    The Wight Stuff A silly name for a set of wondrous items suitable for your next wight-apocalypse game. Which is to say, probably never.

    Mongrelfolk, modified A version of the Mongrelfolk that makes it wee bit more playable without removing the drawbacks.

    Pudurdle A whimsical rolling monster based on some public domain artwork.

    The Magician An unfinished full casting base class with a novel spell preparation mechanic.

    Quisquiliae A kitchen-sink campaign setting that resulted from a magical accident.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Well, here we go then.

    Micro Goblins - A race of even smaller goblins that don't have that nasty temper you normally find on the green folk.
    Draco in Leather Pants - A race of men that have collectively reached terminal beauty point and can get away with anything because of it.
    Studious Gnomes - A race of gnomes that quickly developed inside a library during a few centuries of mooching off an illusionist.

    Base Classes
    The Bow Shaper - My take on a reworked and 20 level soul bow. Normally archery sucks, I tried to make it suck less.

    Walking Library - Gives Intelligence without LA

    Prestige Classes
    The Dread Mind - Psionic Necromancy as it currently stands.
    The Plated Guard - For when you really don't want to get hit, could use some more critiquing.
    The Bound Scholar - A Binder PrC that lets you get a hefty bonus to one vestige, I feel that I made this one pretty solidly.
    The Weaponthane Ascendant - An Evolutionist PrC that focuses on becoming one with their blade and cutting things really well.
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    I was going to PM you about it because I wanted to know, but then you posted it later. Elegant solution. Watch out for Necropolitans.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Well heres mine:

    Deep fey underground fey that are good with poisons
    Jynx an evil demon that can make you slip up and kill the rest of your party. My first homebrew and my first post on these boards
    The mind howler, ever want to know what happens when a mind flayer dies on pandemonium?
    More DRAGONS!
    Dretch template
    Ghoul spiders Evil spiders...grrr
    Hoard wearing zombie disgorging weasels and lovecraftian war-week old pizzas, and even melf's honey soaked rock!
    The false dragon, a beast made from a mad mage's mistake
    The Wordfrog: A little stupid brute from Limbo infused with mighty chaotic power of an ancient age.

    lots and lots of magic!
    The Lorestaff, a legacy item made for a player of mine
    Lightning speed
    Soul Rip
    Arrow swarm, for when you dont have an army but need one
    Deathball, combining my 3 favorite spells
    Telefrag, kill you enemies from a distance by teleporting inside of them!

    Adventure time races ignore the rest of the dead thread :(
    Ghoublin, a grotesque goblin subrace
    Wild elf/goblins, and the twisted/psychotic hobgnolblin
    Arctic Elf: my Grugach replacement, because I never really liked them

    Willowisp and choker
    Humanoids, character concept bloodlines, stirges, sun wyrms, liches, where does it end!

    Co-op stuff
    Knight of lightning

    Black parader

    Stuff that will be posted soon:
    moar spells!
    some races
    maybe a class or two
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuldarinar View Post
    ..What have I done..? What have you done? That poor lantern archon..

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects: This is the stuff I'm currently working on. Even if it isn't done you can still comment on it.
    --[Class - Base] Meister: Warrior with Soul (WIP) (Incarnum, Melee) Predicted T3-4
    --[Class - Base] Exarch: An Incarnum-infused Aura Paladin who isn't quite as terrible as the Soulborn. (Incarnum, Melee) Predicted T3-4.

    Complete Projects: Here is my finished work. You can use my stuff if it strikes your fancy. Tell me how it turned out for you.
    --[Class - Base] Adaptive: A shapshifter capable of espionage and combat. T3.
    --[Class - Base] Aspirant: A Monk who strengthens his body with essentia and uses stored power to activate special techniques. (Incarnum, Psionic) Predicted T3-4.
    --[Class - Base] Chorister: Divine Singer Support Class (Divine, Vancian, Face, Buffer, Healer)
    --[Class - Base] Mage Scholar: Student of the Arcane (Arcane, Vancian, Generalist)
    --[Class- Prestige] Soul Singer: A performer who has learned to imbue their very essence into their music. Incarnum, Partial Vancian casting, Bardic Music.
    --[Racial Variants] Incarnum Racial Variants for Eberron : New ACFs and feats for Changelings, Shifters and Warforged.

    Incomplete Projects: Here is stuff that has been put on the backburner. While I will finish it someday, expect irregular updates at best.
    --[Class - Base] Behemoth: Fiendish Soldier Class (Hiatus) (Arcane, Melee, Tank, Unique)
    --[Rules - General] Houserules
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Creating a post here.
    (since I was planning to start putting stuff up in the world building section and wanted to avoid cluttering my signature)

    -Setting 1(Lereth)

    -none yet

    -none yet

    -Monster Academy(dead), OOC, 1
    -Lereth: Stormport 1(dead), OOC, 1
    -Lereth: Stormport 2(living), OOC, 1
    -Lereth: Verden 1(recruiting), Recruiting
    -Sawagakure(living)-OOC, 1, 2
    -Rizban's Aldhaven[player](living?)
    -Village Hidden in the Swamp[player](likely to drop out) Link
    -Soragakure[temp? player](living, and doing very well)

    Member of;
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    So far, I only have this:

    The Wetboy

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature


    Base Classes
    Primalist: Natural Invocation user
    Wounded Viper: Deed using whip fighter

    Prestige Classes
    Pack Master: Shape Shifting master of animals
    Son of Silence: Master of the art silence

    Libram of Battle

    Eternal Fist: Unarmed Fighting Disipline
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    3.5 Classes, Prestige Classes and Class Variants
    Paladin Variant
    Samurai Class Variant
    Eldritch Knight PrC Variant (Big Thanks To Redwarlock)
    Fighter Tweak
    Healer Savant
    Samurai Experiment
    Inventor (Unfinished)
    Feyblooded PrC
    Samurai, Can We Save It?
    Solar Avatar

    Pathfinder Classes, Prestige Classes and Class Variants
    Bone Horror
    Colossi, The Golem-blooded
    The Witcher
    Artificer 2
    Wild Shaper
    One Bard, Hold The Spoon
    Empowered Wizard
    Spelltouched Monk
    Domain Cleric
    Spell Eater
    Shade PrC

    Random Homebrew
    Casting as a Skill.
    Yu Yu Hakusho Classes
    Jedi Classes (Unfinished)
    Soul Gems
    Black Dragonborn (Scrapped)
    Materials of Lore
    Bro, You're bleeding (heal fix)
    Formula Alchemist
    Cursed Belt
    Bio-Boosted Armor, Guyver and Zoanoid Template
    Spiked Chainmail Bag of Nasty, Weapon
    Inknight Dragon
    Badja Remake

    Races and Racial Classes
    Pokemon Starters (Unfinished)
    Albasters and Malcubi (succubi/incubi) classes
    Terrak, The Children of the Slumbering One
    Xenomorphs (Aliens)
    Yautja (Predators)
    Timeforged, Warforged of the Stars

    Mind Flayers and Ulitharid (Pathfinder)
    Rot Patch, Pathfinder Plant
    Psionic Moonflower, Pathfinder Plant
    Night Quill, Pathfinder Plant
    The Cake Is A Lie
    Shinidamachū, The Soul Collectors (3.5)
    Teeth Eaters

    Belladonis Campaign Setting
    Green Mantis Assassin
    Hammerhold Archer
    Hammerhold Knight
    Hammerhold Scout
    Deep Orcs
    Lesser Giants
    Skale Lizardfolk
    Living Hive (My Reworked Version)
    Wild Shaper 2.0
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    Belladonis Campaign Setting 3.5
    Casting as a Skill

    Learn from your mistakes, 3.5...
    Fill in those dead levels...

    Abrothia's Vision

    Welcome to the World Serpent Inn!

    - - - IC - - - OOC - - -

    Extended Signature (90% complete)

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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Here there are my homebrews:

    Faery - A new playable fey race.
    Nightmare - A new playable aberrant race.

    Vampire - a new playable vampire template + vampire feats.

    Savage Scoundrel - Conan the Cimmerian in Pathfinder.

    Ghost Rider - Diabolical base class based on the famous comic hero.
    Paladin Overhaul - A spelless Paladin that can use holy auras to boost himself and his allies and more holy powers. Also contains some new holy items.
    Knight Fix! - For a more tanky knight!

    Prestige Classes
    Knight of Lightning - A PrC inspired by inuyasha's spell Lightning Speed
    King's Hammer - A dwarven tank PrC that shines in fighting with two handed weapons and defending allies.
    Monk of Wrath - A monk PrC focused on rage and on delivering massive damages to enemies.
    Legionary - A very heavy tank prestige class intended for melee NPCs.
    Invisible Blade - An overhaul of the prestige classe from Complete Warrior.
    Sword Saint - A master swordsman good both at delivering damage and at avoiding them.

    Rallaster's Tendrils - CRUCIO!
    Rending Hands - Two demonic hands emerges from the void to grab your enemies and rip them in two half.

    Whip 'em to death - New feats, substitution levels, weapons and prc for whip users.
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects:
    --[5E - Archetype]Shadow Striker (Roguish Archetype)
    --[5E - Archetype]Divine Trickster (Roguish Archetype)
    --[PF - Archetype] Malconvoker (Summoner)
    --[PF - Class] Death Knight (on hold)
    --[PF - Archetype] Rage Prophet (Oracle)
    --[PF - Archetype] Support Archetype Set
    --[PF - Archetype] Earth Warden

    Past Projects:
    --[PF - Race] Sprite
    --[PF - Bloodline] Spellsinger
    --[PF - Bloodline] Fascinating
    --[PF - Archetype] Slugger Sorcerer
    --[PF - Archetype] Three Katanas Fighter
    --[PF - Archetype] Theurge (Wizard)
    --[PF - Archetype] Undead Scourge (Oracle)
    --[PF - Archetype] Arcane Archer (Magus)
    --[PF - Archetype] Mason (Wizard)
    --[PF - Archetype] Dojo Sorcerer
    --[PF - Base class] Wildshaper
    --[PF - Revision] Wild Shape & Druids

    --[3.5 - PrC] Master of Shrouds (new/fix)
    --[3.5 - PrC] Prophet of Nerull
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    Default Re: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Current Projects

    Rizban's Revised Third Edition
    —• Introduction
    ——• Project Goals
    ——• Design Paradigm
    ——• Credits and Acknowledgments

    —• Races
    ——• Human
    ——• Dwarf
    ——• Elf
    ——• Gnome
    ——• Half-Elf
    ——• Half-Orc
    ——• Halfling
    —• Classes
    ——• Barbarian
    ——• Bard
    ——• Cleric
    ——• Druid
    ——• Fighter
    ——• Monk
    ——• Paladin
    ——• Ranger
    ——• Rogue
    ——• Sorcerer
    ——• Wizard
    ——• Psion
    —• Skills
    ——• Academics
    ——• Acrobatics
    ——• Arcane Lore
    ——• Athletics
    ——• Deception
    ——• Engineering
    ——• Focus
    ——• Handle Animal
    ——• Heal
    ——• Insight
    ——• Intimidate
    ——• Linguistics
    ——• Natural Lore
    ——• Perception
    ——• Perform
    ——• Persuasion
    ——• Profession
    ——• Psi Lore
    ——• Stealth
    ——• Streetwise
    ——• Theology
    —• Feats
    —• Equipment and Supplies
    —• Adventuring and Combat
    —• Magic and Spells

    Incarnum Homebrews
    Thief of Life - The Incarnum Assassin or Stealing Souls for Fun and Profit
    Modified Soulborn - Making Soulborn viable without a total rewrite.

    Past Projects
    Prestige Classes

    • [3.5] Parry - basic combat action/maneuver and its associated feats

    The Kreen of the Desert - Races, classes, feats, and more focused on the thri-kreen and their neighbors.
    Rizban's E6 Compendium - Homebrew for the game inside D&D. Full system!

    The Fivefold Paths of Magic
    I've dropped this one in favor of a new project. It just ended up not going the direction I wanted and wasn't work that I was proud of making or enjoying.
    • Alchemy, the mathematical magic of transmutation and enchantment
    • Asceticism, the magic of self, the mind and soul, power drawn from within through meditation and physical training
    • Invocation, the making of pacts with powerful beings and calling upon their power
    • Shamanism, calling forth beings from the spirit world into magic charms, called totems, to harness their power
    • Theurgy, those chosen by the gods to channel their power into the world and enact their will.

    Collaborative Projects
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    Spoiler: Links to my content threads
    Aldhaven - May 27, 2010 and ongoing.
    Aldhaven Rules and Homebrew (

    Character Repository
    Homebrew List
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